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Fork Beta (Freeware)
Git client that helps you clone and organize repositories, resolve conflicts, detect code changes, and perform other basic repository management tasks

Adobe Creative Cloud (Freeware)
Allows you to install, manage or update all your Adobe applications while also displaying real-time feedback for your Behance portfolio

qTox 1.15.0 (GPL)
An easy to use desktop client for the Tox communication platform that enables you to effortlessly setup secure connections with other users.

RubyMine 2018.1.1 Build 181.4445.97 / 2018.1.2 Build 181.4668.10 EAP (Trial)
A powerful and intuitive IDE for Ruby and Ruby on Rails that features smart code completion, on-the-fly code analysis and refactoring support

FileBot 4.8 (GPL)
Rename and organize your movies, TV shows or songs, download subtitles and find information about your favorite series, with this powerful application

HTTPSChecker 2.1.2 (Demo)
Check your website for mixed HTTPS content in order to identify and learn how you can fix possible errors and issues with minimal effort

Lightkey 2.4.2 (Demo)
Enables you to take control over DMX values and channels, control any type of compliant fixture, and adjust any element from your lighting set on the fly

Mono / Preview (MIT License)
A free and open source implementation of Microsoft's NET Framework that complies to the ECMA standards for the C# and the Common Language Runtime

iShowU Instant 1.2.5 Build 461 / 1.2.7 Build 482 Beta (Trial)
Screen recording utility that can capture both video and audio content and streamlines the process by allowing the user to create custom presets

Vivaldi 1.14.1077.60 / 1.15 RC 1 (Freeware)
Multi-platform web browser that aims at providing a really fast experience even though it comes with limited hardware requirements

Ghostery 8.1.2 (MPL)
A light, simple, yet powerful web browser add-on specially designed to block pop-ups, annoying advertisements and trackers from monitoring your online activity

Thunderbird 52.7.0 / 60.0b4 Beta / 61.0a1 EarlyBird (Ad-supported)
A powerful and streamlined e-mail management application that makes it very easy to organize, secure and customize your mail using a Mac

AKVIS ArtWork 10.0.1926.16422 (Trial)
A reliable and intuitive application that was created to help you add painting effects on your pictures

QCAD Professional 3.20.1 (Demo)
User-oriented and powerful CAD application designed to help you draft 2D technical drawings with the help of a well-designed interface

Clan Lord 1064 (Demo)
Have fun on your Mac by exploring a role playing fantasy world in which you manage to get yourself exiled to a chain of islands.

WeatherSnoop 4.0.0 Build 161 (Demo)
Simple to use utility designed from the ground up to make it easy and effortless to download Davis Vantage Pro weather info to your Mac

BusyCal 3.3.5 (Trial)
Helps you to effortlessly share and synchronize your iCloud, Google Calendar, Exchange, and CalDAV calendars with others Macs and iOS devices

Hardware Monitor 5.55 Build 180411 (Demo)
Easy to use macOS application that offers you the possibility to visualize the readings of all available hardware sensors in Macintosh computers

FSNotes 1.5.6 (MIT License)
Create and manage plain text notes using an open source macOS app inspired by the keyboard-centric Notational Velocity note manager

Rider 2018.1 Build 181.4379.1191 (Freeware)
.NET integrated development environment that enables you to work on various project types and integrates testing and debugging capabilities

Latest News.

If This Isn’t the Moment to Abandon Windows Phone, Then What Is?
If you ever tried Windows phones, you certainly know how awesome they’ve been. It’s true, in many regards comparing them with Android devices or iPhones didn’t make any sense, and the platform struggled with things that never allowed it to grow, like the lack of apps. But despite all these setbacks, Windows phones somehow managed to survive, and given the current state of the platform, it’s surprising, to say the least, that some people are still using them these days. More recently, however, Microsoft has pushed Windows Phone as a platform one step closer to its death: the company stopped selling devices in its Microsoft stores. Microsoft has gradually removed Lumia devices from online and retail stores, and this week, the software giant pulled all models, with even phones from Alcatel and HP now being listed as ou...

