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WhatsApp Messenger (Android) 2.11.280
Stay connected with all your friends no matter what phones they use with this cross-platform instant messenger for Android devices

Twitter (iPhone/iPad) 6.8.1
Keep up to date with what is happening all over the world with the official Twitter mobile client for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch

NAVIGON U.S. West for iPhone/iPad 2.7.1
Offline travel assistant that enables you to use your iOS-powered device as a fully featured voice-guided GPS navigation system

Viggle for Android
Mobile application that allows you to earn real rewards by checking in to TV shows and matching songs with your Android smarthpone

Medieval Empires 3.3
Test your tactical skills in this medieval-themed real-time strategy game for Android-powered smartphones and tablets

Metal Slug Defense for Android 1.2.2
Tower defense strategy game based on the Metal Slug franchise that plunges you amidst the conflict between the Regular and Rebel Armies

Scanbot for Android 2.0.0
Scan documents using the camera of your Android smartphone and upload them to supported cloud storage services like Google Drive, Box, Dropbox, Evernote and OneDrive

Battle Nations for Android 4.0.0
Build your base and defeat your enemies in turn-based battles in this addictive strategy game for Android smartphones and tablets

Klout for Android 1.2
Social networking application that makes it easy to discover great content that matches your interests and to share it with your audience

Dragon Coins for Android 1.2.26
Collect monsters, evolve them and defeat enemy creatures in this fun game featuring combat mechanics inspired by coin pusher machines

Doodle Creatures for Android 2.0.1
Combine different animals in a genetic laboratory to create new fantastic creatures in this addictive brain teaser for Android devices

Stickman Soccer 2014 for Android 1.5
Lead a team of stickmen to glory in this addictive soccer simulation game with intuitive touch controls for Android smartphones and tablets

WATCH Disney Channel for Android 3.0.1
Watch live broadcasts and full episodes of your favorite series from Disney Channel streamed to your Android smartphone or tablet

eHarmony for iPhone 4.1.2
Mobile client for the eHarmony online dating service that allows you to connect with other singles right from your iPhone

X-Men: Battle of the Atom for iOS 1.1.7
Card battle game set in the Marvel Universe where players from all over the world compete in 20 vs. 20 real-time battles using their favorite X-Men characters

Mini Warriors for iOS 1.5.0
Assemble a powerful army led by valiant heroes and vanquish the enemy in this real-time strategy game for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch

Toy Defense 4: Sci-Fi Free for iOS 1.1
Defend your base from wave after wave of hostile forces in this futuristic tower defense strategy game for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch

Dragon Coins for iOS 1.2.26
Collect monsters, evolve them and defeat enemy creatures in this fun game featuring combat mechanics inspired by coin pusher machines

Angry Birds Epic for Windows Phone
Help the birds defeat the pigs in this humorous fantasy role-playing game with turn-based battles for Windows Phone

SiriusXM Internet Radio for iPhone/iPad 2.6.5
Listen to live radio on your iOS device

Latest News.

Just 8.2% of Human DNA Actually Does Something, the Rest Is “Junk”
According to a study published in the journal PLOS Genetics, all humans are hoarders, be it with or without their knowledge. The thing that each and every one of us carries around despite not using it is so-called junk DNA. The paper in question, authored by University of Oxford brainiacs, makes a case of how, according to evidence at hand, just 8.2% of human DNA actually does something. The remaining 91.8% has no important function. Granted, the researchers admit that, every once in a whi...

Justin Bieber Wants to Donate 10% of His Money – Scam Mail
A 419 scam is currently hitting the inboxes of various users, posing as a message from none other than Justin Bieber, who supposedly wants to make a charitable act by donating incredible sums of money, but his mother won’t let him.Although the emails are a poor attempt of a scam, there could be some fans out there who might “beliebe” it and fall into the trap.The address the emails appear to come from is “,” which may fool a young belieber as to t...

Lying Is Not All That Bad, Can Actually Benefit Relationships
For some reason, telling lies is frowned upon by society. Still, it looks like there are certain perks to not telling the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth at all times, and these perks aren't just about personal gain and peace of mind. In a paper in the journal Proceedings of the Royal Society B, psychology specialist Robin Dunbar with the University of Oxford in the United Kingdom and fellow researchers argue that lying is not all that bad. These specialists claim that, e...

Opera Max for Android Gets Updated with a Host of New Features
An updated flavor of the Opera Max application is now available for download for the owners of Android-based devices, providing users with a nice range of new features and capabilities. For those out of the loop, we should note that the mobile app was released at the beginning of this year as a new means to save data on smartphones. The software is available for download for free, enabling users to save up to 50 percent more data on their wireless carrier’s network, depending on the a...

Avast Acquires Inmite Mobile Development Startup
Avast announced the acquisition of Czech-based Inmite, a startup company that develops applications for Android, iOS and Windows Phone, thus taking a large step forward to increasing its presence in the mobile world.Since cybercriminals have already started to target mobile platforms, the security firm seeks to improve their products to work on these devices.Vince Steckler, CEO at Avast says that “cybercriminals are increasingly targeting smartphones and tablets – and consumers wan...

Near-Death Experience Described in Medical Report from Around 1740
A recent paper in the journal Resuscitation (yes, one such journal actually exists and it's as sciency as it gets) details the discovery of what is believed to be the oldest known medical description of a near-death experience. Information shared with the public says that this medical report dates back to decades ago. Thus, it was written by a French physician identified as Pierre-Jean du Monchaux sometime around the year 1740, Live Science details. What's interesting is that this medical ...

Kim Kardashian Is Eating Her Marital Problems Away, Has Already Gained Weight
Kim Kardashian is witnessing her third marriage crumble away, despite her high hopes that, this time, she would be lucky enough to get her fairy tale ending. She and rapper Kanye West were married in May this year but things have been getting progressively worse, so she’s turning to food for comfort. That’s the story in the latest issue of Star Magazine, at least: Kanye uses work as an excuse to stay away from home, leaving Kim there, having to deal with her career and raising da...

Blackhat SEO Code Injected in Philippine Government Site
Web pages, including the default one, of the Philippine Department of Agriculture have been plagued with malicious code that promotes a gambling-related website.As Malwarebytes’ Jovi Umawing explains it, landing on the infected pages of the Philippine government’s portal does not deliver any malware to the computer of the visitor; as such, there is no danger of getting the machine infected with bad code.However, visiting the affected pages contributes to increasing the page rank of...

Katy Perry Releases 80s-Inspired Lyric Video for “This Is How We Do” – Video
Katy Perry has made a tradition out of releasing very colorful and energetic lyric videos that often look good enough to pose as the real deal, except her real videos carry even more production value, often passing for short movies.For her latest single, “This Is How We Do,” Katy hasn't lowered her standards and her creative team has come up with a very colorful 3-minute clip that seems to be heavily inspired by themes from the 80s and 90s. Even the graphics look like they were tak... SMS Spam Uses Short Links
Spam messages relating to Glide video messaging app for Android and iOS have been observed to leverage short links to direct recipients to the app’s website.Anti-spam protection company Cloudmark noticed that a new series of unsolicited messages are being delivered to users luring them into clicking on a short link that takes them to, where they can download the Glide app for their mobile device.Glide is a video messaging app that allows its users to record and deliver cl...