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Logtalk 3.04.2 (Apache)
An open source object-oriented logic programming language that can use Prolog implementations and comes with an extensive documentation.

PDFKey Pro 4.3.5 (Demo)
Powerful yet extremely easy to use Mac OS X application that offers you the possibility to unlock password protected PDF documents.

R 3.3.0 (GPL)
Provides quick access to a language that enables you to perform the statistical analysis of various types of data and generate graphics for the results.

stunnel 5.32 (GPL)
An open source SSL tunneling proxy solution that is available on multiple operating systems and can be accessed via the Mac OS X .

UVI Workstation 2.6.5 (Freeware)
Well structured audio tool that comes with a built in effects collection and functions, aimed at streamlining your workflow during live performance

ScreenConnect 5.5.10444.5898 / 5.6.10718.5966 Pre (Trial)
A self hosted web application that offers you the possibility to access computers remotely, create support sessions, connect with other people through meetings and more.

BaseX 8.4.4 (BSD)
A handy, free and open source application that was developed in order to help users with the processing and visualization of large XML instances

ImageJ 1.51a (Freeware)
An easy to use Java application that provides support for viewing, editing, analyzing and processing different images at the same time.

UctoX 2.1.8 (Trial)
Manage your company's financial documents, keeping track of invoices, bank statements, investments and more, with this intuitive application

Noatikl 3.1.9 (Trial)
A cross-platform desktop application which provides an easy to use generative (MIDI) music engine to design immersive generative music

SRWare Iron 50.0.2650.0 (Donationware)
A straightforward web browser that aims to remove usage tracking and other privacy-compromising functions featured by Google Chrome

Wolfram CDF Player 10.4.1 (Freeware)
View and analyze data stored within CDF files and take advantage of the interactive functionality provided by this format, with this useful app

Swift 2.2.1 / 2016-05-03-a Development Snapshot (Apache)
Open Source programming language developed and maintained by Apple that aims to provide a cleaner syntax that is easier write and read

Things 2.8.4 Build 20804002 (Trial)
A stylish and easy to use task management application for Mac OS X that enables you to create, filter and organize tasks by different criteria.

Opera 37.0.2178.32 / 38.0.2213.0 Dev (Freeware)
Beautiful looking and fast web browser designed to offer its users quick access to any website via an intuitive and simple to use interface

piQtility 4.6.6 (Demo)
A comprehensive image viewer that makes it easy for you to manage, preview, sort and rename your pictures from within a user-oriented interface

Mobirise 2.11.1 (Freeware)
It provides you with a user-friendly environment and all the tools needed to create mobile-optimized and responsive websites with just a few mouse clicks

Grass GIS 7.0.4 / 7.1 Dev (GPL)
A free and open source Geographic Information System application specially designed for geospatial data management and analysis.

WebKit R200390 (Freeware)
A powerful, open source web browser engine that can be used by developers to easily design and build native and cross-platform browsers.

Stellarium 0.14.3 / Dev (GPL)
Open source and completely free cross-platform desktop planetarium for Mac OS X, Windows and Linux/Unix with real-time sky rendering and a huge star catalogue

Latest News.

WhatsApp for Windows Phone Gets New UI in Beta Version
WhatsApp is one of the companies that keep updating the official client on Windows Phone quite frequently despite the criticism aimed against the platform, and the development of the beta version is actually advancing at a really fast pace. Most recently, an update released for the beta version brings an improved UI on Windows Phone devices, with a redesigned app bar that’s supposed to bring the app in line with the design language used by Microsoft for Windows 10 and its own apps. The new app bar holds the buttons for voice recording and send message, probably in an attempt to make it easier to chat with just one hand. Screenshots posted by (via MSPU) show this new i...

Gozi Malware Creator Ordered to Pay a Whopping $7 Million in Damages
Nikita Kuzmin, 28, of Russia, was sentenced yesterday to time served (37 months) and the forfeiture of $6,934,979 as damages caused by his creation, the Gozi banking trojan. Kuzmin created Gozi in 2007 and marketed it on underground hacking forums using the "76" nickname. The malware was innovative when it was created, being the first that had a MaaS (malware-as-a-service) offering. Other criminal groups could come to Kuzmin and rent the malware and its infrastructure, dubbed the "76 Service," for around $500 per month. Kuzmin is the man that created the Gozi banking trojan The Gozi banking trojan worked by using "Web injects" modules which tapped into Web browser processes on infected computers. These Web injects would overlay fake Web pages when the user would visit a banking portal. Kuzmin or other criminals would receive the information entered in these fake Web pages on their servers. This included login details and bank account details. Th...

openSUSE Tumbleweed Prepares for GCC 6, Users Get Linux Kernel 4.5.2, Mesa 11.2
The openSUSE Project today, May 4, 2016, published details about the latest major open-source components that landed in the main software repositories of the openSUSE Tumbleweed distro recently. There were many snapshots released for openSUSE Tumbleweed during the past month, which brought in the latest software versions, including, but not limited to, Linux kernel 4.5.2, Mesa 11.2.1 3D Graphics Library, Oracle VirtualBox 5.0.18, Snapper 0.3.2, LibreOffice, Wireshark 2.0.3, and perl-Bootloader 0.912. Additionally, it looks like the gettext-runtime has been updated to version 0.19.7, the brand-new GStreamer 1.8.0 multimedia backend also landed, and updated versions of the libzypp, libvirt, and sssd libraries have been added too. Among other updated packages, we can mention AutoYast2 3.1.125, Kiwi 7.03.67, AppArmor 2.10.1, and cpupower 4.6. openSUSE Tumbleweed will be upgraded to GCC 6 soon The list of updated software packages for openSUSE...