Windows 10 Redstone 4 Now Almost Ready for Launch (Again)
Microsoft is once again ready to begin the public launch of Windows 10 Redstone 4, as the company has just pushed the RTM build to all rings of the Windows Insider program. Windows 10 build 17134 is now available for download for users in the Fast, Slow, and Release Preview rings, which means Microsoft is very close to completing the testing process of the RTM ahead of the release. If no major bugs are found, we’re being told that the first wave of systems should get the update beginning on Tuesday as part of the gradual rollout that Microsoft is using for new OS feature updates. Microsoft has already delayed the launch of Windows 10 Redstone 4 once after it discovered a blocking bug causing BSODs in the previous RTM build labeled as 17133. The company then decided to release build 17134 as the new RTM instead of publishing a cumulative update in order to avoid any potential upgrade issues that could have happened on systems getting the latest OS version.

FFmpeg 4.0 "Wu" Open-Source Multimedia Framework Officially Released
The open-source and cross-platform FFmpeg multimedia framework has been updated to version 4.0, a major release that introduces numerous new features and improvements. Coming six months after the 3.x series, FFmpeg 4.0 introduces bitstream filters for editing metadata in H.264, MPEG-2, and HEVC streams, an experimental MagicYUV encoder, Nvidia NVDEC-accelerated H.264, MPEG-1/2/4, HEVC, VC1, VP8/9, and MJPE hwaccel decoding, and Intel QSV-accelerated MJPEG encoding. New native aptX, aptX HD, and SBC encoders and decoders were implemented as well, along with VAAPI MJPEG and VP8 decoding support, a TiVo ty/ty+ demuxer, VideoToolbox HEVC encoder and hwaccel, E-AC-3 dependent frames support, as well as AMD AMF HEVC and H.264 encoders. Support for LibreSSL, an open-source implementation of the SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) and TLS (Transport Layer Security) protocols, was implemented via the libtls library, codec2 encoding and decoding support via the libcodec2 library, AV...

Apple Starts Sending "Earth Day Challenge" Notifications to Apple Watch Wearers
Apple started sending "Earth Day Challenge" notifications to Apple Watch wearers this afternoon, after company's announcement on Thursday that it plans to adds Earth Day donations to its trade-in and recycling program. If you own an Apple Watch, chances are you should soon see a notification on your smartwatch about the 2018 Earth Day Challenge,   inviting you to get outside on Sunday, April 22, 2018, to celebrate Earth Day and win a special Earth Day badge and three unique iMessage stickers if you complete one workout of at least 30 minutes. "On Saturday, Apple Watch users will receive a notification about the Earth Day Challenge, an activity encouraging them to get outside, enjoy the planet and complete a workout of at least 30 minutes," said Apple. "If they do so on Earth Day, they’ll receive a special achievement and unique stickers in iMessage." Here's what you have to do to win the Earth Day badge First of all, you should know that the Eart...

openSUSE Tumbleweed Is Now Powered by Linux Kernel 4.16, KDE Plasma 5.12.4
If you're using the openSUSE Tumbleweed rolling operating system on your personal computer, you should know that it's now powered by the latest Linux 4.16 kernel series. Quite a few snapshots have been released this week and the last one for openSUSE Tumbleweed, bringing some of the latest GNU/Linux technologies and Open Source software. Among these, we can mention the recently released Linux 4.16 kernel series as the operating system is now powered by Linux kernel 4.16.2. "The 4.16.2 Linux Kernel made ip_tunnel, ipv6, ip6_gre, ip6_tunnel and vti6 better to validate user provided tunnel names. Due to a build system failure, not all 4.16.2 binaries were built correctly; this will be resolved in the 20180417 snapshot, which will be released shortly," said Douglas DeMaio in a recent report. The Advanced Linux Sound Architecture (ALSA) sound system and alsa-utils w...

