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REAPER 5.211 / 5.22 Pre 6 (Trial)
Exhaustive and powerful audio editor, processor, recorder, renderer, arranger and mastering solution for multi-track waveform audio content

TapPublisher 2.2.1 (Freeware)
Offers you the possibility to quickly create your own mobile application, test the final result on your device and then publish it to the Apple Store.

Momentum 3.3 (Demo)
Form good habits by tracking your goals with this easy-to-use OS X app that enables you to create flexible schedules and set up reminders

Canary Mail 0.721 Build 171 Beta (Freeware)
Beautiful mail client for OS X that allows you to connect multiple accounts that you get to manage separately, or via an unified inbox

XMind 7.5 (Demo)
A professional and feature-rich mind mapping application designed to help users brainstorm and place their ideas in a easy-to-follow map

WinZip Mac 5.0.3160 (Trial)
Helps you archive, encrypt and protect your files as you share them with friends, family and co-workers via cloud services or email

Prizmo [DISCOUNT: 59% OFF!] 3.1.10 (Demo)
OS X application that can be used to scan your photos via a user friendly interface and an inbuilt Optical Character Recognition engine

Snagit 4.0.3 (Trial)
A small but powerful app that enables you to capture screenshots, record videos, and quickly perform basic editing procedures on a Mac

CM TIFF 2 PDF 3.3.0 (Commercialware)
A user-friendly and practical application that enables you to quickly and easily merge multiple JPG, TIFF and PNG image files into one PDF document

LINE 4.7.1 (Freeware)
Helps you send files and stay in touch with your friends, family and co-workers through free text messages and voice calls from any location

Feeder 3.2.5 Build 2767 (Trial)
Intuitive OS X application that enables you to create, edit and publish RSS feeds using built-in features designed to improve RSS handling

Virtual City Playground 1.19.1 (Demo)
Have fun building your own city that provides all the facilities of modern life in this entertaining yet challenging strategy game

GreenChess 5.0.1 (Freeware)
Test your strategy and tactics in an engaging chess match, analyze your moves, view PGN databases and load UCI engines, with this fun game that offers many additional features

VirtualHostX 7.1.7 (Trial)
Uses the built-in web server in OS X to generate virtual website hosts that can be used to test or share the webpages you are currently working on

Fantastical 2.2.4 (Trial)
A small but powerful status bar menu application for Mac OS X that offers your the possibility to create events by using natural speech expressions.

MoneyMoney 2.2.12 (Trial)
Effortlessly transfer money within Germany and efficiently manage your bank accounts with the help of this useful OS X application

FMOD Studio 1.08.07 (Freeware)
A well-designed and powerful application that enables sound designers and musicians to create audio content for games and applications

Mbox2eml 0.1.2 (GPL)
Open source and free command line based utility designed to make the process of splitting mbox files into single eml files as quick as possible

Fone Rescue 5.9.3 (Demo)
Helps you recover lost photos, contacts, SMS, notes, and other data from your iPhone, iPad and iPod touch via a user-friendly interface

DriveShare 0.8.6 (MIT License)
Share your unused hard drive space in exchange for SJCX, a digital currency, and become part of the Storj cloud storage network, with this simple app

Latest News.

Realtek HD Audio Driver Is Up for Grabs - Download Now
Well known for its Audio chipsets (and more), Realtek has made available a new version of its High Definition Audio package, namely, which might include small improvements regarding stability, performance, as well as sound quality. However, to find out what the changes really are, you must install the package on your desktop or notebook. For that, ensure your computer is running one of Microsoft’s 32- or 64-bit variants of Windows 7, 8, 8.1, or Windows 10 operating systems. Do not try installing Realtek’s update on platforms other than the ones mentioned above, as this isn’t recommended and might lead to malfunctions that would require you to remove it and apply the previous driver. Now, to apply the 7859 build, first download the package on your desktop location, extract the archive, locate and run the available setup executable, and follow all on-screen instructions for a complete and successful upgrade. Last but not least, don’t forget to give the w...

Windows 10 Anniversary Update Launches on August 2 - Official
An accidental release of a Microsoft announcement on the release date of Windows 10 Anniversary Update indicated that the new pack of improvements would go live for everyone on August 2. And in a full press release rolled out only a few minutes ago, the company confirms that this is indeed the case, and the Anniversary Update will launch in early August. Microsoft says that there are now 350 million devices running Windows 10, and “customer satisfaction is higher than any previous version of Windows,” recommending users to upgrade to the new operating system before July 29 to take advantage of the free upgrade offer for Windows 7 and 8.1. Insiders getting it first The company then goes on to detail some of ...

EduCrypt Gives Users a Scolding for Falling Victim to Ransomware
EduCrypt is a new ransomware variant, first spotted by AVG's Jakub Kroustek, which doesn't ask for money as ransom, but locks the user's files and then provides them with a way to decrypt their data, only to teach them a lesson. This ransomware is based on Hidden Tear, an open source ransomware variant that was published last year and came with an encryption backdoor. EduCrypt includes a stripped-down version of Hidden Tear, with minimal features, just to ensure the basic file locking process works. EduCrypt is very simplistic, only targets a handful of files The ransomware will only encrypt files on the user's Desktop, and in the Downloads, Documents, Pictures, Music, and Videos folders. EduCrypt only locks 41 file types, a relatively low number, and uses a simple AES encryption to lock the user's files. There's no C&C infrastructure, and the encryption key is saved locally. Once the encryption finishes, the ransom note is placed on the user's ...

