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Latest Linux Software.

Squid 3.5.2
A cross-platform and open source web proxy cache application for Linux and Windows OSes

Open Tax Solver 12.02
An Open Source and free program for calculating Tax Form entries on Linux platforms

SchemaCrawler 12.06.03
An Open Source (CLI) command-line application that helps you output your database schema

Entropy GNU/Linux 20150322
An open source, free and completely independent GNU/Linux Live CD operating system

Entropy GNU/Linux KDE 20150327
A free operating system that uses the powerful and beautiful KDE desktop environment

Kodi 14.2 / 15.0 Alpha 1
Your one stop shop for all your media! This is the original XBMC software for Linux operating systems

Q4OS 0.5.29 / 1.0 RC1
A Linux desktop operating system that features a minimal desktop environment and package selection

Debian GNU/Linux 7.8.0 / 8 RC2
The Debian GNU Linux operating system, one of the oldest and influential Linux OSes

D2X-XL 1.17.100
An Open Source and completely free Descent 2 OpenGL port for Linux operating systems

Vuze / Beta 12
A free and powerful file sharing application for Linux, Mac OS X and Windows OSes

pgBadger 6.3
This project provides a command-line and fast PostgreSQL log analyzer for Linux.

Zentyal 4.1
An open source Linux small business server operating system with attractive features

MAME 0.160
The Multiple Arcade Machine Emulator (MAME) project for Linux/UNIX operating systems

MSS Code Factory 2.1.12781
A rule-based advanced system for translating app models to source code in Linux.

JGroups 3.6.3
An Open Source and cross-platform toolkit for reliable multicast communication in Java

Sublime Text 2.0.2 / 3.0 Beta Build 3083
The text editor you'll fall in love with is now available for your GNU/Linux operating system

Dropbox 3.4.0
The official Dropbox client for Linux, designed to let users share and store their files online

Apache Tomcat 8.0.21
An Open Source implementation of the JavaServer Pages and Java Servlet technologies

Ubuntu 15.04 Beta 2
The Vivid Vervet edition of Ubuntu, the world's most popular free operating system

Ubuntu Cloud Server 15.04 Beta 2
The official cloud server edition of the Ubuntu Linux operating system, deployable on the cloud

Latest News.

Gorgeous Live Voyager X Distro Brings Xfce 4.12 to Ubuntu 14.04 LTS - Video and Screenshot Tour
On March 27, 2015, French developer Rodolphe Bachelart, the creator of the Live Voyager series of GNU/Linux distributions based on Ubuntu/Xubuntu, was proud to announce the immediate availability for download of a new computer operating system, Live Voyager X 14.04.4 LTS. Based on the Ubuntu 14.04.2 LTS (Trusty Tahr) distro and powered by its Linux 3.16 kernel, the...

Debian 8 Jessie Installer Now Supports Running a 64-bit Linux Kernel on a 32-bit EFI
The Debian Installer team had the pleasure of announcing on March 27 that the second Release Candidate (RC) version of the Debian 8.0 "Jessie" installer is now available for download and testing. The RC2 version of the installer brings a great number of improvements and fixes. Debian 8 Jessie Installer RC2 now enables the GRUB beep at boot for blind...

Kodi (XBMC Media Center) 14.2 Officially Released, Kodi 15 “Isengard” Is On Its Way
The Kodi development team, through Nathan Betzen, had the pleasure of announcing today, March 28, the immediate availability for download of the second and last maintenance release for Kodi 14 (codename Helix), before they continue with the development cycle for the upcoming release, Kodi 15, dubbed Isengard. The release notes for Kodi 14.2 are identical with ...

Archaeologists Excavate Medieval Toilet in Jerusalem, Israel
Some time ago, in 1996, archaeologists in Jerusalem, Israel came across the remains of a toilet believed to be about 500 years old. Rather than go in search of some other, more impressive construction to dig out, they actually took the time to study it. In a recent report, University of Cambridge researcher Piers Mitchell and colleagues detail how the excavation work eventually produced over a dozen fossilized poop samples and thousands of eggs left behind by medieval paras...

911 Phone Scam Threatens People into Paying Up
Residents in Ohio have been receiving calls allegedly from 911 emergency number asking them to contact a given phone number in relation to a pending arrest or legal action that could be settled by paying a fine. By spoofing the 911 number the crooks instruct the recipient to contact the Attorney General’s Office by providing a bogus number. If the potential victims follow the false directions, they are asked to pay a fine that would save them from authorities taking acti...

Watch: How Our Fingerprints Form, as Explained by Science
We humans all have quite complex patterns of lines on the tips of our fingers. These patterns, which we call fingerprints, are unique to each and every guy or gal. Although genetically identical, twins also have distinct fingerprints. This is all the more surprising given the fact that, according to researchers, our genes influence the shape of our fingerprints. Prints can be grouped into three categories: whorls, loops and arches. Depending on what our fingers look like...

First Look at GNOME 3.16
The highly anticipated GNOME 3.16 desktop environment for Linux kernel-based operating systems has been announced on March 26, 2015, and has been declared by the GNOME development team as the best GNOME release yet. Of course, we wanted to give GNOME 3.16 desktop environment a try and see for ourselves the new features, apps, and improvements...

MongoDB Servers Crashed by Flaw in Third-Party Library
A vulnerability has been discovered in a third-party component in MongoDB that gives a remote attacker the possibility to crash the machine running the database, if they have access to Mongo shell. The security fault resides in the PCRE library of regular expressions, which is used for database querying and for pattern matching in PERL code. Outdated PCRE puts servers at risk MongoDB includes PCRE 8.30, a version released in March 2012 and affected by...

Dark Souls 2 Server Maintenance Coming on March 30 on PC, Xbox 360 and PS3
Video game developer From Software is announcing that it will implement a server maintenance period for Dark Souls 2 on Monday, March 30, starting at 4 AM Central European Time and until 10 AM CET. The times for Japan and North America are also listed in the official announcement, but the company is not offering any information on the reasons for the downtim...

Experimental Vaccine Protects Monkeys Against Deadly Ebola Virus
A report published earlier this week in the journal Science describes a new Ebola vaccine that, when tested on monkeys, was found to be both safe and effective in terms of protecting the primates against the deadly virus. The vaccine is the work of a team of researchers led by University of Wisconsin-Madison scientist Yoshihiro Kawaoka. Given the encouraging outcome of their experime...