Linux Kernel 4.15 Reached End of Life, Users Urged to Move to Linux 4.16 Now
Bad news for Linux 4.15 users as renowned Linux kernel maintainer and developer Greg Kroah-Hartman announced last evening that the kernel series is now EOL (End-of-Life) and it won't be maintained anymore. After a very busy cycle due to the Meltdown and Spectre security vulnerabilities, which were publicly disclosed earlier this year and later discovered to put billions of devices using modern processors at risk of attacks, the Linux 4.15 kernel series was released at the of January heavily redesign against two critical hardware bugs. Now, nearly three months and only eighteen maintenance updates later, the Linux 4.15 kernel series reached end of life and it will no longer receive support. As such, all those using a kernel from the Linux 4.15 branch on their GNU/Linux distributions are urged to upgrade to the lat...

LibreOffice 6.1 Lands Mid August 2018, First Bug Hunting Session Starts April 27
The Document Foundation announced today that work on the LibreOffice 6.1 open-source office suite starts next week with the first alpha milestone and bug hunting session. Work on the next big release of the widely-used open-source and cross-platform office suite for GNU/Linux, macOS, and Microsoft Windows operating systems, LibreOffice 6.1, has already begun this week with a focus on revamping the online experience and improving the Writer and Calc components. A first bug hunting session was scheduled for the end of next week, on April 27, 2018, when developers will hack on the first alpha milestone of LibreOffice 6.1, which should be available to download for all supported platfor...

Apple Just Can't Get Rid of Samsung for 2018 OLED iPhones
Apple’s 2018 iPhone lineup is likely to stick with OLED panels manufactured by Samsung, as Cupertino’s backup solution, LG, doesn’t yet have the production capacity to meet the required targets. A report from the WSJ and citing sources with knowledge of the matter indicates that LG has a hard time aligning with Apple’s requirements, and “manufacturing problems have caused it to fall behind the schedule that many suppliers follow before beginning mass production for iPhones.” In the case of the new iPhone generation, production is due to kick off in July, but LG’s struggles are likely to make it the second supplier, with Samsung to remain the key manufacturer of OLED panels for Apple’s devices. It’s being reported that Apple specifically requested LG to start a third round of prototype production for the 2018 iPhone, as the company is b...

Apple Could Retire the iPhone X This Year
Apple might be planning to discontinue the iPhone X this year, according to one analyst, as sales of the model have so far been well below expectations especially because of the high price. As a result, what Apple might be planning to do is retire the current model and rely exclusively on the 2018 iPhone lineup that would include a successor to the existing iPhone X, but with a smaller price tag. Neil Campling, a Mirabaud Securities analyst, says the lower revenue target announced by TSMC (Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing), which is currently the number one semiconductor foundry company and a top Apple supplier, is living proof that Apple has substantially reduced orders, causing problems to all its partners. Campling says these problems could lead to issues affecting other companies, including AMS, which supplies 3D sensing modules for the iPhone X. $500 iPhone coming this year TSMC is currently struggling with high inventory levels given App...

Evidence Shows iOS 12 Likely to Support iPhone 5s
iOS 12 is expected to be previewed by Apple at WWDC in early June before the global rollout in the fall, most likely in September as per the company’s typical release schedule. And while no official word has been said on what iOS 12 could bring new to iPhone users, evidence found by MacGeneration provides us with an early glimpse into the supported device list. The good news is that the iPhone 5s is very likely to be supported by the new iOS update, probably as the last major iOS release that this device gets. Apple officially abandoned the iPhone 4s with the debut of iOS 9, while iOS 10 pulled the plug on iPhone 5. And while many expected iOS 11 to do the same for iPhone 5s, it looks like only iOS 12 will mark the end of OS updates for this old model. The cited source came across testing logs of a WebKit build running on an iPhone 5s...