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Joda-Time 2.4
A free Java date and time library

iBackupBot 5.1.8
A useful and easy-to-use iOS backup manager designed to help you browse, view, export and edit files stored in the backup file created by iTunes

SchemaCrawler 10.10.04
Free and open source command-line utility that will help you output your database schemas

Default Folder X 4.6.8
A status bar menu application for the Mac OS X designed to streamline the saving and opening files processes for any OS X-native utility

iTubeDownloader 5.1.5 / 5.2.0 Beta Candidate 1
A minimalist Mac OS X application that enables you to browse the YouTube website, playback videos, or simply download them to your computer.

A practical and easy-to-use application that enables you to backup and synchronize your folders from within a user-friendly interface

xPlan 3.6.1
Well organized project management solution that enables you to create, track and monitor an unlimited number of projects, tasks, or resources.

Norton AntiVirus Definitions 20140728
An easy-to-use package installer that delivers the latest Norton AntiVirus definitions updates for the Mac OS X version of the app

Yummy FTP 1.9.3
An easy to use yet very powerful FTP client for Mac OS X designed to handle both basic functionalities and provide access to more advanced features.

Abinit 7.8.2
A free and open-source package designed to help you calculate the charge density, energy and electronic structure of systems composed of electrons, molecules and periodic solids.

uBar 2.1.4
A task bar for the Mac.

MP3 Tag Encoding Converter 2013.4.18
No-frills and drag and drop based utility designed to help Mac users to rapidly convert their MP3's tag encoding to UTF-8 so that iTunes can read them

Social Fixer 10.4
A Safari, Firefox, Google Chrome and Opera extension designed to bring a long list of enhancements to your existing Facebook account

Embrilliance 1.133
Offers support for creating embroidery designs.

Streamlined and user friendly software solution designed to help you import your video collection to iTunes without too much trouble.

Hopper Disassembler 3.3.5
A powerful and flexible reverse engineering utility that enables you to disassemble, decompile and debug 32 and 64 bit Mac, Linux, Windows and iOS executables

Adapter 2.1.1
An easy to use Mac OS X application that offers you the possibility to effortlessly convert videos, audio files, or images to other popular file formats.

Ettercap 0.8.0
A free and open source network security utility that enables you to intercept traffic on a network segment in order to conduct active eavesdropping against a number of common protocols

Abacus Accounts 6.7
Bookkeeping application designed for Mac

TinkerTool System 3.4 Build 140716
System utilities toolkit for effortlessly performing advanced administration tasks in order to keep an Apple Macintosh computer in tip-top shape

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Soon, South Korean mobile phone maker Samsung Electronics should make official its first Android-based smartphone that will sport a metallic body, and some more info on it has emerged online today. The mobile phone will supposedly land on the market under the name of Samsung Galaxy Alpha, after being rumored for a long time to be the premium version of Galaxy S5 and to be called Galaxy F. As it turns out, the handset will hit shelves with a body that will be much smaller than that of Galaxy ...

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Comic-Con 2014: Robert Downey Jr. Threw Flowers at Fans Because He’s That Awesome – Video
Comic-Con 2014 wrapped on Sunday in San Diego, but expect more details from the biggest multi-genre convention in the world to continue to emerge online in the following weeks. One of the most talked about panels at the event was the Marvel one for “Avengers: Age of Ultron,” which reunited almost the entire cast in Hall H. It also included footage from the film, but you won’t find it in any of the videos below because those in attendance are not allowed to use their cameras...

Peaches Geldof Made Blood Oath Not to Die from Drugs
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Jenny McCarthy Did Not Ban Melissa McCarthy from the Wedding Because She’s Fat
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Leaked Photo signals a new Retina MacBook Pro
Apple is getting ready to release new retina MacBook Pro models. A photo leaked on the asian Forum shows what may seem like an Apple Store signage with information on the new computer.The first 15-inch retina MacBook Pro will sport a microprocessor of 2.2GHz (intel Core i7) and you can TurboBoost that up to 3.4GHz. It comes with an SSD of 256 GB and the Intel Iris Pro Graphics card. The most important details is that the low-end retina MacBook Pro will supposedly get a boo...

Honeypot Solution HoneyDrive Receives Update to Version 3
The availability of HoneyDrive 3 has been announced over the weekend, with updated components and a set of almost 50 new tools serving malware analysis, forensics and network monitoring purposes. The new version is designed to integrate multiple honeypot solutions that can be deployed from a virtual environment. Honeypots are systems that act as decoys for intruders, allowing security teams to gather information about the attackers, the penetration methods and the type of malware they use. ...

Script of the Day: Base
Base is a simple CSS framework for building responsive Web pages with the help of a set of ready-made tools and templates. The framework is coded with modern technologies like LESS and SCSS (SASS), and it also features an easy to use responsive grid system on which to place and arrange your content. As with most other CSS frameworks, Base includes a CSS reset and a set of basic CSS presentation rules for most typographic elements, allowing developers to focus on adding the content itself rat...