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Tableau 10.3.1 (Trial)
Business analytics application for macOS that enables you to open local files or connect to online databases and integrates optimized data queries

Tampermonkey 4.3.6 / 4.4.5484 Beta (Donationware)
A popular extension for Google Chrome, Opera Next and other Blink-based browsers that makes you browser compatible with GreaseMonkey

To WAV Converter 1.0.11 Build 706 (Demo)
Batch convert audio and video files to the WAV format, while also improving the sound quality and organizing the metadata information

To Audio Converter 1.0.11 Build 706 (Demo)
Batch convert audio or video files to the MP3, WAV, M4A, AIFF, FLAC formats while adjusting the volume, adding fade in or out evvects, or trimming silence

To MP3 Converter 1.0.11 Build 706 (Demo)
Batch convert audio files of different formats to MP3 by using this user friendly Mac OS X application that includes extensive customization support

Twitch 7.5.6368.15562 Beta (Freeware)
Official desktop application for the Twitch video sharing platform that enables you to chat with your friends and create a server for your community

WebScraper 2.0.4 (Trial)
Quickly extract information related to a certain webpage, including the text content, by using a minimalist app that exports the data to JSON or CSV

MacFamilyTree 8.2 (Demo)
Streamlined and user-friendly OS X application designed to help you keep track of your entire family using intuitive genealogy graphs and reports

Conquer 1851 (Freeware)
A free-to-play MMORPG that is settled in ancient China and offers you the possibility to develop interesting characters while interacting with other players

eMail Extractor 3.7.1 (Demo)
Recover damaged email files with the help of a simple yet powerful application that can identify the email addresses while also eliminating duplicates

MaxBulk Mailer 8.6.1 (Shareware)
A full featured Mac OS bulk mailer that offers you the possibility to send a message to hundreds of email addresses at the same time

RescuePRO Deluxe (Demo)
Data recovery solution that can help you get back image files, movies or audio content, together with virtually any type of file

Leaf 5.1.2 (Commercialware)
News reader that can function as a standalone RSS engine or you can use it to connect to various online services that sync the articles to all your devices

RescuePRO (Demo)
Recovery solution that can handle various types of digital media, such as photos, audios or videos, but also any other type of file format

Tune4Mac iTunes Video Converter Platinum 4.3.2 (Demo)
Converter tool that offers you the possibility to easily convert your videos to different formats by using the built-in configuration presets

M4V Converter Plus 4.3.2 (Demo)
Convert iTunes M4V Rental to MP4 or MOV to play anywhere with the help of this utility that records the media to iPhone and iPod compatible formats

Chargeberry 1.0.1 Build 3 (Freeware)
Get details about your MacBook's battery status, monitor its health, see how many cycles you have used, and get notifications when you need to plug the charger

Kami 2.0.8869 (Demo)
Markup and annotation solution that integrates with your Chrome browser and offers you the possibility to work on documents with others

Photorecovery 2017 Build (Demo)
Recover image, video and audio files from various types of visual media, including memory cards and USB flash drives, with this intuitive tool

ZenHub for GitHub 2.34.33 (Demo)
Chrome extension that aims to improve your productivity level when interacting with the GitHub platform by adding project management capabilities

Latest News.

Legitimate iPhone 8 Leak Confirms Vertical Dual Camera, Bezel-Less Display
We’ve heard plenty of rumors regarding the iPhone 8 until now, but new images published by @OnLeaks, who has an excellent track on smartphone leaks so far, come to set things straight in this saga. First and foremost, here’s what the two leaked photos reveal. The iPhone 8 will certainly come without a home button, which means that the fingerprint reader will be moved elsewhere. The picture revealing the back of the phone doesn’t show a fingerprint sensor either, so most likely Apple embedded it into the display. This makes the iPhone 8 the first smartphone to come with such technology, after a model announced by Chinese manufacturer Vivo a few days ago. Then, it’s the vertical dual camera. Apple launched the iPhone 7 Plus with a dual-camera configurat...

