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Latest Ajax Scripts.

Facebook Style Footer Admin Panel Part 1
Learn how to recreate the Facebook footer admin panel with CSS and jQuery.

Facebook Fun iPhone App - The true Facebook Fun AppBox
Facebook Fun iPhone App - The true Facebook Fun AppBox that lets you do ALL this in one bundle: 1. +Draw: Finger drawing on your iPhone screen with awesome neon colors. Draw and Post your creation to facebook! 2. +Emoti: Use our collection of over 135 EMOTICONS to spice up your facebook status messages. 3. +Pic: Post Picture or Quick Status messages along with your current location (using iPhone GPS) - shown on google maps.

jQuery 1.4 Released
In celebration of its 4th birthday, the jQuery team is pleased to release the latest major release of the jQuery JavaScript library.

jQuery Animations : A 7-Step Program
A dash of animation can spruce up a dull interface. In this tutorial, you will learn how to do it the right way with jQuery.

jQuery Plugin - Feature List
This jQuery plugin enables simple and easy creation of an interactive Featured Items widget.

dygraphs JavaScript Visualization Library
dygraphs is an open source JavaScript library that produces produces interactive, zoomable charts of time series. It is designed to display dense data sets and enable users to explore and interpret them.

NYC Way: 30+ NYC iPhone Apps in One - From the creators of Ajax Rain
NYC Way is an iPhone application that bundles a variety of NYC resources useful for locals and tourists alike. Experience the power of 30+ NYC related iPhone apps packaged into one- including live traffic cams, restaurant inspection results, wifi hotspots, street food vendors, tourist attractions, subway alerts, nyc news and more. NYC Way is location aware and provides you with information sorted by proximity - based on your current location. Alternatively, you can choose to search far off locations by entering any NYC zip code. The app allows you to update your facebook status or send out a tweet about any place you visited after discovering it on NYC Way.

Drag to Share like Mashable using jQuery
Learn how to replicate the mashable way of drag to share with jQuery and jQuery UI.

Form Element AJAX Spinner Attachment Using jQuery
Learn how to attach an AJAX spinner next to a form element using jQuery.

Dynamically Create Charts Using MooTools MilkChart and Google Analytics
A mix of PHP (the Analytics class), HTML, and MooTools javascript that will connect to Google Analytics, create a HTML table with the statistics for a given month, and use MooTools MilkChart to colorfully chart them out.

Fancy FAQs with MooTools Sliders : Version 2
A method of taking boring FAQs and making them more robust using javascript framework: MooTools.

jQuery youtube playlist plugin - youtubeplaylist
With javascript enabled a nice playlist is created, whilst without javasript the user gets a regular list of links to youtube pages.

milkchart - Graph/Chart library for MooTools
A simple to use, yet robust library for transforming table data into a chart. This library uses the HTML5 canvas tag and is only supported on browsers other than IE for now.

nmcDropDown: A Drop-Down Menu Plugin for jQuery
A quick jQuery plugin for creating drop-down menus.

jQuery maxImage plugin
This plugin will resize and scale targeted images to their max width according to the image ratio, the browser size and some simple options.

Hwy jQuery ListMenu Plugin
Users hover their mouse over a letter and a columnized list of all of the list items that start with that letter appear in a submenu. Mousing off of the letter or menu closes the submenu. Mousing between letters is very fast and the columns in the submenu are nicely balanced. This is great for product lists, address books, contact lists, lists of hotels, parks and recreation areas, etc.


Making A Slick Content Slider
Learn how to make a slick content slider for a computer shop, with the help of jQuery and the MopSlider plugin.

Ext JS Designer Preview
This new version adds many new features to improve your efficiency creating application designs. Once you get accustomed to these features its difficult to live without them.

jVal - jQuery Form Field Validation Plugin
jVal is a jQuery form field validation plugin that provides an appealing animated message flyout that does not impede form layout/design while being user-friendly.

Latest News.

