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Latest Mac Software.

Open With Photoshop 36.0 (GPL)
Firefox add-on that lets you easily open an image with Photoshop

ImTranslator 8.10 (Ad-supported)
A powerful and practical Firefox add-on that helps you translate text from one language to another with just a few keystrokes or mouse clicks

EverSync 6.0.1 (Mozilla Public License)
A Firefox / Chrome add-on to sync tabs between several computers or browsers

NASA Night Launch 0.6.20150330 (Donationware)
A Firefox dark theme inspired by STS-116 launch

SampleTank 3.5 (Trial)
The ultimate sample workstation

CrX4 4.0.4 (Demo)
A unique tool that mixes up your samples in realtime

MacX Free DVD to iPad Ripper 4.1.4 (Freeware)
Convert both normal DVD and encrypted DVDs to iPad supported formats.

RescuePRO Deluxe (Demo)
Recovers images, movies and sound files

RescuePRO (Demo)
Recovery solution for digital media

Alcatraz 1.1.1 (MIT License)
Xcode plugin manager and installer

csvkit 0.9.1 Beta (MIT License)
Open source collection of utilities for working with CSV, the king of tabular file formats

MonoDevelop (GPL)
Free and very simple to use IDE primarily designed for C# and other .NET languages, although it is also open to any kind of language

Magarena 1.60 (GPL)
A cross-platform Java-based fantasy card strategy game that enables you to play against computer opponents and featuring nice graphics

Foldit 20150330 (Freeware)
Solve puzzles for science

Chromium 43.0.2353.0 (BSD)
A cross-platform and open source web browser project that aims to build a safer, faster, and more stable way to experience the Internet

Ximagic GrayDither 3.9.3 (Trial)
A Photoshop plug-in designed to reduce color/grayscale images.

Ximagic ColorDither 3.9.3 (Trial)
A Photoshop plug-in designed to reduce color/grayscale images.

tXtFL 3.8.2 / 3.99.4 Beta (Freeware)
A easy to play, free and open source strategy-based football simulation tool that allows you to easily simulate and track football results.

Dungeon Crawl Stone Soup 0.16.1 (GPL)
Fun, free and open source tactical game about exploration, treasure-hunting in dungeons and monster fighting, all with an old-school 2D view

ArabicXT 10.0 R3 (Demo)
A great QuarkXPress extension that provides Arabic support.

Latest News.

Antivirus Live CD 12.0 Has Been Released, Promises to Protect Computers Against Viruses
Zbigniew Konojacki, the creator of the 4MLinux series of distributions, has announced recently the immediate availability for download of Antivirus Live CD 12.0, an open source distribution that provides users with a live Linux computing environment built around the popular ClamAV (Clam AntiVirus) virus scanner. The latest Antivirus Live CD 12.0 release is now based on the r...

Git 2.3.5 Out Now, Includes A Great Number of Improvements
The Git 2.3 software, one of the most popular distributed revision control systems in the world, got a new maintenance release, version 2.3.5. This point release introduces a great number of improvements and fixes major bugs that have been discovered since Git 2.3.4, which was announced on March 24, 2015. According to the changelog,...

Simplicity Linux 15.4 Beta Is Now Based on LXPup, Includes the Latest Tor Browser
The Simplicity Linux development team, through David Purse, had the pleasure of announcing the immediate availability for download and testing of the Beta version of the upcoming Simplicity Linux 15.4 computer operating system. Simplicity Linux aims to be a small, fast, and versatile Linux distro based on Puppy Linux. The n...

Pillars of Eternity Diary - Classes, Races, Backgrounds and Stats
Pillars of Eternity starts, as any successor to Baldur's Gate worth its salt, with a character creation system and my advice to any gamer who get the new title from Obsidian is to spend at least a half hour perusing its options, clicking next and back alternatively, before making the final choices for their protagonist. The first obstacle players will face is represented by races, some of which are familiar and some of which are entirely new, linked to the history of the un...

Mozilla Thunderbird 31.6.0 Is Now Available for Download, Thunderbird 38.0 Pushed to Beta Channel
Immediately after releasing the final version of the Mozilla Firefox 37.0 web browser, which brings native HTML5 playback on YouTube, Mozilla has also released a new maintenance version of its acclaimed Mozilla Thunderbird email, news, and chat software. Mozilla Thunderbird...

Compromised WordPress Sites Lead to Drive-By Attack on Pirate Bay Clone
Several websites running WordPress have been injected with malicious code redirecting visitors to a fake Pirate Bay website that exposes to drive-by attacks aimed at delivering a banking Trojan. The iframe on the compromised sites does not look suspicious to the user but it contains obfuscated string that points to thepiratebay[.]in[.]ua, a clone of the famous torrent site, where another iframe leads to Nuclear Exploit Kit (EK). Payload is is not widely known to ...

Super Smash Bros. Gets Mewtwo on April 28, Lucas Incoming in June
The team at Nintendo in charge of Super Smash Bros. announces that it is planning to launch the first piece of downloadable content for the title, which will introduce Mewtwo, on April 28 on the Wii U. Gamers who have registered their title before the end of March will be able to get a free code before the middle of the month so that they can download it for free. A patch is also being planned for Super Smash Bros. and it will introduce a range of new costumes for free f...

Microsoft Lumia RM-1141 Gets Certified, Release Seems Imminent
Microsoft Lumia RM-1141 is a thing that we reported on a few times in the past. The smartphone hasn't been released on the market yet, but the Redmond-based company may soon unveil this affordable smartphone. We've already gotten accustomed with Microsoft's entry-level and mid-range Windows Phone handsets, and Lumia RM-1141 is no exception. The smartphone has been spotted at Zauba less than a month ago and among the specs mentioned in the listing there was a 4-inch displ...

Xiaomi Mi4 Running Windows 10 for Phones Technical Preview Caught on Video
Microsoft announced last month it has a nice surprise for Xiaomi fans who own the Mi4 and wish to try out its new Windows 10 for Phones operating system. Even though Xiaomi came forward a few days after Microsoft announcement and confirmed that there's no partnership with the Redmond-based company, we know for sure that some Mi4 users will be getting a special Windows Phone ROM. The Chinese company allowed Microsoft to use its forums to provide Xiaomi Mi4 fans of Windows...

CyanogenMod 12 OS Update for OnePlus One Gets Delayed
The last week of March should have been great for OnePlus One owners, as the Chinese company announced its flagship smartphone will receive OxygenOS and CyanogenMod 12 updates during that time. Unfortunately, OnePlus One owners have moved from ecstasy to agony in the course of less than week. First, those with OnePlus One smartphones powered by OxygenOS have been informed that their promised update has been delayed. “The ROM is fully functional and we have quite a few pe...