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Latest Mac Software.

Navicat Essentials for MySQL 11.1.5
MySQL database administration utility for your Mac

Farensius 2.0.1
A really handy OS X application which displays the outdoor temperature in any city as well as a 5-day forecast on your status bar

Ouistee 1.7.1
A free and easy-to-use utility that helps users to easily and effortlessly create collections of various items such as DVDs, books, recipes and more

BitNami Open Atrium 2.22-0
Helps you deploy Open Atrium.

BitNami DokuWiki Stack 20140929a-0
A standards compliant, simple to use wiki mainly aimed at creating documentation of any kind

BitNami DreamFactory Stack 1.8.0-0
A cross-platform stack installer from BitNami that provides all the tools needed to run the DreamFactory mobile platform in the cloud

RAM Disk Utility Pro 1.3.0
Create, manage, monitor, and remove multi RAM disks

WindowMizer 4.0
An application that was specifically designed in order to bring back the Mac OS 8 "minimize-in-place" feature to the Mac OS X platform.

Hierarchical web server log analyzer

SMARTReporter 3.1.4
User friendly Mac OS X application that is able to monitor the S.M.A.R.T. attributes and displays warnings for possible hard disk drive failures.

Lively Logic 1.3
Analyze data using charts and graphs

Auto Flash 2.4.0
Auto Flash was developed to help you learn any subject using flash text cards.

Dropzone 3.2.2 Build 700
An unobtrusive status bar menu application for Mac OS X designed to improve your workflow by providing quick access to frequently used folders or actions.

Yate 3.1 Build 3408
A powerful yet easy to use Mac application designed to help you create a comprehensive metadata database for your audio tracks.

Flare 2.0
Allows you to easily edit your images.

Remote Wake Up 1.1.0
Makes it easy for you to remotely switch on, turn off, sleep or restart every Wake On LAN enabled device connected to your network

Pagico 6.8 Build 1636
A powerful project organizer for Mac OS X designed to help you keep track of all your tasks and assignments in order to improve your productivity level.

Remote Buddy 1.26
User friendly and powerful mapping solution that enables you to control your Mac via your Apple Remote by assigning custom actions to each button.

Dofus 2.24.2
Massive multiplayer online role-playing game based on the search for eggs with magical powers and leading to hundreds of adventures

Cookie 3.3
Streamlined utility designed to help you manage exactly who has access to information about your online activities, all in one convenient location

Latest News.

Duo Security Adopts FIDO Universal Second Factor Authentication
FIDO Alliance’s Universal 2nd Factor (U2F) protocol has found another company to adopt it, as Duo Security announces integration with its products. Support for FIDO U2F has also been announced by Google on Tuesday, informing that the new authentication validation method works in Chrome starting version 38. Duo Security, a company providing elegant multifactor authentication solutions for logging into restricted spaces, explined its adoption of U2F as a simplified two-factor validation process ...

Week-Old Patched Adobe Flash Vulnerability Integrated in Fiesta Exploit Kit
A security flaw in Flash Player, addressed by Adobe in the latest update of the product, has been included in Fiesta, a commercial exploit kit used for drive-by attacks. The vulnerability the exploit kit it takes advantage of is identified as CVE-2014-0569, an integer overflow in that can lead to executing arbitrary code on an affected machine. It is unusual for cybercriminals to include an exploit for a recently patched flaw in their tools, especially since the glitch was disclosed privatel...

Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel Review (PC)
Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel can deliver great moments of first-person shooter action, especially if the player is controlling Claptrap the Fragtrap and uses his randomly-generated special abilities, while also deploying the new weapons and the jump attack introduced in the new title. But it’s pretty clear that Gearbox is mainly focused on other projects and core developer 2K Australia has a little too much respect for the core elements of the franchise and only delivers new content on the mar...

Watch: Turtle Twerking to “Wiggle Wiggle” Will Totally Make Your Day
Ever since Miley Cyrus started it at the last year's VMAs, we've had our fair share of twerking videos. Celebrities, regular folks, and even cats and dogs have so far given twerking a try. Admittedly, some of them actually got it right and didn't make complete fools of themselves. Then again, there is no way any living man, woman, or beast could ever master the art of twerking quite as well as the turtle featured in the video below does. The footage made it online just a few days ago, on Oc...

Malvertisement From Major Ad Vendor Used To Change Router DNS Settings
A rogue advertisement injected in a large online advertising network is being used to deliver a payload for changing the DNS (Domain Name System) settings of home routers. An attack leveraging ads from a third-party service displayed to websites is called malvertising and it is usually carried out by including a redirect to an online location, either compromised or under the control of the cybercriminals, which serves a malicious payload. However, in the incident observed by Sucuri, the bad ...

NBA Live 15 Will Get PlayStation 4 Demo on Launch, EA Access Trial on October 23
Video game developer EA Sports announces that at the moment it plans to deliver both a trial and a demo for its upcoming NBA Live 15 in order to show fans of the basketball simulation genre what the title has to offer in terms of gameplay. Those who are subscribing to the EA Access service on the Xbox One will be able to experience six hours of the title starting on October 23 and the version that will be offered to them includes all the features. All their stats and their progress will then...

Here Are the Apple Pay Apps Currently Available Today
Apple has opened up a new category of apps on the iTunes App Store. Dubbed “Buy with Apple Pay,” this new section is home to but a handful of apps that support the new system, but we expect the list to grow as developers begin to support it. “Apple pay is the easy, secure, and private way to check out in apps using Touch ID on iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus. Discover apps that let you buy with Apple Pay and come back as more are added,” says Apple. Apps you can use today It isn’t clear why Appl...

GTA V Online Gets 10 New Jobs to Celebrate 10 Years Since San Andreas Was Launched
The development team at Rockstar announces that it is now introducing a set of ten new jobs for the Online mode of Grand Theft Auto V, which are all designed to celebrate the fact that 10 years have passed since GTA: San Andreas has appeared for the first time on the PlayStation 2 home console from Sony. All of the new experiences have been created by members of the dedicated player community and those interested in them need to only click on the link on the official site in order to then use...

Alien Isolation Receives First Corporate Lockdown DLC on October 28
Video game developer The Creative Assembly and publisher SEGA announce that Alien Isolation will get access to its first downloadable content pack, called Corporate Lockdown, on October 28 on all platforms on which the survival horror title is offered. Gamers who get it will be able to experience three new maps designed for the Survivor Mode of the title, each focused on a particular situation that appeared on the Sevastopol space station before the arrival of the team from Weyland-Yutani. S...

Sunset Overdrive Launch Trailer Revealed, Explosions Coming Through the Week
Video game developer Insomniac Games and publisher Microsoft are ready to reveal the launch trailer for Sunset Overdrive and are announcing that they are launching a new Week of Explosions set of events in order to celebrate the launch of the new third person shooter. The new footage taken from the game is designed to show gamers some of the core features in action and to quickly reveal how the two companies are aiming to re-write the rules of the genre in order to offer a fresh take on an al...