Samsung Display to Increase Smartphone AMOLED Display Shipments
Samsung is clearly the top supplier of AMOLED panels for smartphone use and is expected to maintain its leading status over the next few years. A new report by Digitimes shows that the company will increase its shipments of AMOLED displays by 114% until 2019. The report highlights the fact that Samsung will see its shipments of AMOLED screens increased to 560 million units in 2019, a 114% raise compared to 2015. The main client who will benefit from this move is Samsung Electronics, considering that it's currently the top client for Samsung Display. Samsung Electronics' demand reached 239 million AMOLED units in 2016 and is set to grow to 290 million units in 2019. Samsung will be increasing AMOLED panel shipments to Apple Samsung Display is said to supply AMOLED panels for Apple's iPhones projected to launch in 2017. Apple is expected to receive 40 million AMOLED panels units in 20...

Facebook Redesigns the Like Button, Launches Two Chrome Extensions
Facebook announced yesterday a new design for its social buttons, with the most significant change made to the Like button we see embedded on third-party websites. Until know, the Facebook Like, Share, and Follow buttons have all used the same design, with the Facebook logo and the button's respective text. Starting yesterday, the Facebook button features the Thumbs Up icon, the same visual indicator everyone knows from the main Facebook site. "Our hypothesis was that more people would understand the thumbs up icon on the Like button, so we conducted qualitative and quantitative tests to measure them side-by-side," Facebook's Yue Cai explains. "The results revealed an increase in engagement, so we are switching the Like button from the Facebook 'f' logo to the thumbs up icon." The decision was a no-brainer since everyone these days identifies a "like" action with a thumbs up gesture. Social buttons are now mobile-friendly by default Besides thi...

This Is What the New Windows 10 Upgrade Prompt Is Going to Look Like
Microsoft has already announced that it’s preparing an update for Windows 7 and 8.1 systems in order to make the Windows 10 upgrade prompts a little bit friendlier, and now everyone’s waiting to see if any accidental installs of the new operating system still take place after this patch. And as you can see in the screenshot attached to this article, the new Windows 10 upgrade prompt will indeed be more intuitive because users are provided with clear options to decide whether they want to install the new OS or not. “Don’t miss out. Free upgrade offer ends July 29,” the prompt reads, and users are provided with options to upgrade now, choose a time to start the installer and “decline free offer.” This last option is completely new and is clearly the thing that everyone wanted since the very beginning because, until now, there has been no clear wa...

Huawei Will Launch Honor 8 on July 11, New Teaser Confirms
Huawei is expected to reveal its newest smartphone, the Honor 8, next month, and it seems that new information points to the fact that the device will see the light of day on July 11, not July 5, as previously expected. A new teaser image has surfaced online, and by the looks of it, company executives have confirmed the launch date for July 11, according to GizmoChina. The event will be held at the Shanghai Oriental Sports Center in China, at 6.30PM local hour. Huawei's Honor 8 will be the successor to last year's Honor 7, which was quite successful and was released to many markets. The smartphone had a 5.2-inch display with a 1080p resolution and packed a 2.2GHz octa-core HiSilicon Kirin 935 processor inside. It also came with a Mali-T62...

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 to Feature 3,600mAh Battery, New Leak Shows
Samsung's Galaxy Note 7 is rumored to be released on August 2, and specs of the upcoming phablet have been leaking online for quite some time now.  Samsung unveiled the Galaxy Note 5 last year in August, and it only makes sense for the South Korean company to debut its successor during the same month of this year. Blogger Eldar Murtazin has confirmed August 2 as the launch date of Galaxy Note 7, according to GalaxyClub. It's not the only piece of information the blogger has provided us with, as Murtazin has also shown that Galaxy Note 7 will arrive with a 3,600mAh battery, as opposed to a 4,000mAh one, as it was previously believed. The 3,600mAh battery would allow the phone to keep its lights on for about 20 hours of video playback, which is not bad. If the rumor is true, then Note 7's battery would still be bigger than that on last year's Galaxy No...

Google Expands Ad Tracking Program but Adds User Privacy Controls
In the following days, Google users will receive a notification informing them of changes to Google's advertising policy, which will be expanded outside of Google's domains. Until now, Google has used its own services to collect a vast amount of information on all of its users. The company has used this information internally to create better products, to show suggestions or ads on services like YouTube. The company, who is also the world's largest ad network, has historically relied on data collected from browser cookies to show ads across non-Google websites. Google expands user data usage to external ads In the upcoming future, Google plans to use data from how you used Google services to show you ads across the Web, according to a Wired report. This means that Google searchs, the videos you watched on YouTube, and the games you play on your Android sma...

Mutter Updated for GNOME 3.20 to Fix the X11/Wayland Copy and Paste Interaction
The GNOME developers are always hard at work patching bugs in the popular desktop environment used by default in many GNU/Linux operating systems, and today they've updated the GNOME Shell and Mutter components. These are among the most important components of the GNOME desktop environment, and it looks like the GNOME Shell user interface is now at version 3.20.3, fixing a memory leak that was also patched in the GNOME Shell 3.21.3 development release, and adding better handling of VPN (Virtual Private Network) service aliases in networkAgent. Moreover, the sorting of hidden applications in the app switcher should now work a lot better, the screen recorder utility won't crash anymore when used under the Wayland display server, the support for Nvidia graphics cards was improved by allocating framebuffers early when the system starts, and the keyboard shortcuts for cycle-group a...