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nomacs 2.4.2 (GPL)
Free, small and fast image viewer capable of handling the most common image file formats and will also enable you to compare them

SerialMailer 7.8 (Demo)
Full-featured e-mail delivery solution that provides the tools to send personalized, automated emails to your entire address book

NuoDB (Demo)
Designed to provide support for cloud databases and has been developed on an architecture that can work with SQL and ACID guarantees.

Artboard 1.9.7 (Trial)
A very easy to use, direct vector drawing software that gives you quick access to multiple tools for creating your own illustrations and graphics

Core Animator 1.0.1 Build 2716 (Shareware)
Design animations that can be easily implemented into iOS or OS X apps with the help of this easy to use yet powerful animation generator

WireframeSketcher Studio 4.4.3 (Demo)
Powerful and very intuitive cross-platform utility that makes it very simple and quick to design your own UI prototypes and screen mockups in no time

Makagiga 5.2 / 5.3 Beta (Apache)
A free and open source RSS reader and todo manager that will make your life easier by enabling you to keep track of your tasks with the help of lists and alarms

Poker Copilot 5.11 Build 2058 (Trial)
A powerful and useful application that enables you to improve your poker game with the help of easy-to-interpret data and statistics

Artlantis Render (Trial)
Create realistic 3D renderings via a very powerful and precise OS X application that allows you to preview the adjustments in real time.

Mac Game Store 3.2.1 Build 5051 (Freeware)
Provides you with quick access to all the OS X games titles that are available through the Mac Game Store website, and makes it simple to download and buy them with a simple mouse click

Fusion 360 1.4.2 (Trial)
A fully-featured, advanced and user-oriented 3D CAD and CAM application specially developed for engineers, as well as designers.

MicroEmulator 2.0.4 (GPL)
Test your J2ME MIDlets via this simple yet powerful Java 2 Micro Edition (J2ME) emulator that can deal with the CLDC and MIDP standards.

SimBooster Pro 1.5.1 Build 22 (Trial)
Streamlined and user friendly software solution designed to help you improve your Mac's performance by removing unwanted and junk files.

Keep Drive Spinning 2.0.1 (Freeware)
A minimalist AppleScript that offers you the possibility to make sure any of your drives remains awake at all times, while others are allowed to go to sleep.

Bleep 0.1.448 Alpha (Freeware)
A lightweight, user-oriented and secure chat application that makes it easy for you to instantly exchange private messages with your contacts

Find Any File 1.8.8 / 1.8.9 Beta 10 (Shareware)
A small yet very powerful search tool that enables you to perform searches on local disks or network volumes, by applying multiple filters.

Andy v43 (Freeware)
Install and run all your favorite applications from Google's Play Store with the help of this slick and comprehensive Android emulator

EOS Utility Updater 2.14.10b (Updater)
An easy to install software collection designed to update to the latest version the applications included in the EOS Utility collection developed by Canon.

Kmttg 1.1j (GPL)
A lightweight and practical Java based app that enables you to download and create pyTivo metadata, and re-encode multiple shows from your TiVos devices

PlayOnMac 4.2.6 (Freeware)
User friendly Mac OS X app designed to help you install and run Windows games or utilities by using the Wine compatibility layer software.

Latest News.

Mad Max from Avalanche Studios Confirmed for Linux
Mad Max, a game developed by Avalanche Studios that follows the release of the movie with the same name, will arrive on Steam for Linux on September 4, 2015. The name of the studio, Avalanche Studios might seem familiar especially if you ever played the famous Just Cause series. They are masters of open world games and a Mad Max title will fit like a glove. The game is published by Warner Bros. Home Entertainment Group, which would make this the first title for Linux from t...

Companies Are Hiring Linux Talents, Says The Linux Foundation
Companies are always looking for Linux talents and 2015 is following the same rising trend. The Linux job market is now opened to people who have Linux in their background more than ever, so this is a good time to get some form of training in this regard. People who speak Linux always had an edge in the job market and the fact that the hardware and software business is growing exponentially only means that more people with this kind of skills are needed. Proof of that is th...