Et Tu, Brute? The Wall Street Journal Kills Its Windows 10 Mobile, PC App
It’s no longer a surprise that many developers abandon Microsoft’s Windows phones because of the dropping market share, and now the latest announcement in this regard comes the Wall Street Journal. In an update posted on its Windows 10 app page in the Windows Store, the WSJ says that its app would be pulled on June 30, as it moves the focus to iOS and Android. The more surprising thing is that Windows phones don’t necessarily seem to be problem this time, but the Windows 10 platform altogether, as the Wall Street Journal sees to no reason to invest in a Windows Store app. And the main reason is probably the small number of users, as it’s more often the case of Windows phones. “The Windows 10 app will be discontinued on June 30th. You can access the same content and more on and our iOS and Android mobile apps,” the message posted on t...

Microsoft's Windows 10 Browser Bug Bounty Program Will Go On Forever
Microsoft has decided to extend the Edge browser bug bounty program indefinitely, as it’s pleased with how the application was improved thanks to security researchers across the world who discovered vulnerabilities and reported them to the company. Microsoft says it paid no less than $200,000 in bounties until now, and because a substantial number of security flaws were discovered by researchers who participating in the bug bounty effort, it converts it to a sustained program. “Microsoft is committed to delivering secure products to our customers and this bounty program helped us achieve that goal. We received many high-quality reports in Edge during this 10-month program which helped keep our customers secure,” the company said in a statement. “Keeping in line with our philosophy of protecting customers and proactively partnering with researchers, today we are changing the Edge on Windows Insider Preview (WIP) bounty program from a time bound to a sustained bount...

Virgin Media Warns of Hacking Risk, 800,000 Users Asked to Change Passwords
Virgin Media has issued a warning to nearly 800,000 customers after it discovered that some of its routers are vulnerable to hacking, asking users to change passwords to remain protected. A research conducted by consumer group Which? revealed that Super Hub 2 routers offered by Virgin Media to its UK customers can be hacked to access connected devices, including CCTV cameras, that would basically give attackers the power of spying on users. The notification concerns customers still using default network and router passwords, with Virgin Media explaining that other routers from the same generation are very likely to be vulnerable as well. “We continually upgrade our systems and equipment to ensure that we meet all current industry standards. We regularly support our customers through advice and updates and offer them the chance to upgrade to a Hub 3.0 which contains additional security provisions,” Virgin Media was quot...

New Display Driver for AMD Embedded GPUs, SOCs, and APUs - Version 17.10.3001
AMD has made available a new graphics package targeted at some of its Embedded GPUs, G-Series SOCs, and R-Series APUs / SOCs, which ensure compatibility with the 64-bit architecture of Microsoft’s Windows 7 and 10 operating systems. To be clear, the producer has provided the 17.10.3001 package, which provides support for 1st Gen (eKabini) and 2nd Gen (Steppe Eagle) G-Series SoCs, as well as for 1st Gen (eTrinity FS1r2) and 2nd Gen (Bald Eagle) R-Series APUs. Moreover, the file mentioned above also implements general bug fixes and adds compatibility with AMD’s Radeon E9550, E9260, E8860, and E8870 graphics cards, G-Series SoCs (LX), and 1st Gen R-Series (eTrinity FP2) devices. Last but not least, system configurations that include an R-Series SoC (Merlin Falcon), or a 3rd Gen G-Series SoC I (Brown Falcon) or J (Prairie Falcon) family GPU, can also make use of this update. Considering all aspects described above, if you intend to upgrade your graphics chipset, simp...

