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Latest Linux Software.

Google Chrome 34.0.1847.116 / 35.0.1916.69 Beta / 36.0.1941.0 Dev
The powerful, lightweight and easy-to-use web browser developed by the well known Google company

Liferea 1.10.9
This project provides an Open Source news aggregator software for online news feeds

GNOME Klotski 3.12.1
A free clone of the Klotski puzzle game designed especially for the GNOME desktop environment

GNOME Mines 3.12.1
A free clone of the spectacular Mines game, now for the GNOME desktop environment

Ubuntu Tweak 0.8.7
Easily configure your Ubuntu desktop with this powerful, yet easy-to-use application

Audacious 3.5
A lightweight, yet powerful music player for GNU/Linux operating systems in the style of XMMS and BMP

antiX MX 14
A special edition of antiX, created in collaboration with the MEPIS Linux community

RAR 5.0.1 / 5.10 Beta 3
A powerful, yet closed-source archive manager for Linux and BSD operating systems

antiX MEPIS 13.2 / 14 Alpha 1
An unofficial derivative of the MEPIS Linux operating system, based on Debian GNU/Linux

BakAndImgCD 8.2
A complete and open source Linux Live CD for disk imaging/cloning and data backup

GNOME Robots 3.12.1
A classic robots puzzle game designed especially for the GNOME desktop environment

GNOME Sudoku 3.12.1
A free Sudoku solver and generator application for the GNOME desktop environment

Five or More 3.12.1
A GNOME puzzle game where you have to form lines and remove colored balls from a board

Four-in-a-row 3.12.1
A free board/puzzle game where the player must create lines of the same color to win

Iagno 3.12.1
A classic version of the Reversi game, where you have to dominate the board in order to win

GNOME Nibbles 3.12.1
A free implementation of the famous Snake game for the GNOME desktop environment

Java SE Runtime Environment 8 Update 5
Oracle's Java Runtime Environment (JRE) Standard Edition platform for Linux OSes

h264enc 10.0.2
A shell script that encodes DVDs or video files to the H.264 format, using MEncoder

Scilab 5.5.0
A cross-platform numerical computation software widely used in various educational institutions

Parrot security OS 0.8.4
An Open Source and free security-oriented Linux operating system based on Debian GNU/Linux

Latest News.

ZeniMax Online: Elder Scrolls Online Bots Will Soon Be Dealt With
Matt Firor, the leading developer working on The Elder Scrolls Online at ZeniMax Online, says that his team is currently working in order to eliminate the bots that have been swarming some of the dungeon bosses included in the MMO, even as it is making progress on delivering more updates for the title.On the official forums the team leader states that 85 percent of all the service tickets that the company is dealing with are linked to bots and to spammers, which means that the studio has troub...

LG Optimus L90 Officially Coming Soon at T-Mobile
On Tuesday, wireless carrier T-Mobile has announced the upcoming availability of a new smartphone for its customers, in the form of LG Optimus L90, a device long rumored to arrive on its network. The wireless services provider has unveiled that the new device is set to land on shelves on April 30, and that it will become one of the cheapest handsets in its offering when it lands. The LG Optimus L90 will become available for purchase nationwide through T-Mobile retail stores and online on t...

Unbelievable: LG G Flex Can Withstand 1,000 Pounds of Pressure – Video
LG G Flex is the first curved smartphone that truly benefits from mass production. Although Samsung's Galaxy Round has been confirmed as world's first smartphone to pack a curved display, the device was only produced in limited quantities and it's only been released in South Korea. Well, those who have already bought the G Flex know their device is flexible and doesn't break if they sit on it. But did you ever wonder how flexible the LG G Flex really is? I mean how much pressure can a display...

Watch Dogs Gets Nine Minute Long Multiplayer Focused Video
The development team at Ubisoft working on Watch Dogs is delivering a new video for the upcoming title that focuses on the multiplayer mode of the experience and offers information on the seamless transition, the way the companion app is used and the 8 versus 8 decryption death match.Gamers can see the engine in action and will obtain information that will allow them to be prepared to jump into the mode once the game is launched.Watch Dogs will be offered on May 27 on the PlayStation 4 from So...

Elder Scrolls Online Video Details 12 Players Trials Linked to the Hel Ra Citadel
The development team at ZeniMax Online and publisher Bethesda are delivering a new video for their recently launched The Elder Scrolls Online, which is designed to show players the 12 man special trails they will be able to undetake once the Craglorn zone is introduced to the MMO.The new quests are a variation of the raid system but gamers will only have a limited number of resurrections available for use, which will increase the difficulty level and will make the earned rewards more precious....

Stop the Hate: Windows 8 Is a Sign of Evolution and So Will Be Windows 9
There’s no doubt that after Windows Vista, Windows 8 is the most controversial Windows version that ever got to see daylight and the reasons should come as no surprise for those who have already decided to give it a try. The removal of the Start button and the new Modern UI, which Microsoft has praised with every single occasion, turned Windows 8 into a very unfamiliar working environment that forced lots of users to stick to Windows 7 and avoid upgrading to this new OS release. Window...

Nicki Minaj Is Done with Wigs for Good, Says Hairstylist
It all started with a photo Nicki Minaj posted to her Twitter in February this year, in which she proudly announced that she wasn’t wearing a wig or extensions for the first time in a very long time. Also gone was the wacky makeup and colorful clothes, revealing a Nicki many of her fans could hardly recognize. That Nicki is definitely here to stay, her new hairstylist Oscar James says in a new interview with Cosmopolitan magazine, because now that she’s toned down her image, she ...

Researchers Successfully Fit Polar Bears with Satellite Tracking Collars
Earlier this month, green group the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) announced that a team of researchers was getting ready to go spying on polar bears in the Arctic archipelago of Svalbard. More precisely, scientists were to travel to this region and fit several females belonging to this species with collars. Recent news on the topic says that the expedition organized by WWF-Canon and the Norwegian Polar Institute came to an end this past April 21, and that the folks who took part in it are quite ...

US Bank Moves All Windows XP ATMs to Windows 7
While some think that Windows XP ATMs are perfectly fine because they’re running the Embedded version of the operating system, others are doing their best to move to a newer OS version and keep data completely secure and away from hackers. This is the case of US Bank which has recently announced that its 5,000 ATMs across the country have been upgraded to Windows 7 as part of its efforts to cope with Windows XP’s end of support and protect customer data. “We are very please...

Google Handles 100 Billion Searches Each Month
Google doesn’t normally brag about how popular its search engine is, but maybe it should, because its numbers are quite impressive. During an event for Google Adwords advertisers, the company dropped the bomb – it processes 100 billion searches every month. That means there are about 3.3 billion Google searches made each day and there are only about 7 billion people in the world. Considering that not all of them are online, it’s fairly easy to understand why Google is tryin...