Windows 10: Google Chrome Has More Users than Microsoft Edge
Microsoft launched Edge browser in Windows 10 with much fanfare, saying that it finally has a powerful rival for the other apps in this software category, but statistics show that Google Chrome is not in any way threatened by the arrival of the modern Internet Explorer successor. Data provided by Quantcast in the United States shows that

The Kardashians Should Have Won Multiple Emmys Already, Kanye West Says - Video
The Kardashians, dubbed by the November 2015 issue of Cosmopolitan magazine “America’s First Family,” should have been in the possession of multiple Emmys by now, for their long-running reality show on E!, Keeping Up with the Kardashians. Kanye West, who is married to the most famous Kardashian (for now), Kim, did a 2-hour interview to promote his second collection with Adidas, and he dropped this gem as part of the discussion. The way he sees it, reality television is ...

Team Fortress 2 Invasion Community Update, Event Now Live
Team Fortress 2 players can now enjoy a brand new event made by members of the community with Valve's blessing. The Invasion event includes new maps, weapons, cosmetic items, and much more, and is scheduled to conclude on November 5. Team Fortress 2 was once Valve's most popular multiplayer game, but once the studio started focusing on Dota 2 or Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, not to mention its hardware and VR projects, TF2 soon started to dwindle in popularity, while th...

Microsoft Updates Health App on Windows Phone, iOS, and Android with Band 2 Support
Microsoft Health is the one destination for Band users and now that the second-generation model has arrived, the company updated the application support and made it possible for buyers to synchronize their devices with phones and tablets. An update released today brings support for the new Band 2 and because the new device also includes a barometer sensor, the app includes elevation tracking too, providing you with more information collected by the sensor. At the same ti...

iPhone 6s and 6s Plus with TSMC A9 Processors Have Almost Two Extra Hours of Battery Life
A week ago Chipworks discovered that Apple uses A9 processors build by both Samsung and TSMC in their new iPhone 6s and 6s Plus, with the one made by Samsung having a smaller die and using a 14-nanometer FinFET manufacturing process as opposed to TSMC's, which is built using a 16-nanometer tech. After this discovery, Chipworks promised t...

Creators of the Benevolent Linux.Wifatch Malware Reveal Themselves
The Linux.Wifatch malware, also dubbed as the "vigilante malware" has been going around the Internet, infecting IoT devices, cleaning out malware infections, and boosting the devices' security. While the initial Symantec report that exposed their activity had a positive tone and said that no instances of abuse were reco...

Sony Announces Marshmallow-Based Concept for Xperia Z3, Xperia Z3 Compact Users
This summer, Sony launched the “Concept for Android” initiative in Sweden where it invited a select few Xperia Z3 owners (and Xperia Z3 Compact users) to try out a stripped-down version of Android 5.1 that comes enriched with popular Sony features baked directly into the OS. Well, since Google has ...

U.S. Government Builds a Drone That Sprays Moths, Yay!
Planes and other flying machines, like helicopters and drones, have been traditionally used to spray pesticides and herbicides quickly and evenly over crops. This time, however, the U.S. Government decides to unload a different kind of cargo over farms, thousands of sterilized moths. Meant to defeat a rare cotton pest called Pink Bollworm, the U.S. Government developed a drone that car...

Vin Diesel Got Fat, the Internet Might Never Recover from the Shock - Gallery
Vin Diesel is supposed to start shooting “XXX: The Return of Xander Cage” soon but he’s no longer in the same excellent shape he was when he did the 2002 original. In fact, he’s not even in the same shape as he was when he shot “Furious 7,” his most recent film. Apparently, like all guys and girls, Vin Diesel too is prone to a little thing known as “aging.” The 48-year-old star, always known for his ripped figure and his love of insane action movies, has been photographed ...

The Witcher 3 Patch 1.09 Is Now 1.10, Changelog Might Arrive This Week
The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt developer CD Projekt Red confirms that the next major update for the game, previously known as 1.09, is now set to take the RPG to version 1.10, due to the huge amount of changes included in the patch. The Witcher 3 made its way onto PC, PS4, and Xbox One back in May, and since then, owners of the title across all platforms received a lot of bigger and smaller updates, designed to solve quests, glitches, and much more, in addition to the free DLC pa...