Justin Bieber Gets Manhandled by Jeffrey Ross in New Comedy Central Roast Teaser - Video
Justin Bieber is getting roasted on Comedy Central on March 30, and he’s doing his part to show he’s on board with whatever writers, comedians and celebrities have coming at him. The latest teaser for the Roast, embedded below, confirms that. This is the second ad so far, but it’s the most uncomfortable Bieber has ever been in front of a camera. Of course, the awkwardness is intentional, and the funnier for it. Starring with The Biebs in the ad is also Jeffrey Ross, one o...

Europe’s Hotspots May Be More Secure than US or Asia’s
An experiment conducted in nine large cities of the world revealed that the security of the hotspots in Europe is stronger than for those in the US and Asia. The research relies on data collected in Chicago, New York, San Francisco, Berlin, Barcelona, London, Taipei, Hong Kong and Seoul. Carried out by antivirus company Avast, it consisted in a volunteer walking through the metropolis carrying a laptop equipped with a WiFi adapter working in monitor mode. This way, it co...

Sid Meier's Starships Video Shows How the Game Plays on iPad
Sid Meier's Starships is coming to PC, Mac and iPad on March 12, offering fans of the 4X genre a brand-new science fiction strategy game to enjoy. Firaxis' latest Civilization games have a ton of eye candy, but are also a bit taxing on the rig you're running them on. Pete Murray and Lead Producer Stuart Zissu decided to show off how the iPad version of the game works, also providing some insightful commentary on the various in-game systems. The game came pretty much out ...

Warhammer: End Time Vermintide Gets First Gameplay Trailer
Developer Fatshark has released a brand new video teaser for the upcoming Warhammer: End Times Vermintide, showing us a glimpse of the action in the game. Vermintide is a cooperative first-person shooter in which players fight against hordes of Skaven, terrifying rat-men. The newly released video shows the game in action for the first time since its announcement last month, offering us a dynamic look at how the conflict will go down. The footage highlights the streets...

Neurons Grown from Skin Cells Used to Reduce Parkinson’s Symptoms
In a recent study in the journal Cell Stem Cell, Harvard University scientists describe the use of neurons grown from skin cells in laboratory conditions to reduce Parkinson’s-like symptoms in primates. The researchers argue that, given the success of these experiments, it could be that, soon enough, doctors will be able to use neurons grown from their own skin cells to treat Parkinson’s in human patients. How the experiments on primates played out Wr...

First Look at Joseph Gordon-Levitt in Oliver Stone’s “Snowden” - Photo
“Citizenfour” picked up Best Documentary Feature at the Oscars 2015 last month, but chances are you haven’t seen it yet, unless you have a keen interest in the story of the most famous whistleblower in history, NSA’s Edward Snowden. A fictionalized story about Snowden’s life and his decision to go public with NSA documents is also in the works, with famed director Oliver Stone at the helm. This won’t be a big Hollywood production, but it has plenty of solid actors on board,...

Free Observer Mode Coming to Evolve Soon
Turtle Rock Studios confirms that it's going to unleash a free update for Evolve, its recently released first-person shooter, that brings forth an Observer Mode to make spectating and shoutcasting games easy and simple for all fans to enjoy. Evolve launched back in February and finally presented its ambitious multiplayer shooter action for the world to enjoy on PC, PS4, or Xbox One. However, while the game is an online one, it was quite hard for others to spectate matches o...

Jeff Goldblum, Liam Hemsworth Confirmed for “Independence Day 2”
20th Century Fox set the release date for a highly anticipated “Independence Day 2” for July 4, 2016, 20 years after the original blockbuster. This happened in November last year, and progress on the sequel has been relatively slow, especially given the buzz around it. However, Fox managed to get everything in order, so we start today with a piece of potentially awesome news: “Independence Day 2” is going full steam ahead, with Jeff Goldblum and Liam Hemsworth c...