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WebKit R171319
A powerful, open source web browser engine that can be used by developers to easily design and build native and cross-platform browsers.

Phing 2.8.2
Project build system based on Apache Ant

Folio Builder Panel for InDesign 31.0.1
Publish with an existing custom viewer that cannot be updated

DPS Desktop Tools for InDesign 31.0.1
A handy .folio authoring toolset that enables users to create and preview .folio files from within the Adobe InDesign CS6 or CC application

Typesafe Activator 1.2.3 Dev
Get started with the Typesafe Platform, Akka, Scala and the Play Framework

Cloud Printer 2.0.1
A small Mac OS X application designed to offers you the possibility to quickly send print jobs to any printer that is associated to your Google account.

Mental Case 2.6.2
A sleek and user-oriented application specially designed to help you learn and remember important information using multimedia flashcards

AirFile 2.5
A reliable and straightforward Mac OS X application that enables you to easily access multiple cloud accounts from a single place

Siralim 1.0.10
Choose your side, make the right calls and prove your gaming skills in this engaging turn-based Role-Play-Game that takes you to a world filled with dangerous creatures

Heredis 3.3.1
A Mac OS X application which enables you to create family trees, manage genealogical data and search your database using a powerful search wizard

Android Studio 0.8.0 Beta / 0.8.3 Dev
A free Android development environment for your Mac

Wing IDE Personal 5.0.8-1
An fully-featured Integrated Development Environment designed for the Python programming language that enables developers to write, edit and fix code

CourseNotes 5.0.1
Take notes in class on your Mac or iOS device and then quickly organize them by subject via a simple, clean and user-friendly application.

Robot Operating System 1.11.3
Ultra-portable robot programming system

iTube 2.0
A Mac OS X application that offers you the possibility to watch YouTube videos in a separate window and stay focused on other tasks.

Metadatics 1.4.5
Versatile metadata editor and song manager for your Mac that enables you to batch edit the metadata of your audio tracks with just a few mouse clicks

GeneralLedger 1.0.5
A handy and practical application that enables you to quickly and effortlessly manage your money, accounts and transactions from within a user-friendly interface

isort 3.8.3
A handy and practical Python utility and library designed to help you sort your phyton imports alphabetically and separate them into sections

Smart Scroll 3.9.13 / 4.0 Beta 8
Unobtrusive status bar menu application for the Mac OS X that provides support for smoother, faster and more efficient scrolling.

Day One Export 0.8.1
A free, open-source and easy-to-use Python script specially designed to help you export Day One Journal entries to various text-based files

Latest News.

Unimpressed Lizard Is Everyone's New Favorite Meme
Move over, Grumpy Cat! The time has come for a teeny tiny lizard that looks perpetually bored to tears by everything and everyone to rise to fame on the Internet. The photo above made it online just yesterday, when it was shared with the world by an Internaut who identifies himself as ehar101. It has since been viewed and shared millions of times. In fact, folks appear to have taken such a liking to this surprisingly small creature that, according to BuzzFeed, the lizard can now be argued ...

iTime - the New Patented Apple watch
Apple has not said a word about a new iWatch. However, they have received a new patent confirmation for a new wristwatch- like device, called iTime. Apple's patent is wider than a wristwatch and it can be a new kind of iPod nano or an electronic wristband. According to the iTime will use additional electrical circuitry or devices provided within the electronic wristband to augment its capabilities. Also, the device would have a central portion that can receive elect...

Watch: Ultimate Proof That Cats Are Jerks
First off, I would very much like to stress that I am not a cat hater. I very much like these furry creatures, and even share a house with one myself. It's precisely because I am all too aware of what life with a cat is like that I can honestly say that, as adorable as these felines might be, they do tend to act like jerks most of the time. Then again, chances are this is precisely why some people (those more masochistic of us, to be more precise) love and adore them, and could not imagine lif...

Nokia Lumia 530 Emerges at Online Retailer in Vietnam
One of the smartphones rumored to arrive on the market with the Windows Phone 8.1 operating system loaded on top before the end of this year is the Nokia Lumia 530, and the device has just made an appearance at a retailer in Vietnam, it seems. Lumia 530 was spotted on the website of online shop Mainguyen, which previously outed other smartphones just before they were made official. This suggests that it might not be too long before the phone is formally introduced. The yet unannounced ...

54-Foot (16.45-Meter) Duck Disappears Without a Trace in China
Just a few days ago, China lost a world-famous ginormous inflated duck, and for some reason, quite a lot of people were deeply saddened when this piece of news hit the online community.The duck, a photo of which is available above, was last seen working its way down the country's Nanming River towards the end of last week. At that time, it appeared safe and sound. However, the oversized yellow creature soon disappeared from sight, and folks in China have no idea where it might be or what it mi...

Apple sold a Record Number of iPhone and Macs in the Past 3 Months
A little bit shorter than other times, Apple's Q3 financial results  conference Call has given us some more insight in the way the Cupertino-based company works. Also, Tim Cook and Luca Maestri went over the numbers for the past 3 months.Tim Cook explained the new stuff that was presented at the 2014 WWDC edition and then he went on detailing the Q3 Financial Results.  He revealed that the company sold 35.2 million iPhones and that is 12.7 percent more than in Q3 of 2013. When i...

Wall Street Journal System Breach Revealed in Hacker Tweets
A screen grab of a database stolen from the systems of Wall Street Journal, has been published on Twitter by a hacker that has been previously involved in similar incidents affecting other news publications. The hacker, posting on the micro-blogging platform under the handle “w0rm” (@rev_priv8), showed the image as proof of the nefarious deed, which seems to have provided access to user credentials. In a subsequent tweet, the hacker offered to sell it to anyone who would send a s...

Apple's Q3 Financial Results Beat the analysts Expectations
Apple beat the analysts predictions for the last quarter of 2013. In a press release published by the Cupertino, California - based Tech giant, they announce the financial results and sales numbers for the most important devices.  As expected by some analysts, Apple went up with their financial results. The quarterly revenue reached $37.4 billion and the quarterly net profit was at $7.7 billion, or $1.28 per diluted share. If one compares these results with last year's, everything we...

Satya Nadella vs. Steve Ballmer: How the New Microsoft CEO Is Winning Respect
Satya Nadella is the new man in charge of Microsoft, the Redmond-based tech giant that’s getting through a major transportation process supposed to push it from the world of software to an evolved approach that also comprises cloud services and hardware products. As compared to his predecessors, Nadella has a completely different strategy when it comes to listening to company employees, and a Microsoft executive has revealed his approach in a recent interview with Bloomberg. Jeff Teper...

Newly Discovered Exoplanet Takes 704 Days to Circle Its Star
This past July 21, astronomers with the Harvard-Smithsonian Center of Astrophysics announced the discovery of a previously unknown exoplanet. The celestial body was discovered using NASA's Kepler spacecraft, hence the fact that it is now known as Kepler-421b. In a press release detailing the find, scientists explain that, according to data at hand, this exoplanet sits at a distance of about 1,000 light-years from Earth, in the direction of the constellation Lyra. Size-wise, Kepler-421b is simi...