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Latest Mac Software.

AppScale 2.1.0 (BSD)
An open-source research framework for execution of Google AppEngine applications and investigation of scalable cloud computing fabrics

jV 4.4.2 (Freeware)
View and explore molecule files from PDB

eCrisper 2.9 (Shareware)
Kiosk software for public access internet terminals

Auction Listing Designer 5.70 (Demo)
A flexible and user-friendly Mac OS X application that helps you create professional auction listings and publish them to your site or Dropbox

SolarAnalyzer Pro (Shareware)
Lets you observe, compare and evaluate the yield of data from photovoltaic systems.

OMSSA Parser 1.6.12 (Apache)
A Java app that helps you preview and analyze omx files

Groovy 2.3.9 / 2.4.0 Beta 4 (Apache)
An agile dynamic language for the Java Platform

hamsterdb 2.1.9 (GPL)
Lightweight embeddable database engine

LogMeIn Hamachi (Demo)
A reliable hosted VPN service that enables you to easily and securely extend LAN-like networks by creating virtual private networks

MidiPatterns 2.2.0 (Demo)
A multitrack, pattern-oriented, MIDI step sequencer.

myPoint Light 2.15 (Commercialware)
A reliable and highly configurable OS X app that helps one quickly and easily locate the mouse's pointer on a high resolution screen

Jaunt Beta (Freeware)
A very powerful and easy to use, Java based web scraping and automation API that can be easily integrated into your applications.

JCIFS 1.3.18 (GPL)
LIbrary that implements the CIFS network protocol in the Java programming language

jclouds 1.8.1 (Apache)
Open source multi-cloud framework

Recabinet 4.0.1 (Demo)
A guitar and bass speaker cabinet simulation plug-in

Thinknowlogy 2014 R2a (GPL)
Free program that tries to prove that computers are capable of processing natural language

MAFFT 7.215 (GPL)
Multiple alignment tool for amino acid or nucleotide sequences

SkinEdit Alpha 3 Pre 7 (Freeware)
A pixel-based and easy to use skin editor that enables you to put your creativity to work for customizing a Minecraft character's skin

Node 0.10.34 / 0.11.14 Beta (MIT License)
Open source evented I/O for V8 JavaScript

Twixl Publisher 3.7.4 Build 14584 / 4.0 Build 14569 Beta 2 (Demo)
Helps you create interactive digital designs for tablets

Latest News.

First Alpha of Ubuntu Kylin 15.04 Out for Chinese Users, It's a Possible Windows XP Replacement
Ubuntu Kylin, a Chinese Linux distribution based on Ubuntu and developed in collaboration with Canonical, has been promoted to version 15.04 and the first Alpha in the series is now ready for download and testing. This official Ubuntu flavor is making a real impact in China. The country's reliance on Windows systems is still a problem and a solution hasn't been found yet. The Chinese government is analyzing various alternatives and it's more than certain that Ubuntu Kylin is being considered....

A Dog Shot Its Owner with a Rifle and There Is Nothing Funny About It
Gun control is a major topic in the US in this day and age. In fact, it’s not so much a conversation point as it is a heated debate that boils down to just how much freedom people living in the country should be granted by ongoing rules and regulations.  Some are in favor of strict policies that highly limit the manufacture, sale, possession and use of firearms, others say each and every citizen should have the right to buy and carry as many firearms as they might want.  Not to play the evil...

Top 10 Coolest Science News of the Week: December 15-21, 2014
I hate to break it to you, but yet another week has gone by. We’re all older, hopefully a wee wiser and just a few days away from bidding the year 2014 its eternal farewell.  For those of you who were too busy this week making your list of New Year’s resolutions and running around trying to find the absolute best Christmas presents for friends and family, here’s another round-up of the best and most important science news of the past few days.  10. Marijuana said to lower inflammation in the...

Elive 2.5.0 Combines Debian and Enlightenment In an Interesting Way
Elive, a Linux distribution that uses Debian as a base and Enlightenment as the default desktop environment, has been upgraded to version 2.5.0 Beta. The devs are still making some important changes and this latest release is proof of that. Elive is a special kind of distribution because the developers are using a different kind of version numbers. They had a lot of Beta releases in the past few week, but the version of the distribution is advancing quite rapidly. In any case, it looks like ...

Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn Unveils New Race, the Au Ra - Gallery
Square Enix revealed the new race that will be introduced in the upcoming Heavensward expansion for Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn, The Au Ra. The reveal was made during the opening keynote of the Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn fanfest, showing that the upcoming race will have partly scaled bodies, and will feature some menacing horns. You can see some of the concept art shown during the event, as well as in-game screenshots of the new race, in the gallery below. Square Enix has done ...

Black Lab Education Desktop 6.0 Beta 2 Shows Major Improvements
Black Lab Education Desktop 6.0 Beta 2, a Linux distribution built for an education environment and based on the Black Lab Professional Desktop series, is now readys for testing and download. Users of the Black Lab distro now have a new edition for test, the Education Desktop. As the version number indicates, this is not the first Beta made available and it's been more than a month since the first release. Things seem to progress just nicely and the devs have made a number of important change...

Final Fantasy XV Gets Another Amazing Trailer
Developer Square Enix released a brand new video from the upcoming highly anticipated role-playing game Final Fantasy XV, showing more of the gorgeous world that we’ll be able to visit sometime in the future. The new footage debuted at Jump Festa, a major Japanese gaming, manga and anime convention, taking place this weekend. The video, although short, shows a lot of new stuff, including a brief glimpse at Cid and Titan, two characters that have popped in and out of the long-standing series....

Evolve Has an Offline Mode Where You Can Play with Bots - Video
Developer Turtle Rock Studios delivered a piece of very good news for fans of Evolve who are interested in picking up the game but worried about competition. The upcoming multiplayer oriented first-person shooter will also ship with an offline mode, to cater to those who aren’t big fans of online gameplay. The game was created mainly for competitive play, pitting a team of four hunters against a single player in control of a giant monster. The four hunters each belong to a different class, a...

Linus Torvalds Launches Linux Kernel 3.19 RC1, One of the Biggest So Far
The first Linux kernel Release Candidate has been made available in the 3.19 branch and it looks like it's one of the biggest ones so far. Linux Torvalds surprised everyone with an early launch, but it's easy to understand why. The Linux kernel development cycle has been refreshed with a new released, 3.19. Given the fact that the 3.18 branch reached stable status just a couple of weeks ago, today's release was not completely unexpected. The holidays are coming and many of the developers and ...

Elite: Dangerous Paves the Way for Most Anticipated No Man's Sky, Star Citizen Space Sims
The spiritual successor to one of the most popular space trade games of all times, Elite made its debut on PC last week. Elite: Dangerous is developed by Frontier Developments, the studio owned by David Braben, one of the makers of the first Elite game. Elite: Dangerous offer players the option to choose what they want to play: trader, explorer or bounty hunter. Players can become masters in any or all of the three choices they make, as the game offers almost unlimited freedom of what you can...