Police Arrest Two Men Who Hacked Microsoft
Two men were arrested on June 22 for hacking Microsoft following a major collaboration between the software company and law enforcement agencies like the FBI, EUROPOL, EMSOU (East Midlands Special Operations Unit), and the NCA’s National Cyber Crime Unit (NCCU). While the names of the two suspects have not been revealed, British media reports the two suspects are from Lincolnshire and Bracknell and are believed to be part of an international group that managed to break into Microsoft’s network between January and March 2017. Police raided their homes and seized computers and evidence that could help with the investigation. One of the suspects is charged with gaining unauthorized access to a computer, while the other one was arrested for Computer Misuse Act offenses. No customer data at risk While very little is known about the hack itself, Microsoft explained in a statement that the hackers did not manage to access any customer data, pointing out...

Google Maps Is Unreliable, Indian Government Says
Google Maps is currently the world’s number one mapping service and is being accessed by billions of users every day, but as far as the Indian government is concerned, this solution is unreliable and unapproved. India's mapping and survey organization Survey of India (SoI) explained at a recent event that the Indian government considers Google Maps to be an unapproved and not authenticated service which officials themselves do not use, though they admitted that Google’s solution could be good for users looking for points of interests. Surveyor General of India Swarna Subba Rao questions Google Maps’ accuracy, pointing out that those who are looking for high accuracy are recommended to stick with the Survey of India maps. “If you talk about the authentication, the Google Maps is not authenticated. It hasn't been produced by the government, so they aren't authenticated,” Rao was quoted as saying by the

Microsoft Releases Major OneDrive Update for Apple macOS
As part of its efforts to make services available across all platforms, Microsoft today delivered a major OneDrive update to macOS devices that includes context menu options for the company’s cloud storage service. Specifically, starting with version 17.3.6916, OneDrive for Mac includes options to quickly manage files stored in the cloud. Users can share a OneDrive link, access more OneDrive sharing options, view the file online, and choose OneDrive folders to sync, all by simply right-clicking a file or folder on macOS. To get the new options, Microsoft says users need to enable OneDrive Finder Extensions and then restart macOS or Finder after installing the latest version of the app. This feature also makes it possible to share files and folders from the context menu for both personal and work or education accounts. Updated Activity Center The release notes also reveal that with this update, Microsoft has updated the Activity Center to provide ...

Download AsusWrt-Merlin Firmware 380.66.6 for Several ASUS Routers
AsusWrt-Merlin has announced the availability of new firmware packages developed for several ASUS router models, namely version 380.66.6, which manages to update OpenVPN to 2.4.3 and resolve the corrupted firewall rules when in Dual WAN mode with certain settings. If you intend to make use of these enhancements, first know that the developer has provided installation files compatible only with ASUS’ RT-N66 (U B1, R, W), RT-AC88U, RT-AC87 (R, U), RT-AC68 (P, R,W ,U), RT-AC66 (W, U, R), RT-AC56 (R, U, S), RT-AC5300, RT-AC3200, and RT-AC3100 routers. Therefore, if supported, save the appropriate package for your device model, unzip it, establish a wired connection between the router and your computer, and save all settings changed from the default values (better safe than sorry). Now, go to Advanced Settings > Administration > Firmware Upgrade, hit the “Choose File” button near the “New Firmware File” section, navigate and select the .trx file, click “Upload,” and wa...

Hackers Threaten to Take Down Steam as Summer Sale Begins
Valve officially kicked off the Steam Summer Sale on June 22, and just like every year, the gaming platform is suffering from slowdowns, with some users complaining that the service was even down completely at certain times and they couldn’t connect. And while this is nothing unusual since the Summer Sale generates huge traffic from gamers hungry for deals on their favorite titles, hacking group CyberTeam claims they are behind the inconsistencies that users are experiencing as we speak and which started a few hours ago. In a message posted on Twitter, the CyberTeam group said they are “attacking Steam in the test, the attacks that are occurring are not official, very soon we will attack all the servers.” Of course, it’s hard to verify these claims and the server issues that some people are hitting might be caused by the huge traffic generated by the sale. CyberTeam also alleged Skype ...