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Moneydance 2014.4 Build 967 / 2014 Build 967 Preview
A powerful finances manager for you Mac that offers you the possibility to manage multiple accounts, transactions, investments and more.

Plot Digitizer 2.6.5
Digitize data points off of scanned plots, scaled drawings, or orthographic photographs

Smart Scroll 3.9.13 / 4.0 Beta 5
Unobtrusive status bar menu application for the Mac OS X that provides support for smoother, faster and more efficient scrolling.

Synfig Studio 0.64.1 / 0.65.0 Dev
An application that was specifically designed in order to help you create beautiful animations from the comfort of your desktop.

LaTeXiT 2.6.0 / 2.6.1 Beta 2
A graphical user interface for a LaTeX engine, specially designed to help you edit, preview and export equations to various file formats

Equinox Pro 7.2.1
Full-featured astronomy program

MovieSherlock 5.3.4
A reliable utility that enables its users to quickly preview and download videos from popular websites like YouTube, Vimeo or DailyMotion

Rainlendar Lite 2.12.2 Build 138
A calendar application that is easy to use and doesn't take much space on your desktop

iCopyBot 7.9.0
Transfer music, video from iPad,iPod or iPhone to iTunes library on Mac computer

ACDSee Pro 3.6 Build 170
A well-designed and user-oriented application that enables you to easily organize and sort your pictures, edit your photos and enjoy slideshows

Find & Replace It! 2.2.1
Powerful, cross platform text file processor for your Mac

iMops 1.23 / 2.0 Beta
Native developing environment for Mac OS X.

DVD-Cloner 4.20 Build 613
A powerful DVD copy application that makes it easier than ever before to quickly create a backup of your favorite DVDs and Blu-Rays

Opera 20.0.1387.91 / 21.0.1432.39 Next / 22.0.1471.5 Developer
Beautiful looking and fast web browser designed to offer its users quick access to any website via an intuitive and simple to use interface

iStat Menus 4.21
An unobtrusive Mac OS X status bar menu application that enables you to quickly monitor your system activity and resources usage.

Mac Game Store 2.5.14 Build 4039
Easily find, buy and download games.

HoudahGeo 3.7 Build 7766
An efficient solution for quickly adding geo location information to your photos by extracting it from track logs or GPS files, or by adding the coordinates manually.

Adze 1.4.2 Build 6788
Easily Helps you view and edit GPX files

TextMate 1.5.11 R1635 / 2.0 R9539 Alpha
A user friendly Mac OS X text editor designed to provide support for programmers and designers that need an efficient tool for writing code and markup.

MySQL Workbench 6.1.4
A versatile and user-oriented visual tool specially designed for database developers, architects, as well as database administrators

Latest News.

Galaxy Note 4 Emerges in SideSync Compatibility List
Those who doubted that Samsung was working on the next handset in its Galaxy Note series, and that this device might arrive on shelves under the name of Galaxy Note 4, should reconsider all that now, as the phone has made an appearance on the SideSync compatibility list. The handset vendor has released an updated version of the SideSync application, so as to make it available for all Windows computers out there, and has also updated the list of devices that are supported in the software. Gal...

Developers Are Fine with Just 2% of Free-to-Play Gamers Actually Paying Anything
A recent survey conducted on over 10 million free-to-play gamers revealed that only 2.2 percent of the entire audience ever spent anything at all while the test ran, with 10 percent of paying gamers accounting for 46 percent of total recorded revenue. The statistics may seem daunting at first sight, indicative of a failing industry where developers toil to create games for an audience that is intent on not rewarding their work, and with the main design efforts going toward a minuscule portion...

Leopard Springs Through Roof and Causes Panic in Small Indian Village
A full-grown leopard on the loose caused panic among the residents of Ballarpur village, in India's Chandrapur district, on Monday, when it emerged throughthe rooftop of a house and charged at some workers. The animal was reportedly hiding into a livestock enclosurewhich houses hundreds of cows, calves and buffalos, and ran amok when it was discovered on the rooftop of a house, attacking several people. It is believed that the wild animal came from the nearby Tadoba-Andhari Tige...

DDOS Attacks Increasingly Used as a Smokescreen for Data Theft
Real-time information and analytics provider Neustar has released a new report on distributed denial-of-service (DDOS) attacks and their impact on businesses. The figures in the 2014 “DDOS Attacks and Impacts Report” show that more than 90% of respondents view DDOS attacks as a similar or bigger threat compared to the previous year. Experts say that DDOS attacks are increasingly used by cybercriminals as a smokescreen. This means that they’re using DDOS attacks to kee...

The “Lost” Reboot Is Coming, Warns Producer of the Original Show
When there is a lot of money to be made, you can bet your last ten bucks that the words “reboot,” “sequel” and “spinoff” are always going to be relevant. Such is the case with one of the best sci-fi drama series on television in the last few years – “Lost.” Producer Carlton Cuse, who has also taken the time to explain to viewers why the ending didn't answer all the mysteries that the show had built up for several seasons, is now saying tha...

Apple Sends Memo to Developers Regarding New Content Rating System
Registered Apple developers today received an email from the mother-ship informing them of several recent changes that impact the content rating of their apps, in an effort to “give users more information about your apps and help ensure legal compliance.” Apple enumerates App Content Descriptions like Medical/Treatment Information, Gambling and Contests, and Unrestricted Web Access. The last example is “for apps that permit navigating and viewing web pages, for example with ...

Script of the Day: Simple jQuery Slider
Sliders are probably the most popular type of jQuery plugin around, coming in a wide range of formats, versions, and with a large number of supported features. The Simple jQuery Slider is one of the newer scripts, concentrated on providing a lightweight plugin for easily rotating HTML or images on the page's full canvas. Simple jQuery Slider doesn't focus on providing tens of transition effects for animating content in and out of the page, but merely using a “slide to the side” mo...

Valeria Lukyanova Shows Off Her Impossible Human Barbie Figure in New Photo
Before 2012, few had heard of Valeria Lukyanova and the nickname “Human Barbie” was being disputed among other women, huge fans of plastic surgery and of Mattel’s ageless doll, which they considered the very epitome of perfection. Today, Valeria doesn’t cease to shock and amaze. She describes herself as a model and an artist, a singer of new age opera and a spiritual guru who can teach others how to have out of body experiences and even travel in space and in another ...

Quentin Tarantino's Copyright Infringement Lawsuit Thrown Out of Court
The matter of whether new website Gawker broke any copyright laws when it reported the leak of Quentin Tarantino's latest script has been answered by a federal judge in California. The legendary director was so furious about the leak that he chose to sue the famous website, blaming it for spreading the leak. The movie in question was “The Hateful Eight,” a western story that has since been scrapped, but that doesn't mean that Tarantino was going to lay down and turn the other chee...

Xbox Deals with Gold Brings Need for Speed Rivals and NBA 2K14 Down 50%
If you're into basketball or driving, you're going to love this week's Deals with Gold offer, bringing NBA 2K14 and Need for Speed Rivals prices down until April 28. The details come, like usually, from Xbox's Larry "Major Nelson" Hryb, informing that the Xbox One version of NBA 2K14 is going for 17 percent less than its usual price this week. The best deals are coming to the Xbox 360, with Need for Speed Rivals and NBA 2K14 being offered at half the normal price. Both games were released a...