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Latest Linux Software.

LinuxConsole 2.5
A Live, free, Open Source and modular Linux distribution especially designed for gamers

Calibre 2.65.1
A graphical ebook library management software compatible with many devices and platforms

Ubuntu MATE 16.04.1 LTS / 16.10 Beta 1
A community-derived Ubuntu operating system that features the MATE desktop environment

Ubuntu GNOME 16.04.1 LTS / 16.10 Beta 1
A special edition of Ubuntu Linux, built around the GNOME graphical desktop environment

Ubuntu Kylin 16.04.1 LTS / 16.10 Beta 1
The Wily Werewolf edition of the Ubuntu Linux operating system for Chinese-speaking users

Ubuntu Studio 16.04.1 LTS / 16.10 Beta 1
Special Ubuntu Linux edition that can be used by artists for digital content creation

Lubuntu 16.04.1 LTS / 16.10 Beta 1
The Wily Werewolf edition of the Lubuntu Linux operating system, built on top of LXDE

Mozilla Firefox 48.0.2 / 49.0 Beta 6
The Linux version of one of the most popular and powerful web browser products on the entire Internet, Firefox

PuppEX 160822
A free Puppy-based Linux operating system that has supports only 32-bit applications

GNOME Music 3.20.2 / 3.22.0 Beta
Listen to music, upload music and share audio files across devices with this GNOME app

NetworkManager 1.4
An Open Source and universal network connection manager app for Linux operating systems

Univention Corporate Client 3.0
An efficient and customizable Linux operating system for notebooks, thin clients and PCs, based on Debian GNU/Linux

KDevelop 5.0.0
An easy to use IDE (Integrated Development Environment) for KDE Software Compilation

GCC 6.2.0
This is the original GCC (GNU Compiler Collection) software for all POSIX systems

Mir 0.24.0
A cross-platform and Open Source display manager for the Ubuntu operating system

Linux Kernel 3.2.82 LTS
The core of the Linux operating systems, created and maintained by Linus Torvalds

Linux Kernel 4.6.7 / 4.4.19 LTS / 4.1.30 LTS / 3.18.39 LTS / 3.16.37 LTS / 3.14.77 LTS / 3.12.62 LTS / 3.10.102 LTS / 3.4.112 LTS
The core of the Linux operating systems, created and maintained by Linus Torvalds

FileZilla 3.21.0
One of the best free FTP (File Transfer Protocol) clients for Linux, Windows and Mac OSes

DVDStyler 3.0.2
A DVD-Video authoring software for Linux, Windows and Mac OS X operating systems

GnuPG 2.1.15
A complete, free and Open Source replacement for the PGP (Pretty Good Privacy) software

Latest News.

Visual Studio 15 Preview 4 Adds Early C# 7.0 Support
Early this week, Microsoft released the fourth preview of Visual Studio 15 (VS15), the company's IDE (Integrated Development Environment). The biggest and the most obvious change is the package's size. Visual Studio's huge 6GB size has become a running joke on Twitter, Hacker News, and other programming communities. Surprise, surprise! Visual Studio 15 is now just 500MB, according to John Montgomery, Director of Program Management for Visual Studio. But this was not the biggest news regarding VS15.P4. Two days later, Microsoft also announced that VS15 Preview 4 also includes an early version of C# 7.0, the next version of Microsoft's iconic programming language. Bare in mind that C# 7.0 is still under development, but Microsoft says that all of the big features that will eventually end up in the final version are now live in VS15.P4. Without a doubt, the star of C#...

Ramnit Trojan Resurgence Now Complete as v2 Targets UK Banks
Ramnit's revival is now complete as security researchers are starting to see more coordinated attacks spreading the banking trojan's latest version, with the vast majority of targets being banks from the UK. Ramnit appeared in 2010, but in the beginning was only a small trojan with wormable features. It evolved into a dangerous threat in 2011 when security researchers saw Ramnit's developers add capabilities usually seen in banking trojans when they slowly began adding features from the leaked Zeus banking trojan source code. Ramnit v1's botnet was taken down in February 2015 As time went by, Ramnit evolved, and by 2014, the trojan was the fourth most active banking trojan on the market, supported by a huge botnet of infected PCs that helped it send spam and perform other sorts of illegal activities thanks to Ramnit's modular and versatile structure. This success drew the attention of law enforcement, which in February 2015 sinkholed some of Ram...

Fantom Ransomware Mimics Windows Update Screen
Ransomware often tries to disguise its malicious behavior by various tricks. The latest method observed is from a new variant called Fantom, which shows a fake Windows Update screen, while in reality, it's encrypting the user's files. The ransomware, spotted for the first time only a few days ago by AVG security researcher Jakub Kroustek, is coded on top of EDA2, a ransomware building kit that was open-sourced last year, but eventually taken down. EDA2 contained flaws that allowed researchers to obtain the decryption keys from the ransomware's C&C server. According to analysis from Bleeping Computer, those flaws aren't there anymore, meaning one of the Fantom coders must have found and fixed them. Fantom distributed as a fake Windows critical update...

