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AppCode 2016.2.3 Build 162.2380.5 / 2016.3 Build 163.6957.25 EAP (Trial)
Powerful and full-featured integrated development environment for Swift, Objective-C, C and C++, designed to help OS X and iOS developers manage their projects easier

IntelliJ IDEA Ultimate Edition 2016.2.5 Build 162.2228 / 2016.3 Build 163.6957.12 RC (Trial)
A powerful, versatile and user-friendly Java IDE specially designed to improve your productivity with the help of numerous tools and features

WebKit R208039 (Freeware)
A powerful, open source web browser engine that can be used by developers to easily design and build native and cross-platform browsers.

BusyContacts 1.1.3 / 1.1.4d1 Beta (Trial)
It enables you to import contacts from your iOS devices or from social media websites, manage and share them with just a few clicks

Racket 6.7 (LGPL)
Provides quick access to a programming language that can be used to experiment with small scripts or larger systems, to grow your own language and more.

MacSpice 3.1.13 (Freeware)
A minimalist Mac OS X application that provides quick access to a Berkeley Spice 3f5 simulator that enables you to analyze the performance of electronic circuits.

Typinator 6.11 / 7.0 Beta 1 (Demo)
A handy and useful application capable to improve your productivity and eliminate errors by automating the process of inserting frequently used text and graphics

Chromium 56.0.2904.0 (BSD)
A cross-platform and open source web browser project that aims to build a safer, faster, and more stable way to experience the Internet

Natron 2.1.7 (Mozilla Public License)
A straightforward and powerful nodal compositing software that enables you to compose scenes by combining various different elements

Wondershare SafeEraser 3.8.1 (Demo)
User friendly and straightforward Mac OS X application that offers you the possibility to secure erase items removed from your iOS device.

Rebelle 1.5.2 (Demo)
Draw using watercolor techniques on the comfort of your Mac by making use of this painting application that can simulate real watercolors and acrylics

Postman 4.8.1 (Freeware)
Manage, organize, and test APIs in a well-organized graphical user interface and accelerate the development of new applications.

Brave 0.12.6 Dev / 0.12.7 Dev RC 2 (Mozilla Public License)
Navigate the web while avoiding intrusive ads and trackers with this secure browser that introduces an alternative funding model, aimed to help website owners and other Brave users

TextExpander 6.1.1 (Trial)
A helpful and unobtrusive application that enables you to improve your writing speed and accuracy with the help of custom abbreviations

BusyCal 3.1.1 / 3.1.2d10 Beta (Trial)
Helps you to effortlessly share and synchronize your iCloud, Google Calendar, Exchange, and CalDAV calendars with others Macs and iOS devices

Pipeliner 11.0.0 (Trial)
Comprehensive business management solution for Mac OS X that offers you the possibility to manage sales, follow leads, and so on

IDrive [DISCOUNT: 49% OFF!] (Demo)
Effortlessly schedule automated online backups for your documents and also recover your deleted files with the help of this user-friendly application

RouteConverter 2.19 Build 783 (Donationware)
Helps any Mac OS X user to effortlessly view and convert GPS routes, tracks and waypoints via a handy and friendly user interface

WOT 3.0.7 (GPL)
Browser add-on that comes with support for Safari, Firefox, Opera and Chrome and shows you which websites are trustworthy based on millions of users' experiences

Quip 4.8.27 (Freeware)
Native desktop application for Quip that offers you the possibility to manage your documents, communicate with your team, and work in offline mode if necessary

Latest News.

The Super-Dangerous Rex Botnet Has Only Around 150 Bots
The Rex Linux malware is not as widespread and efficient as initially thought, and currently, the multi-featured Rex malware is only in command of a tiny botnet of around 150 devices. Discovered this May, researchers initially thought this malware was a ransomware that exploited vulnerable Drupal sites to encrypt their files and ask for a ransom fee. A later analysis released over the summer showed that the malware behind those initial infections also had many features such as the ability to launch DDoS attacks, mine for crypto-currency, talk to fellow Rex bots via the DHT P2P protocol, and self-propagate to other devices on its own. Rex used for DDoS extort...

Mozilla Announces Quantum, a New Browser Engine for Firefox
Mozilla is currently working on a new browser engine called Quantum, which will take parts of the Servo project and create a new core for the Firefox browser, revealed yesterday David Bryant, Head of Platform Engineering at Mozilla. The new engine will replace the aging Gecko, Firefox' current engine. Bryant said Mozilla hopes to finish the transition to Quantum by the end of 2017. Quantum is based on Servo The first versions of Quantum will heavily rely on components from Servo, a browser engine that Mozilla has been sponsoring for the past years, and which shipped its first alpha version this June. Servo is written in Rust, a programming language that Mozilla also sponsored in the past years. Bryant says Quantum will heavily rely on Rust for its codebase. In the upcoming year, Mozilla will slowly merge Gecko and ...

NVIDIA Rolls Out a New GeForce Game Ready Driver - Version 375.70
Just now, NVIDIA has provided a new version of its GeForce Game Ready graphics driver, namely build 375.70, which should provide the best Virtual Reality sense for Obduction, as well as performance improvements for other titles. Specifically speaking, according to NVIDIA, the present update ensures an optimal gaming experience for the Titanfall 2, Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Remastered, The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Special Edition, Obduction, and Dishonored 2 games. In addition to that, the available files will also resolve Forza Horizon possible memory leaks, NVSPCAPS crashes in nvd3d9wrapx, as well as NVIDIA Image Converter component hangs and errors. Moreover, version 375.50 will ensure Forza Horizon 3 won’t crash during PSO (Pipeline State Object) creation on GeForce GTX 770 cards, and correct a few DxgkDdiEscape Object issues. When it comes to compatibility, NVIDIA has provided several files suitable for the 32- and 64-bit var...

