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Latest Mac Software.

TeXMaker 4.4.1
A free, open-source and cross-platform LaTeX editor that provides the necessary tools and features to load, edit and create documents

Tidy Up! 4.0.1 Build 7
A complex duplicate finder solution for Mac OS X that is able to analyze various types of files, such as images, music, applications, and more.

Perfect Photo Suite Basic 9.0.1
Comprehensive photo editing solution for Mac OS X that enables you to apply various effects to your images and deal with common issues

Perfect Photo Suite Premium Edition 9.0.1
Professional tool to solve common digital photography problems

Sonoris DDP Player
A standalone cross-platform application that imports DDP 2.00 images and Cue Sheet (cue) files

BitNami LimeSurvey 20141126-0
Simplifies the deployment of LimeSurvey and its required dependencies

BitNami ResourceSpace 6.4-1
Installer for the ResourceSpace web-based and open-source digital asset management system

Chromatic 0.2.4
An easy way to install or to update Chromium

Wunderlist 3.1.1
A user-friendly and flexible task management app for your Mac that enables you to quickly and easily organize your thoughts and set due dates

Provides a collection of Java based tools that will help you draw, visualize and analyze different chemical substances and reactions

Helicon Remote 3.4.10
A powerful utility that automates focus/exposure bracketing and changes focus distance by moving the lens with regular steps and taking shots.

npm 2.1.9 / 2.1.11 Pre
Free and open source package manager for Node

UEFITool 0.19.4
A lightweight and simple-to-use cross-platform application that allows users to load, inspect and edit various types of BIOS image files

Cytoscape 3.2.0
Open source bioinformatics software platform for visualizing molecular interaction networks and biological pathways from within a user-friendly interface

iTunes Volume Control 1.5
Application to change the iTunes volume

pythonz 1.6.1
CLI based Python installation manager

SoundCleod 0.15
A free app that makes your life a little easier by allowing you to access Soundcloud directly from the desktop without needing a browser

ArangoDB 2.3.0
A reliable and lightweight NoSQL database that uses the power of modern storage hardware.

Datadog 5.1.0
An easy-to-use and platform independent solution for collecting data from your servers, clouds, metrics, services and applications

SIP Inspector 3.24
Free and open source utility that will simulate SIP messages and scenarios

Latest News.

Total War: Attila Video Reveals Family Tree, Political and Diplomatic Options
The development team at The Creative Assembly is done with the faction reveals for the upcoming Total War: Attila and a new video linked to the strategy title shows how the studio plans to expand the political and the diplomatic systems that gamers will be able to use as they plan their conquests. The first major addition when compared to Rome II is the family tree, which is designed to allow gamers to track how the family is expanding its influence and to prepare for future moves while getti...

FIFA Helps Make Football Popular in the United States, Claims EA Sports
For a long time the consensus was that classic football (or as they used to call it there: soccer) would never become popular in the United States because the sport lacked enough interesting moments and the sheer physical elements associated with American football, the most popular sport in the country. But it seems that the performance of the national team and the increasing adoption of the FIFA series created by EA Sports is making football more popular than ever and 2014 marked the moment ...

Official Game Boy App for iPhone – Nintendo Wants One, and They Plan to Make It
Japanese game gear maker Nintendo has just filed an invention with the United States Patent and Trademark Office to devise an official “software emulator” to put Game Boy titles on iOS platforms. It’s not uncommon for tech companies to file these patents, and most of them really never see the light of day, but this one just might. If the demand for a Game Boy emulator is any indication, everyone stands to win: Nintendo, Apple, and most of all, the customer. This finding comes via NeoGAF. “Hi...

Fork Debian Project Announces the Systemd-less OS Devuan
A group of unknown developers have proposed a while ago to fork Debian in an effort to create a parallel project that would go on without Systemd. It seemed ridiculous at the time and many have though that it was just a just some kind of pressure, but it looks like the project is real enough. When Debian adopted systemd a part of the community was not happy. It's been months since that decision was reached and discussions about it are still happening. Debian is a Linux distribution used as a...

HitmanPro Review – Efficient Cloud-Assisted Virus Remover
Virus removal tools may not come equipped with a real-time guard to protect computers from incoming threats, but they're great for those critical scenarios when the system is crawling with viruses, Trojans, worms, spyware, adware, and other dangerous items. In our software travels we came across HitmanPro, an attractive and simple-to-use program made to find and eliminate malicious files. It does not integrate a real-time guard, but it can be used as a second line of defense against malware. ...

The McMass Project: A McDonald's Could Soon Open in a Church Near You
Keep the fingers on one of your hands crossed and use the ones on the other to dig deep in your pockets and, soon enough, you might just be blessed with having a McDonald's restaurant open in a church near you. Thus, a group of entrepreneurs are now trying to raise $1 million (€0.8 million) to buy a McDonald's franchise and open a fast food restaurant in a church either in New Jersey or in Philadelphia, US. These guys' fundraising campaign launched on Indiegogo about a week and a half ago, o...

Black Friday Deal: LG G Watch for Just $100 / €100
Normally, the LG G Watch has a price of $229 / €229, which puts it on more or less even ground with many of the other smartwatches out there. Now, though, it's Black Friday, the day following Thanksgiving in the United States of America. The day when pretty much every shop in the US runs a major sale, with pretty much everything sold for a lot less than usual. Black Friday has actually been spreading outside the US as well, all the way to Central Europe and farther. That means that many peop...

“Star Wars: The Force Awakens” First Trailer Is Here – Video
Unless you’re from the US and you’re heading out to the movies this weekend, there’s no other way for you to see the brand new, first teaser trailer for “Star Wars: The Force Awakens” than online. Disney released it on iTunes some minutes ago, and as expected, it made its way on YouTube as well. You can see it in full and in HD below. If you were thinking that this would be one of those lame teasers where you get very little footage but lots of booming music, like I did, fear not because thi...

Calibre Is Now Better Equipped to Edit eBooks, New Version Is Out
Calibre, a complete application to edit, view, and convert eBook files, has been updated to version 2.12 and the developer has added a number of very interesting new features. The previous Calibre iteration concentrated on a single major change, but the current one comes with a wealth of modifications. It's nothing out of the ordinary, but the Editing function from Calibre seems to be the target of some of the most important improvements. This is a very complex application and it has hundred...

Turn a Normal Scooter into a Snow Scooter with 3D Printed Shoes
Sleds are fun and all in the winter, but sometimes they break and other times they're just not exciting enough anymore. For people who are in either situation, a man by the name of Steve Wood has an alternative. Scooters are one of the most common toys that also double as means of transportation. Many kids have them. Unfortunately, they can't be used in the winter. Steve Wood's kid ended up with a broken sled a couple of years ago. Now he could have bought another one, but he decided to be m...