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Latest Mac Software.

Deskzilla Pro 3.1.3
Streamlined Bugzilla desktop client designed to make it as easy and as fast as possible to keep track and search for bugs from your desktop

Deskzilla Lite 3.1.3
Save time with the help of this accessible desktop client for Mozilla's Bugzilla that enables you to quickly track and search for bugs

FileBot 4.5.2 R2648
Save precious time by using this free and open source tool, designed for renaming your TV shows and for downloading subtitles in an efficient manner

Jenkins 1.587
An extendable open source continuous integration server with more than 300 plug-ins that helps users to build, test and monitor software projects

RStudio 0.98.1087
A free, open-source and powerful IDE, specially designed to help programmers use the R language within a full-featured development environment

Quick 'n Easy Web Builder 2.3.2
A practical and easy-to-use web building application that provides you with all the tools and features you need for creating complex websites on a Mac

A useful and thorough application that allows you to create databases of texts in various languages and then conduct researches and studies on words

SEO SpyGlass 5.15.5
A reliable and very easy to use application that was created as a competition research tool featuring SEO techniques that you can use to increase your website ranking

TNTatlas v2014 Build 20141029 / v2015 Build 20141029
A free geodata viewer that enables users to publish and distribute their maps and geospatial data, as well as view hierarchical atlases prepared in TNTmips with HyperIndex Linker

Deepworld 2.1.0 / 3.0.3 Beta
A fun and enjoyable 2D crafting game in which you can explore a large online underworld and discover new locations or cities build by other players

Monotony 1.5
An unobtrusive and powerful feed reader for your Mac designed to check all your subscribed news and displays them on your desktop as notifications

Lingo 2.0.2
A user-oriented and handy IRC chat client that offers a long list of features designed to fulfill the needs of both beginner and pro users

Absolute Acey Deucey 6.0.7
Test your luck and skill with this challenging backgammon game where your objective is to defeat your opponent as fast as possible

libpng 1.6.14 / 1.6.15 Beta 1 / 1.7.0 Beta 38
A very easy to use and extensible PNG reference library that comes with complete support for almost all PNG features in a very light package

Fink 0.38.2
An open source and free binary package manager that will enable users to install ports of popular UNIX-based programs on Mac OS X

BT747 2.1.3 Build 1510 / 2.1.7 Dev
Control almost all important data-loggers within most popular operating systems with the help of this free and cross-platform data-logger controller

dispcalGUI / Snapshot
A free Argyll CMS powered tool which will enable users to calibrate and characterize displays using only one supported hardware sensor

Balsamiq Mockups 2.2.23
A practical and user-oriented application that enables developers work on the same projects regardless of the used operating system

Jutoh 2.25
An easy to use application that helps users to create ebooks in PDF, Epub and Kindle formats, as well as sell them on many ebook sites

Flying Logic Reader 2.2.10
Revolutionary tool for proactive thinkers

Latest News.

Dragon Age: Inquisition Is Gold, BioWare Getting Ready for Launch
The development team at BioWare and publisher Electronic Arts announce that Dragon Age: Inquisition is now gold on all platforms, which means that no more changes are being made to the core code of the title and that the disks that will be offered in stores are at the moment getting ready for manufacture. Mark Darrah, who is the executive producer working on the experience, says on the official blog that his team could not have achieved the landmark without the support of the community of fan...

A Cosmic Massacre: Eons Ago, Galaxies Were Ripped Apart, Spilled Their Guts
Just in time for Halloween, astronomers with the Space Telescope Science Institute in the US announced to the world that, several billion years ago, a cosmic massacre played out in a distant galaxy cluster. Thus, information obtained with the help of NASA's Hubble Space Telescope indicates that, a long, long time ago, at least six galaxies that were part and parcel of Pandora's Cluster got torn to pieces and literally spilled their guts. The Space Telescope Science Institute astronomers say ...

Why Scratching an Itch Makes It Worse, as Explained by Science
We humans have been getting itches in the oddest of places since, well, since forever. Who says that those stone spears our ancestors made were meant for hunting? Maybe they were just some really primitive back scratchers. Anyway, the point is that, although itches have been our companions (or, better said, our nemesis) all throughout history, it was only recently that scientists have finally figured out why scratching an itch makes it worse. The investigation was carried out by specialists ...

Nissan LEAF Sells in Record Numbers in the US, Yet Again
Earlier this week, multinational automobile manufacturer Nissan announced to the world that its LEAF had established a new record for the most electric vehicles sold in the US throughout the course of a single calendar year. Add to this the fact that 2014 is not even over yet, and it's safe to say that the Nissan LEAF isn't just a well-liked car in the US, it's pretty much the king and queen of eco-friendly road trips. Little room left for competition In a statement, car manufacturer Nissan...

Wildlife Traffickers Guilty of Selling Tiger Parts Arrested in Indonesia
Not too long ago, two men in Indonesia were taken into police custody and accused of illegally trading animal body parts. Environmental group the Wildlife Conservation Society was involved in these arrests and helped bring the two men to justice. It is understood that the two wildlife traffickers both found customers online. For the time being, it is unclear whether the police will try to track down the people who bought animals body parts from them as well. Not your usual merchandise As de...

GTA 5 Dev Explains GTA Online Character and Mission Transfer to PC, PS4, Xbox One
Rockstar Games confirms quite a few new details about the character and mission transfer process that will be available for owners of Grand Theft Auto 5 on PS3 or Xbox 360 that upgrade to the upcoming PS4, Xbox One, or PC versions. GTA 5 appeared for the PS3 and Xbox 360 platforms back in September of 2013 and tens of millions of fans flocked to experience the game on those old consoles, largely since Rockstar was staying silent about the chances of seeing GTA 5 appear on other platforms like...

Kylie Jenner Accused of Photoshopping Racy Twitter Photo
Earlier this year, Kim Kardashian decided to expose her killer curves for the entire world to see, and so she posted an enticing photo of her gym-toned body in a tight pair of yoga pants, showing off her posterior. Except there were more curves in the photos apart from the ones on Kim. People soon realized that Kim had altered the photo to make her posterior look rounder and her waist smaller, but left some clear signs in the photo that indicated she had tampered with it. The exact same thing...

Apple CEO Tim Cook Is Gay and Out: Why Should We Care?
The other day, Tim Cook, the CEO of Apple, a man whose net worth is estimated at more than $400 million (€318.26 million), came out as gay in a beautifully worded and well-thought-out essay in Business Week. There was never really a secret around his orientation, in the sense that it was pretty much an open secret that he was gay, but he never did acknowledge it in public in any way. And neither did the media, partly because he was a businessman who wasn’t an open LGBT activist, so mentionin...

EndWeekGame: October 31
Andrei Dumitrescu: This week I am returning to an old favorite of mine and spending time with Jagged Alliance Flashback, trying to find out if the turn-based tactics formula that it pioneered can be interesting for a modern audience. I loved the second game in the series and I have completed its main campaign about five times when I was young, with a variety of choices in terms of mercs and weapons used, and so far, the modern version is not as gripping. When I get tired of the experience I ...

ESET NOD32 Antivirus 8 Review – Back with New Features
The new edition of ESET NOD32 Antivirus was rolled out two weeks ago, so we are taking a closer look at one of the most popular security applications on the market developed for identifying and removing viruses, Trojans, worms, rootkits, dialers, adware, spyware and other types of malware. Feature highlights in ESET NOD32 Antivirus 8 Apart from an antivirus and antispyware engine, version 8 offers support for cloud assistance to speed up scans by verifying files based on their reputation giv...