Red Cross Blood Donors Info Leaked in Australia's Biggest Data Breach
The Australian Red Cross Blood Service is now in possession of the title of "Australia's biggest data breach," after admitting to exposing 1.2 million donor records, for around 550,000 different individuals. According to Troy Hunt, founder of data breach index site Have I Been Pwned, the cause of the breach was a database backup file that was published inside a publicly accessible web directory. Left exposed by one of the Red Cross' partners, the file was eventually discovered by an unknown individual who, after realizing what he stumbled upon, provided the data to Hunt, so he could index it on his site and disclose it to the organization. 550,000 Australians affected An analysis of the data revealed that the 1.74GB database backup file contained 1,286,366 records spread across 647 different database tables. After removing duplicates (persons who donated more than once),

Number of Malicious Links Accessible Through Google & Twitter Goes Up
Twitter, Google, and other search engines such as Bing, Yandex, and Faroo are increasingly flooded with malware, according to trends tracked by the AV-TEST laboratory. The team of researchers says they've tested 80 million links found in search engine results in 2015, and another 81 million in 2016. The results of this scan revealed the presence of malicious content in 18,280 sites in 2015, and in 29,632 sites in 2016. Historical tests from 2013, when AV-TEST examined 40 million sites, clocked malware URLs at only 5,060 sites, showing a continuous growth for the past years. Google Safe Browsing falls short when flagging malicious links For the 2015 and 2016 tests, AV-TEST also says it double-checked the results of its internal scanning system against Google's Safe Browing API, which they say failed to identify all threats. In 2015, for the 18,280 sites AV-TEST discovered, Google flagged only 9,725 results, while in 2016 Google Safe Browsing had ...

Jet Black iPhone 7 Plus Ships in November, but Only If You Order Now
The iPhone 7 Plus is a hard-to-come-by smartphone these days, and will probably remain so until Apple announces the iPhone 8 next year. On the other hand, all versions of the iPhone 7, except for the Jet Black model, are now in stock and can be shipped immediately (carrier-bounded or unlocked). Customers who want to purchase the iPhone 7 Plus will have to wait between 2 and 3 weeks to receive their devices, assuming they don't order the Jet Black version. Apple doesn't seem to be able to handle the high demand for both the Jet Black iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus, hence the long shipping times. If you absolutely want to rock a Jet Black version, you will have to wait around 2-3 weeks for the iPhone 7 model, but for the larger iPhone 7 Plus, you'll have to wait even longer. Until a few days ago, Apple stated on its website that the Jet Black iPhone 7 Plus shipped in 6-8 weeks, but recently the Cupertino-based company

Pushbullet Allows Users to See and Send Google Allo Messages from PC
Pushbullet is a neat service that allows users to connect their devices and send or receive SMS messages from their computers. It works with multiple popular applications including WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger, and Pushbullet creators have just announced that they added a new feature to the service. Google Allo users can now send and receive messages from their PCs using Pushbullet. Google’s latest messaging application doesn’t have a desktop version, which means that Pushbullet’s new feature will surely be very useful to users. Allo already comes with the ability to quickly reply from notifications and the new Pushbullet update makes use of this feature when adding Allo support. In order to view and send Google Allo messages from the computer, users need to have the latest versions of both Allo and Pushbullet installed on their devices. In addition, users would need to enabl...

Samsung Rumored to Announce the SM-W2017 Veyron on November 3
Samsung is working on an exciting new flip phone with surprisingly high-end specs that’s nicknamed Veyron. The smartphone carrying the code name SM-W2017 could be announced on November 3, according to TechUpdates. Samsung Veyron will be made available exclusively in China and it’s quite unknown if the phone will arrive to other countries as well. The smartphone recently received TENAA certification and some of its specs were revealed. Samsung SM-W2017 or Veyron is said to come with a 4.2-inch Full HD display and run a Snapdragon 820 processor clocked at 2.15GHz. RAM capacity might reach 4GB on the upcoming device, coupled with 64GB of internal memory which can be expanded to 256GB using a microSD card. The smartphone is also rumored to come wi...

Blue Coral Galaxy S7 edge Looks Stunning in Official Pictures
The Galaxy S7 is the only high-end smartphone Samsung has available for those who want the latest flagship from the South Korean company. The Galaxy Note 7 fiasco forced Samsung to ramp up Galaxy S7 and S7 edge production, as many consumers have decided to switch to one of these two devices when returning their faulty phablets. With the holiday season upon us, Samsung is stuck with the Galaxy S7/S7 edge, which remain the only choices for customers who want to make themselves an expensive gift. The good news is that there's one specific Galaxy S7 edge version that everyone seems to like more than all others. The Blue Coral Galaxy S7 edge has been officially introduced about a week ago, but won'...

Europe Wants WhatsApp to Stop Sharing User Data with Facebook
A couple of days ago, WhatsApp creators said during a conference in California that they’re committed to user privacy, when asked about the decision to share user data with Facebook. They stated that the measure was taken in order to use Facebook’s spam-detection system and that WhatsApp doesn’t collect user data. In August this year, WhatsApp took the decision to update its Terms of Service and Privacy Policy, which would mark the first change to user privacy policies in four years. Many governmental officials have stated their concern over the fact that WhatsApp would share user phone number with Facebook. Officials in Germany ordered Facebook to delete German user data shared from WhatsApp and the Delhi Court from India asked the same for users who opted out of the policy. Some have even said that WhatsApp intends to share even more detailed user ...