The Windows 10 Icon Saga Continues, This Time with File Explorer
Microsoft launched a new File Explorer icon in Windows 10 build 14328, as it’s aiming for an improved look of the desktop, but it turns out that the new design is once again stirring up controversy in the Windows community. It’s not a secret that some Windows icons haven’t been really well received and the Recycle Bin case is probably the best example this time. During the development of Windows 10, Microsoft revamped the Recycle Bin icon several times and some versions caused heavy criticism from users trying them out. This could happen with the new monochrome icon of File Explorer too, as posts in the Windows 10 Feedback app show that Microsoft hasn’t made the best decision when picking a black and white design. “The new File Explorer icon is washed out and awful,” a message posted in the Windows 10 Feedback app reads, while another user says it a little bit more directly: “File Explorer icon is ugly!” There’s still a bit of color Before anyth...

Document Foundation Kicks Off Month of LibreOffice Campaign, Awards Contributors
Softpedia has been informed by The Document Foundation's Mike Saunders about a new campaign which aims to credit every single contributor to the open-source LibreOffice office suite. Dubbed Month of LibreOffice, the new campaign kicks off on the first day of May 2016, awarding some of the LibreOffice contributors with a barnstar via a special wiki page. The campaign has just started, so you won't see many entries there, as they need to be added by members of The Document Foundation in time, depending on the task they did. "Every contribution to the LibreOffice project – whether it’s a large code patch or just a small bug report – makes the software better for everyone. Over the last few years we’ve had many thousands of contributions from all around the world," said Mike Saunders. "So we’re running a new campaign to credit everyone who contributes to the project!"

Microsoft WordPad, Other Classic Windows Apps Show Up in Windows 10 Store
Microsoft’s Project Centennial is a set of tools developed by the Redmond-based tech giant that allows developers to bring their Win32 program in the Windows 10 Store and eventually make their universal apps. And what better way to convince more developers to do this than by porting your own apps and bringing them in the store? This is exactly what Microsoft is doing right now, as @h0x0d has discovered that several Windows apps are now available in the store, including WordPad, Character Map, Windows Fax and Scan. Microsoft is very likely to continue work in this regard and bring more apps in the store, including Paint. At this point, these apps can’t actually be downloaded, but the simple fact that they’re there shows that Microsoft wants to spearhead the transition from Win32 software to Windows Store apps that would eventually become universal a...

Galaxy Note 6 to Come with 6GB of RAM, 256 GB of Storage, New Snapdragon Chip
It seems that Samsung’s Galaxy Note 6 has recently caught the attention of all, with leaked specs and details surfacing on a regular basis. The latest comes from China’s micro-blogging site Weibo which recently reported some details on the specs. However, nothing has been officially confirmed, we can only speculate at this point. According to the leak, Galaxy Note 6 will come with a 5.77-inch screen, supporting a resolution of up to 1440 x 2560. The unit will be powered by a 4,200 mAh battery, enough for at least 48 hours of battery life, depending on the usage. Internal memory is set to reach 256GB, providing plenty of space for storing apps and media files. A Snapdragon 823 chipset will be integrated and coupled with 6GB of RAM, a major improvement even compared to the Galaxy S7 series, which sp...

Windows 10 Users Criticize the New Start Menu Design Coming in Redstone Update
Microsoft is currently testing a new Start menu design for the upcoming Anniversary Update (also known as Redstone), and it turns out that not everyone likes it. The new Start menu, which is currently available in Windows 10 build 14332, comes with an overhauled look that’s supposed to make it easier for users to access their apps. There’s a new hamburger menu that groups all settings, such as user account options, as well as power controls and shortcuts for PC Settings and File Explorer, but also the All Apps list that offers instant access to install apps. Posts in the Windows 10 Feedback app shows that this new Start menu isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, as Microsoft hoped, and a number of users are actually willing to go back to the original design currently available in stable builds. “The new Start menu is dreadful,” one post in the Feedback app reads, while others call for options to “revert” to the previous Start menu design. The Start menu saga

Opera Browser’s Ad Blocker Now Available for Stable Desktop and Android Versions
Opera’s ad-blocking features that debuted last month in beta versions of the browser are now available as part of the stable builds available for PC and Android users. The updated Opera with ad-blocking capabilities can be downloaded right away on Windows, Linux, and Mac OS X. Opera Mini for Android also comes with built-in ad blocker, becoming one of the few browsers boasting such a built-in feature on mobile platforms. Opera guarantees that, thanks to its ad blocker, the browser not only offers a cleaner browsing exp...

CoreOS Linux 899.17.0 Released with OpenSSL 1.0.2h, NTPd 4.2.8p7, and Git 2.7.3
The CoreOS developers have released a new version of the Linux kernel-based operating system engineered for massive server deployments, CoreOS 899.17.0. Powered by Linux kernel 4.3.6, CoreOS 899.17.0 arrived on May 3, 2016, as an upgrade to the previous release of the GNU/Linux operating system, which system administrators can use for creating and maintaining open-source projects for Linux Containers, version 899.15.0. Therefore, CoreOS 899.17.0 is now the latest stable version of the open-source, lightweight operating system designed for offering an infrastructure to clustered deployments, and according to the release notes, it updates the OpenSSL, ntpd, Git, and jq packages. OpenSSL has been updated to the latest 1.0.2h release, which patches five critical security vulnerabilities discovered recently, ntpd was updated to version 4.2.8p7, fixing a total of eleven security issues, ...