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Mozilla Firefox 35.0.1 / 36.0b3 Beta / 37.0a2 Developer / 38.0a1 Nightly (Mozilla Public License)
Secure and fast web browser that comes with all the necessary tools and features to fulfill all your Internet browsing needs, improve your overall browsing experience and replace Safari on your Mac

MacLoggerDX 5.58 (Demo)
Streamlined and powerful OS X application designed to help you organize and instantly tune into any DX Cluster for both contests and casual talk

Mouse Position Menu 6.0 (Shareware)
A minimalist status bar menu application for Mac OS X designed to display the coordinates of your pointer in real time, with or without an offset.

CADintosh 8.1 Build 218 (Shareware)
An easy to use 2D CAD drawing application that offers a plethora of efficient tools for developing architectural and technical projects.

BitRock InstallBuilder 9.5.5 (Demo)
A streamlined and easy to use developer tool that helps you create installers for your applications capable of running on a wide array of operating systems

PDF2ID 4.0 (Trial)
A powerful and easy-to-use Adobe InDesign plug-in that will help you convert PDF and XPS files to editable InDesign CS4/CS5/CS5.5/CS6/CC files

SpriteBuilder 1.4.0 (MIT License)
A versatile yet simple to use Mac OS X application that allows for building Android and iOS 2D games using a powerful set of tools

MeteoExplorer 1.4 Build 1.4.0353 (Freeware)
A straightforward cross-platform application designed from the ground up to help you analyze and render weather related atmospheric data

SoftSkies 2.1 (Demo)
A beautiful and easy to use music visualizer and screensaver that generates mood-enhancing animated cloudscapes on your desktop.

Fracture 1.8 (Trial)
A fascinating screensaver that draws various types of fractal images.

ShelXle 1.0.706 (LGPL)
A small tool that has a built-in highlight editor for .ins and .res files, and designed to provide an interactive GUI for SHELXL and three dimension structures

Wine 1.6.2 / 1.7.35 Dev (LGPL)
Free and open source implementation of the Windows API designed to help you seamlessly and effortlessly run Windows programs on your Mac

npm 2.3.0 / 2.4.1 Pre (MIT License)
Free and open source package manager for Node

IP Camera Recorder 3.16 (Trial)
Enables you to monitor the live feed of all the cameras included in your video surveillance system from the commodity of your Mac.

Hammerspoon 0.9.19 (MIT License)
A small and straightforward utility that makes it easy for you to perform various automation tasks on your Mac with the help of extension sets

WeatherSnoop 3.1.0 Build 705 / 3.1.1 Build 714 Pre (Demo)
Simple to use utility designed from the ground up to make it easy and effortless to download Davis Vantage Pro weather info to your Mac

Homebrew-cask 0.53.0 (BSD)
A command-line based and open source utility designed to help you install GUI based applications for OS X using the Terminal app

CloudPull 2.7.2 Build 4027 (Trial)
Back up Google Docs to your Mac

Tunnelblick 3.4.3 Build 4055.4198 / 3.5 Build 4216 Beta 7 (GPL)
A free and open source Graphical User Interface for OpenVPN that offers quick and easy control of the OpenVPN client and server connections

Remote Desktop Manager Enterprise Edition (Trial)
A powerful and straightforward application that enables you to manage all your remote connections, account credentials and other info within a user-friendly interface

Latest News.

Debian 8.0 "Jessie" RC1 Is Here, Test Away
The Debian Installer Team announced that Debian 8.0 "Jessie" Installer RC1 is now available for download and testing. This latest version has landed with a ton of fixes and improvements, but it looks like users will have to wait a little bit more for the stable version. Before getting all excited about this release, you have to keep in mind that this is actually the installer. This is the first one to get released and it can help users and developers better test the latest changes made to the...

Woman Gets Bag Full of Cash Instead of Burger King Chicken Sandwich
Chicken sandwiches are pretty darn mouthwatering, but if we're going to be honest here, we have to admit that most people would take a bag full of cash over one such culinary delight anywhere, anytime. The thing is that Janelle Jones, a young woman now living in the city of Rochester in New York, US, is not like most people. Hence her decision to return a whole lot of cash that a Burger King employee handed her instead of her food order. That awkward moment when you order food and get cash ...

