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Mail.Ru Agent (Android) 3.4.1798
Cross-platform communication app that allows you to make free voice and video calls, send free text messages, and share photos and videos

KakaoAlbum for Android 1.1.22
Organize all your photos into online albums and share them with friends and family right from your Android-powered smartphone

MyFitnessPal for Android 3.3.5
Lose weight with the MyFitnessPal calorie counter

Ravenmark: Mercenaries for Android 1.131
Use your tactical skills to lead a mercenary army into battle in this turn-based strategy game for Android smartphones and tablets for Android 2.14.8
Listen to thousands of radio stations and podcasts, streamed to your Android smartphone or tablet over the cellular data connection

QuizUp for Android 1.3.7
Test your knowledge against other users from all around the world and climb the leaderboards in this addictive trivia game for Android

Tapatalk for iPhone/iPad 3.1.1
Tapatalk allows you to connect to thousands of internet forums

Wheely for Windows Phone
Rent a private car using your Windows Phone

Style Jukebox for Windows Phone
Cloud-based music player that allows you to listen to your favorite songs from wherever you are on all your mobile devices and computers

PayPal for Windows Phone
Manage your PayPal account, send money to friends, and more

NFL Mobile for Windows Phone
Keep up to date with the latest NFL news, scores and standings from wherever you are with the official NFL application for Windows Phone

nMedium is a remote control for the JRiver Media Center.

Piper Mobile for Android 1.3.0
Control the Piper home automation and surveillance system from wherever you are using your Android-powered smartphone or tablet

Android HIFI Beta 1.16.3
AirPlay server for audio playback

Talk the Talk for iPhone/iPad 3.0.6
Call and video chat with your Talk Out Mobile friends for free.

Nextgen Reader 6.1.814.0
Nextgen Reader is a fast RSS reader for Windows Phone

Photo editing application that allows you to personalize your pictures so that they best capture the moment and share them with others

LunaSolCal for Windows Phone
LunaSolCal calculates times of sunrise, sunset, moonrise and moonset for your location at any given date.

All-in-one photo editor, photo sharing network and camera app for Windows Phone

CamCard for Windows Phone
Professional business card reader.

Latest News.

WebKitGTK+ 2.5.2 Drops GTK+2 Dependency
WebKitGTK+, a version of the WebKit open source web engine that uses GTK+ as its user-facing frontend, has reached version 2.5.2. WebKitGTK+ is out and includes both the WebKit1 and WebKit2 APIs by default. As for the WebKit1 API, it's now in maintenance mode and the developers will continue to fix any bugs that might pop up. The developers have explained that "WebKitGTK+ is the GNOME platform port of the WebKit rendering engine. Offering WebKit's full functionality through a set of GOb...

Microsoft, Georgia Discussing New Deal on Licensed Software
While all the eyes are now on Munich’s intentions to review Linux adoption in city departments, Microsoft continues efforts to bring its software on more government computers, with a new report claiming that such talks are now under way in Georgia. AzerNews is reporting that Microsoft and the Georgian government administration held the first meeting on a cooperation that could bring licensed software on computers belonging to state departments. According to this source, a committee par...

Katie Holmes Is a Mild-Mannered School Teacher with Secrets in “Miss Meadows” Trailer – Video
Katie Holmes hasn't exactly been a regular in film for some time now, but she's making a comeback with this new thriller called “Miss Meadows,” in which she plays the role of a regular school teacher who has some dark secrets hidden and who turns out to be a gun-wielding maniac. The actress made famous by her role in the series “Dawson's Creek” does a good performance in the role of a school teacher who turns into a dangerous vigilante by night. We see her start out in...

Taylor Swift’s “Shake It Off” Video Is Racist by Offensive Cultural Appropriation
Taylor Swift released a brand new video the other day, as part of a surprise announcement for her upcoming pop album, “1989.” “Shake It Off” is the leading single, and the video for it features the former country crooner trying her hand at a series of dance styles, including twerking. You can see the video in full below. The idea for it is clear: Taylor is the same adorkable girl we know from previous releases, but now with a heftier dose of awkward dancing. So, she...

GNOME's Window and Compositing Manager Mutter 3.14 Beta 1 Gets More Wayland Improvements
Mutter, a window and compositing manager that displays and manages your desktop via OpenGL, has reached version 3.14 Beta 1. Florian Mllner has announced that Mutter 3.14 Beta 1 has been released, featuring a number of changes and improvements. According to the changelog, Xsync is now called once per frame, GLSL is now being used by Mutter, gestures and touch events on Wayland are now being handled properly, support has been added for the un-minimize compositor effects, the frame back...

Ariana Grande Claims to Choose Her Own Image, Doesn't Make Compromises
Ariana Grande wants you to know she's nobody's fool, she does what she wants and when she wants it, despite the fact that she's a pop star, and pop stars are known to be a by-product of big company labels who create them from the ground-up, as you would a piece of furniture. Speaking with Attitude Magazine, the pop singer, who is currently topping the charts and raking in some serious media attention, has made it clear that she doesn't like to be bossed around when it comes to decisions regar...

Kanye West Is on a Smoothie Diet to Get in Shape
When Kanye West started dating Kim Kardashian, the first thing that changed about her was the way she dressed. She credited the rapper with teaching her how to dress in a more provocative manner but also more elegantly, and she’s now thanking him by motivating him to get in shape. The reality star is currently working hard to shed the last of the baby weight she gained whilst pregnant with daughter North, and Kanye too is on a mission to improve his health by shedding a few pounds. S...

Wise Registry Cleaner Review
The goal of registry cleaning utilities is to eliminate entries left behind by various programs after uninstalling them, since a cluttered registry is usually the first sign that the computer is running slower than it should be. Users are probably familiar with CCleaner and Glary Utilities. Another name in this category is Wise Registry Cleaner. It integrates features not only to scan and clean the Windows registry, but also to tweak various system aspects to improve performance as well as to...

Script of the Day: Headhesive.js
Headhesive.js is a jQuery-free solution for supporting sticky navigation menus on your site. It is written purely in JavaScript, with no external dependency at all. The library is easy to use, requires minimal configuration, and can be used on any type of site, being a regular static HTML page, or on platforms like WordPress, Joomla, or Drupal. Since there's no jQuery dependency, Headhesive lets developers support sticky menus at a lower file size, working without having to load an entire Ja...

MMA Fighter War Machine Faces Between 7 and 32 Years in Prison for Christy Mack Attack
There was a very good reason to MMA fighter War Machine’s decision to try and flee from the police after he beat his girlfriend Christy Mack so badly that she is still in hospital: he knew that he would not get another break, not after he’d been charged with assault again, given his track record. On August 8, Jon Koppenhaver, the name the fighter used before he legally changed it to War Machine, went to Mack’s house in Las Vegas and, upon finding her with another man, proce...