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Latest Mac Software.

Able2Extract PDF Converter 8.0.46
Converts PDF to various popular formats

Bowtie 2.2.4
Ultra fast memory-efficient short read aligner

BitNami MAMP Stack 5.4.34-0 / 5.5.17-0 Dev / 5.6.0-0 Dev
Easy to install software platform that greatly simplifies the deployment of Open Source web stacks.

Bitnami MAPP Stack 5.4.34-0 / 5.5.17-0 Dev / 5.6.0-0 Dev
Software platform that greatly simplifies the deployment of Apache, PostgreSQL and PHP on OS X

MacLoggerDX 5.55 / 5.56 Beta 13
Streamlined and powerful OS X application designed to help you organize and instantly tune into any DX Cluster for both contests and casual talk

xTeam 4.0.9
An application that allows you to optimize as well as keep track of your staff's daily schedule on a Macintosh computer.

SizzlingKeys 5.1.4
Unique and unobtrusive OS X iTunes controller that makes it very fast to choose how to use iTunes for the possible best results.

MacBooster 2.1.2 Build 10435
A very simple yet powerful application that makes it very easy to clean and optimize your Mac and to protect your privacy and security while online

DocsFlow 2.3.1
Connects InDesign to Google Docs for collaboration

Adobe AIR SDK / Beta
Adobe vetted software toolkit designed to provide all utilities needed by developers to design, build, and deploy Adobe AIR applications.

Indigo 6.0.18
User-oriented and intuitive OS X home automation serve and client designed to help you control and secure your home using Z-Wave, INSTEON and X10 compatible devices

Adobe Flash Player Debugger / Beta
A debugging utility that can run as a standalone application on your Mac OS X computer and enables you to test the content of Adobe Flash Player projects.

iPod.iTunes 4.9.34
A reliable and straightforward Mac OS X software solution for transferring media files from your iDevice to your iTunes library with a few clicks

WebKit R175131
A powerful, open source web browser engine that can be used by developers to easily design and build native and cross-platform browsers.

Duplicate Zapper 1.0.4
A stylish Mac app designed to scan multiple disk locations in order to detect duplicate files and folders and help you remove them from your system.

Twixl Publisher 3.6.3 Build 13866 / 3.7 Build 13867 Beta 2
Helps you create interactive digital designs for tablets

Epic Privacy Browser 2456
A user-friendly and secure Internet browser dedicated to protect your privacy by blocking tracking scripts, advertisements and by clearing all your browsing data

FlipClock 2.0
Simple flip clock for your Dashboard

Together 3.3.1
Keep your stuff in one place and find it again

ownCloud 1.6.4 / 1.7.0 Beta 4
Straightforward and no-frills desktop application designed to help you connect to your ownCloudserver and easily sync any file or folder

Latest News.

How Sea Shepherd Volunteers Helped Save 3,600 Baby Turtles
Marine conservation organization Sea Shepherd is pleased to announce that, thanks to volunteers working closely with this environmental group, thousands of baby hawksbill sea turtles were given a fighting chance at life at sea. Thus, the organization says that, during this year's nesting season, some 150 volunteers worked together to keep turtle moms and their nests on the Caribbean island of Utila safe from poachers. It is estimated that, simply by patrolling beaches, these volunteers prote...

This Russian Nightclub Used to Be a Public Transportation Bus – Photos
Let's face it, traveling by bus is nobody's idea of having a good time. There's a lot of pushing and even swearing going on, and people are anything but nice and friendly. Not to mention the fact that some of them could sure use a shower. Still, it looks like a group of Russian entrepreneurs can be credited with achieving the impossible: making the idea of taking the bus sound like a really cool and fun thing to do. Not to beat about the bush, these Russian entrepreneurs joined hands and end...

These Are This Year's Most Ridiculous Excuses for Calling In Sick
If we're gonna be honest here, it must be said that there are very few people in this world who actually enjoy getting up, getting dressed and hauling their behind to the office five days a week. Most of us would much rather stay in bed, watch good bad TV and eat chips. Still, since doing so isn't really an option for the majority of employees worldwide, we more often than not go work regardless of how much we might want to do something else. The good news is that there are some rebellious s...

Benedict Cumberbatch Confirms He Will Appear in “Star Wars: Episode VII”
Remember when Benedict Cumberbatch positively, absolutely and undeniably claimed that he wasn't taking part in the latest Star Wars movie? The actor seemed pretty adamant at the time, but now he's backtracking. During a recent taping of the Graham Norton Show, the British actor confessed that he was sort of involved in the movie and that he had already been on the set. Benedict was there to promote his latest film, “The Imitation Game,” and he also made a startling confession. “I went to the...

Neptune OS 4.2 Features a Refreshing KDE Desktop – Gallery
Neptune OS, a Linux operating system fully based upon Debian "Wheezy," is now at version 4.2 and it comes with an impressive array of changes and modifications, improving the original release a great deal. ZevenOS-Neptune 4.x branch is called "It's all about you" and it was initially made available back in June. This is the second update for the distribution and the devs have refined some of the features and have added some new packages into the mix. The system is based on KDE, but don't exp...

EndWeekGame: October 24
Andrei Dumitrescu: This week I have been mostly playing the new South Park-themed table for Zen Pinball, enjoying once more some very solid mechanics and accurate use of the theme, trying to constantly improve my scores while also discovering more of what the new content has to offer in terms of mechanics. Pinball is very interesting on a console because there’s no need to constantly feed quarters into the game, which both creates a more relaxed atmosphere for the player and seems to take a l...

J K Rowling Wrote a New Harry Potter Story, It Will Be Revealed on Halloween
J K Rowling has confirmed that she has completed a brand new story in the Harry Potter universe, one that deals with the Ministry Undersecretary and one-time Hogwarts Headmistress, Dolores Umbridge. The story has not yet been revealed, but it is going to be published on the official website, Pottermore, on Halloween. The new story is going to be a “special Halloween treat for Harry Potter fans,” according to a statement on Pottermore, “Umbridge is not only one of the most malicious Potter cha...

Malware Dropper Dofoil Is Most Prevalent in Malicious Emails of September
Spam messages are often used by cybercriminals to deliver malware to the potential victim, either by attaching the malicious piece or by providing a link to its download, and Dofoil, a malware downloader tool, seems to have been a very popular choice in September in fraudulent emails. After compiling telemetry data into a more human comprehensible form, researchers at Kaspersky determined that in September less spam was sent out compared to the previous month. However, don’t hold your breath ...

Learning to Live with Windows Phone: Choosing the Perfect Device
If you’ve read my journal before, you probably know that I come from a world full of BlackBerries which no longer make sense in a modern lifestyle, not necessarily because they’re bad devices, but mostly because the improvements their manufacturer makes are years behind what you can find right now on rivaling platforms. A few weeks ago, I decided to switch from BlackBerry to Windows Phone and since I wanted the best I could have, the Lumia 1520 was pretty much the obvious choice. There’s no ...

Three-Month Database of Customer Payment Info Leaked at
The American Soccer Company, owner of, announced that their systems have been compromised as a result of a data breach incident and credit and debit card data has been accessed without authorization. The unfortunate event was detected by the company on October 21, and following an investigation, it was discovered that the intrusion occurred on September 4. However, it appears that the hackers were able to access card information collected from June 1 until September 4, from cu...