This Is How Ninja Theory Is Crafting the Combat System in Hellblade – Video
Ninja Theory has released a video showing an in-house combat review meeting for the upcoming action-adventure video game Hellblade. The video shows the developers sitting at a round table and discussing various concepts while trying out a prototype, and even features the combat designer from DmC: Devil May Cry, even though she's not part of the actual team. The video shows off the split-screen view used for testing purposes, and you can see the devs talking about all kinds of possible upcomi...

Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Gets Qi Wireless Charging via Cover Accessories
There aren’t a great deal of smartphones out here that offer the perks of wireless charging, but luckily for Samsung fans, their favorite company offers them that option. Sammy gives customers the option of purchasing a replacement cover that swiftly adds Qi charging capabilities. Now the company has made available a standard back and an S-View Flip Cover-style accessory for its Galaxy Note 4 phablet which lets you do away with wires. The first option comes in the form of a Qi charging back...

First iPhone 6S Rumor Confirmed – Samsung to Make the A9 Chips
South Korea's main business newspaper reports today that Samsung Electronics will be the main SoC (system on a chip) supplier for Apple’s upcoming iPhone, collectively named by the media "iPhone 6S." Citing unnamed sources in the semiconductor industry, Maeil Business Newspaper said that Samsung would be the key supplier of processors destined to power the new iPhone, having scored a massive 75% order from Apple. Earlier reports revealed a similar scenario, with DigiTimes saying something al...

How to Disable Cortana in Windows 10 Build 9926
Microsoft introduced Cortana in Windows 10 build 9926, but it's no secret that some users still find it odd to talk to their computers, no matter if there's a personal assistant or not. As a result, many people actually want to disable Cortana in Windows 10 build 9926, and although it might sound really cool to have a personal assistant on the desktop, it appears that, for the moment, the operating system becomes a bit slow because of this new feature. Right now, disabling “Hey Cortana” or C...

Radeon R9 290X with 8 GB Memory Launched by Sapphire
Overclocked graphics cards are the name of the game immediately after every new video board release, but today we aren't looking at yet another NVIDIA GeForce GTX 960. Instead, the AMD crowd is retaliating, so to speak. Perhaps that is not altogether appropriate to say, since the board that Sapphire has just released is in no way meant to compete with NVIDIA's newest Maxwell model. Which is not to mean that it is weaker. Quite the opposite, Sapphire has launched one of the best single-GPU ca...

Incoming 2015 – Football Manager 2016
Our Incoming 2015 series focuses on the most important game launches of the next 12 months and next up we talk about Football Manager 2016. What we know Football Manager 2016 is as sure to arrive around the start of November as FIFA is to be deployed in September of this year, a chance for the football fans to move away from direct control of the players in order to focus more on the tactical element of the sport, taking on the role of manager in order to guide their favorite club towards vic...

Sony Files for “Resistance” Trademark in Europe
It looks like Sony wants to make sure that it continues to own the Resistance trademark for future games. The Japanese company filed for the said trademark in Europe on January 26, but it’s a bit early to make any assumptions yet. As NeoGAF forum member Rösti points out, the original trademark for Resistance: Fall of Man will expire on March 8, 2016, so there was still time to renew it, but Sony decided to do it this year. The application is for “computer game software, computer software for...

Samsung’s Portfolio Downsizing Strategy Seems to Be Bogus, Here’s Why
In late 2014 Samsung was heard saying that it was looking to downsize its impressive smartphone portfolio with 25% to 30% models in 2015. That being said, the Korean tech giant was expected to start cutting models from its hard-to-get-excited and meh low-to-mid range categories, but it’s now becoming apparent that old habits tend to die hard. A few months back Samsung was said to be discontinuing its first smartphone coming with a metal frame, the Galaxy Alpha and focus more on affordability...