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Latest Mac Software.

SlimBoat 1.1.49
An easy to use web browsing application that provides quick access to a collection of basic but very efficient ad blocking tools and more.

Highland 1.7.0
Convert documents between FDX, PDF and Fountain file formats.

FreeMind 1.0.1 / 1.1.0 Alpha 1
A popular and free open source mind mapping application that can be used to easily conduct experiments or write essays using your Mac

SportsTracker 6.0.0
Record sporting activities with this free and open source application

Wings 3D 1.5.2 / 1.5.3 Dev
Subdivision modeler inspired by Nendo and Mirai from Izware

phpMyAdmin 4.1.13 / 4.2.0 Alpha 2
Award-winning and heavily documented web-based tool for MySQL administration that comes with support for a wide range of operations

Shotcut 140413
A handy and very easy to use application that allows you quickly edit, convert and stream video files

SyncTwoFolders 2.0.1
A practical and handy OS X utility that enables you to easily and effortlessly synchronize the content of two different folders

Cego 2.20.9
A free relational and transactional database system

Th-MakerX 3.6 Build 204
Makes thumbnail files of dropped image files

etm 2.3.27
A free and open source Python based application that enables you to use plain text files to store, edit and create data as well as preview it in different ways

Neck Diagrams 1.9.1
Create your own fretboard diagrams and chord charts easily!

Get Tube 7.0
Browse and download videos from YouTube

WebDrive 3.51.398
Open and edit server-based files without the additional step of downloading the file

JamesJr 3.0.3
Allows you to easily rename and sort your files

Encryptine 1.0.0
An easy to use Mac OS X application that establishes a VPN connection with various servers all over the world in order to help you protect your privacy.

Investor/RT 11.3.8
Complex and powerful OS X application designed to offer support to investors by providing all the tools needed for gathering trading data

Dru 1.4.7
A composition program for your Mac

Sparkle 1.0 Beta 5
A simple, clean and user-friendly application that provides the necessary tools and features to build, shape and design your webpage

Splunk 6.0.3
A handy and very useful application that was created in order to help users index logs from ANY source (Apache, OS X, sendmail, routers)

Latest News.

Dual-SIM Gionee Pioneer P4 with Quad-Core CPU Arrives in India for Rs 9,199
Chinese company Gionee is about to release the sequel to the Pioneer P3 in India. Gionee Pioneer P4 is now available for purchase in India via eBay for only Rs 9,199 ($150 / €110) outright. However, as AndroidOS points out, the smartphone should go on sale at other major retailers across the country in the coming days. Gionee Pioneer P4 is a mid-range Android smartphone, so don’t expect any out of the ordinary features to be included in this device. Still, customers in India will ...

OnePlus One Benchmark Scores Leave Galaxy S5, HTC One M8 Behind
Later this month, Chinese phone maker OnePlus is set to make official the first handset that has been specifically designed for the CyanogenMod platform, and it appears that the company will unveil a truly high-end device when that happens. According to a screenshot from AnTuTu benchmark, the upcoming smartphone, which will be called OnePlus One, can score as high as 38,179 when tested, which is much more than what flagship phones available on shelves today can offer, as PhoneArena notes. T...

Dual-SIM Nokia X Heavily Discounted in India, on Sale for Just Rs 7,200
Unveiled back in February at Mobile World Congress (MWC) 2014, the first Android smartphone launched by Nokia made its debut in India last month. The dual-SIM version of Nokia X was officially introduced in India for Rs 8,500 ($140 / €100) and went on sale a few days later. The smartphone probably sells very well due to its low price and pretty decent features it brings, plus Nokia is one of the most popular brands in India. However, it appears that Nokia wants to boost sales of its m...

Firaxis: Beyond Earth Is Not Simply a Civilization-Based Remake of Alpha Centauri
Civilization: Beyond Earth might be a spiritual sequel of the classic Alpha Centauri, but it seems that the development team at Firaxis working on the new title does not have any plans to settle for simply creating a remake of the title. Gamespot has interviewed Greg Foertsch, Jerome Atherholt and Mike Bazzell, who were all involved with the original game and are at the moment still employed at Firaxis, working on both Civilization: Beyond Earth and XCOM: Enemy Unknown. The trio states, &ld...

LG L24 isai Coming to KDDI Next Month with the Thinnest Bezel
Japanese carrier KDDI is about to launch the LG L24 isai, which seems to have an unusual sleek design. For the time being, the smartphone is rumored to arrive on May 1, but that has yet to be confirmed. From the picture published by @evleaks, LG L24 isai might have the thinnest bezel we have ever seen. While there aren’t too many details regarding the phone’s specs, we can safely assume that the smartphone will boast at least a 5.5-inch display and a powerful quad-core processor. ...

Dolphin Jetpack for Android 6.1.1 Now Available for Download
Dolphin Jetpack is an add-on for the popular Dolphin Browser application for Android devices, which requires Android 2.3 or higher and a superior version of the mobile browser. The latest version of Dolphin Jetpack has been improved with a few tweaks and some bug fixes. Those who use Dolphin Browser will be pleased to know Dolphin Jetpack now offers improved night mode experience. In addition, developers confirmed they have improved HTML5 video playing experience in full screen and fixed the...

Malicious Android Apps Can Silently Change Icons on Devices
Google’s Android operating system is the most popular mobile OS out there, but also the most targeted when mobile malware is involved. In fact, FireEye mobile security researchers have discovered that even applications that have normal permission levels could easily prove to be malicious, since they can silently modify icons on the home screen. Said researches claim that such an app could actually change these icons to redirect users to phishing websites or to the malicious app itself...

Download VLC for Android 0.9.2 Now with DVD ISO Support
The good folks at VideoLAN have just announced that the next version of VLC for Android devices is now being pushed onto Google Play Store. According to the developers, about 20% of Android devices should receive the update automatically, while the rest will probably get it in the coming days. More importantly, VideoLAN has confirmed that VLC for Android 0.9.2 has also been delivered to Nokia Store and Amazon Appstore for reviewing. This means that very soon, those who access Amazon’...

Turtle Rock: Evolve Will Focus on Player Choice, Quick Tactical Decisions
The development team at Turtle Rock working on the new Evolve shooter says that it is trying to make sure that all the core mechanics of the title give gamers as much choice as possible when it comes to their character and their style of play, in order to make sure that the game appeals to a wide array of players. The studio has re-evaluated the way characters were evolving in order to make sure that gamers always have a clear choice rather than being pushed down a clear path that they are un...

Nokia Teases Rollerblade Inline Skates App, a Lumia Exclusive
Owners of Nokia Lumia devices out there who are also sports fans can enjoy an appealing application on their handsets, in the form of Rollerblade Inline Skates, which was meant to help users improve at the sports and build confidence. A great deal of health and fitness applications are already available in the Windows Phone Store, but few of them are Lumia-exclusive apps. The new one was designed to follow users’ skating and to keep them connected with their friends. The software will ...