Dropbox Asking Pre-2012 Users to Reset Their Passwords
Dropbox started notifying users today, asking them to reset their account password, following a security breach that occurred in mid-2012. The email that users received contained a link to a Dropbox help topic, where the company explained to users the reasons why they were taking these steps. Dropbox learned of security breach dating back to mid-2012 As Dropbox wrote, the company recently became aware of the presence of some old Dropbox user details online. This data included email addresses, and hashed & salted passwords. After analyzing the data, Dropbox believes the breach occurred in mid-2012, and as such, is asking all users that registered on its site before mid-2012 to reset their account passwords. Only users that registered before that date and those who have not reset their password since then were notified via email. Dropbox investigated the breach in 2012 but didn't detect its ...

Moto Z Play to Arrive on September 6, New Images Revealed
Motorola unveiled the Moto Z and Moto Z Force earlier this summer, but the company left out one smartphone in the series, the Moto Z Play. Specs and images of the smartphone have been leaking even before Tech World event, but without any rumors on a release date. Now it seems that leakster, the Malignant revealed the unveil date for the Moto Z Play, the third smartphone in the Moto Z series. The smartphone would make its debut on September 6, but sadly it’s unknown if it will be made available in other countries other than China. A store from China has advertised the device and it’s hard to say at this point, if the Moto Z Play will be made available in the US as well, according to Phone Arena. The leakster also showed that the Moto Z Play would cost about $495 in China, cert...

Sony Xperia XR (XZ) and Xperia X Compact Specs Leak Ahead of Launch
Sony is expected to unveil two new smartphones in the next month and rumors on these upcoming devices have been leaking at a daily basis lately. In fact, just yesterday we saw images of the Xperia X Compact and the Czech version of Sony’s website confirmed the existence of the two phones. Specs for Sony’s Xperia X Compact and Xperia XR (XZ) leaked over at Techtastic. Sony’s  Xperia X Compact could come with a 4.6-inch display and 2,700mAh battery and will run Snapdragon 820 SoC. The smartphone will come with USB Type-C and there’s no information at this point about the device’s camera capabilities or RAM capacity. However, considering that it’s a Compact version, it could come with 3GB of RAM. The website reported that the Xperia X Comp...

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 With 4GB of RAM Unveiled in China
Samsung unveiled its latest flagship smartphone earlier this month and the Galaxy Note 7 really made waves on the market with its powerful specs and dual-curved display. Now it seems that the company finally released the smartphone in China. Rumors from a few weeks ago pointed to the fact that Samsung intended to launch a more advanced version to the Chinese market, a Galaxy Note 7 with 6GB of RAM and 128GB of internal storage. Later, the company confirmed that such a model did exist, which got many fans excited at the prospect of Samsung potentially releasing it to other markets as well. The South Korean company has finally unveiled the Galaxy Note 7 variant for the market in China and sadly it doesn’t come with the rumored specs, according to

Apple Releases iOS 10 Beta 8 to Developers and Public Beta 7 to Everyone Else
Today, August 26, 2016, Apple seeded the eight Beta build of the upcoming iOS 10 mobile operating system to developers enrolled in the Apple Developer program, along with the seventh Public Beta to public beta testers. iOS 10 Beta 8 and Public Beta 7 builds are here just one week after the Beta 7 and Public Beta 6 releases announced last Friday, on August 19, 2016, and they contain even more fixes and under-the-hood improvements to further polish existing functionality, as well as to harden the security of the operating system used in all iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch devices. There are currently no details about the exact changed implemented in these new Beta releases, but we have a feeling that they have something to do with the fact that Apple pushed last evening the

Agent Tesla Spyware Detected in Live Attacks
Agent Tesla is the name of a former keylogger turned full-on spyware that has been seen by security researchers from Zscaler used in live attacks against legitimate companies. The attacks were in the form of spam email containing malicious Office files, which when opened asked the user to run a macro. If the user agreed, the Office doc would download and install the Agent Tesla malware. All this spam came from a domain registered to look like the real domain of Diode Technologies, a legitimate consulting firm. Either Diode or its clients might have been the victims of a coordinate spear-phishing attack to compromise their computers and steal insider information. Agent Tesla has been sold to crooks for the past two years Based on YouTube videos found online, Agent Tesla has been around for at least two years, since 2014. Initially, this malware family was a simple keylogger that recorded user keystrokes and sent it back to the crook's server. As ...

MIT Creates New Wi-Fi Technology That's Three Times Faster
A team of researchers from the MIT Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Lab (CSAIL) has created MegaMIMO, a novel Wi-Fi technology that is the double the range of old Wi-Fi tech and three times faster. MegaMIMO 2.0, (MIMO standing for Multiple-Input and Multiple-Output) fixes the big problem at the heart of Wi-Fi spectrum: congestion. When a Wi-Fi access point or router tries to broadcast, and there's a similar nearby device that transmits at the same time and frequency, network interference occurs leading to data packet loss, which in turns slows down the download speed of both systems. MegaMIMO was inspired by smartphone tech MegaMIMO fixes this problem by stealing some design ideas from your smartphone. You see, modern cell phones use a MIMO system with multiple transmitters and receivers, which they use to send data to different sources, or to reconstruct radio signals that reach the phone with delays after bouncing off other surfaces...