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Latest Webscripts.

Moto CMS 3.1.4 / 1.3.1
Formerly known as FlashMoto, MotoCMS is a powerful and innovative content management system and site builder based on PHP, HTML and other web technologies

WP Security Audit Log 2.6
A customizable WordPress plugin that tracks and records various actions and events that take place in the backend of your WordPress site

Ora2Pg 17.5
A Perl script to migrate Oracle databases to PostgreSQL, automatically converting their schema and generating all the proper SQL code for the move

Symfony 3.1.6 / 2.8.13
An open-source PHP framework for developing Web-based applications, one of the best, most renowned, and most used PHP tools around

WordPress 4.6.1 / 4.7 Beta 1
A state-of-the-art blogging platform, which also doubles as a CMS when needed, currently the World's most used technology for building websites

Piwik 2.16.5 / 3.0.0 Beta 1
An open source, real-time Web traffic analysis program, the World's most used analytics system outside Google's Analytics service

Drupal 8.2.1 / 7.50 / 6.38 / 9.x-dev
An open source CMS (content management system) for easily building, publishing, managing and organizing a wide variety of website types

PHP 7.0.12 / 5.6.27 / 5.5.38
A world famous, general-purpose scripting language that is especially suited for the creation and development of dynamic Web applications

AngularJS 2.1.0 / 1.5.8
A powerful JavaScript MVC framework developed by Google for building modern Web applications, for both desktop and mobile environments

phpBB 3.1.10 /3.2.0-RC1
A high powered, fully scalable, and highly customizable open source bulletin board package, a script to get your forum off the ground in no time

Bootstrap 3.3.7 / 2.3.2 / 4.0.0 Alpha 5
The World's most used frontend UI framework, a powerful toolkit for prototyping Web pages, created and catered by true professionals

BuddyPress 2.7.0
A plugin that can help webmasters transform their regular WordPress installation into a fully-blown online community and social networking

Node.js 7.0.0 / 6.9.1
A platform for running a server-side JavaScript runtime and easily building fast, scalable Web applications. One of the world's most used technologies.

Joomla 3.6.4 / 2.5.28
An award-winning content management system (CMS), one of the three most known CMSs on the Internet and a platform everyone's used to

WordPress Download Manager 2.9.1
A WordPress plugin to run a professional file downloads center on your site, with support for paid downloads and password-protected files

Sitefinity CMS 9.2
A very powerful ASP.NET content management system (CMS)

Django 1.10.1
The world's most used Python framework, a powerful toolkit for building clean, powerful and versatile MVC-based Web applications

Polr 2.0.0
A PHP application that allows users to host and manage their own URL link shortening application, coming packed with its own Safari extension

Apostrophe (Node.js) 2.1.3
A content management system designed for and around Node.js, ported from a similarly-named Symfony PHP version

Gridism 0.2.2
A responsive grid system developed by one of GitHub's UI designers, a powerful tool to make sure your sites render properly on mobile and desktop devices

Latest News.

Apple's Offices Raided by Police Ahead of iPhone X Launch in South Korea
Apple's offices in South Korea have been reportedly raided earlier this week by the local authorities just ahead of the launch of the 10th anniversary iPhone in several Asian countries on November 24. London’s Metro reports that South Korean authorities have raided Apple’s headquarter in Seoul, South Korea, ahead of tomorrow's launch of the iPhone X in the country, as well as several other countries across Asia. The newspaper learned that investigators asked questions about the company's business practices. "The raid is likely to raise questions about whether South Korean authorities are trying to hamper the success of the [iPhone] X, which has sold out across the world," reads Metros's story. "App...

Canonical Needs Your Help to Figure Out a Direction for Ubuntu's Mir/Wayland
Canonical's Mir developer Gerry Boland reports on the community forums on the latest work done by him and his team to implement Wayland support in the Mir display server. That's right, Canonical still has a team of developers working on the Mir display server, despite the Unity 8 development being dropped, and it looks like it's going into a different direction this time. The latest work by done Mir's devs involves basic Wayland support implementation, including mouse and keyboard inputs. Their Wayland Conformance Suite (wlcs) implementation also allow client to connect to the server, as well as to create windows and draw into them, but there's a lot of work to be done before they achieve full Wayland support for Mir, which involves adding essential functions like copy and paste or drag and drop. Moreover, they need to deal with sub-surface and sub-compositor support, add more window management functionality, and implement all the protocol extensions in the Waylan...

openSUSE Tumbleweed Operating System Now Powered by Linux Kernel 4.14 LTS
Users of the openSUSE Tumbleweed rolling operating system have received the latest Linux 4.14 LTS kernel via a snapshot released this week in the stable software repositories. Linux kernel 4.14 LTS is the latest and greatest kernel for GNU/Linux distributions, and now that it's ready for mass deployments, it will arrive in the software repositories of more distros, and Tumbleweed users are among the first to get it as openSUSE Project's Douglas DeMaio reports today. "The past week brought new features to openSUSE Tumbleweed with a snapshot that include...

GRID Autosport Racing Game Launches November 27 on iOS, for iPhone and iPad
Feral Interactive announced today that it brings the GRID Autosport racing game to Apple's iOS mobile platform for supported iPhone and iPad devices on November 27, 2017. The ninth game in the TOCA series, GRID Autosport is a racing video game developed by Codemasters. It's one of the most acclaimed racing games, and it's already available for macOS, Linux, Windows, as well as Sony PlayStation 3 and Microsoft Xbox 360 gaming consoles, and it is now finally coming to iOS devices thanks to Feral Interactive. GRID Autosport for iOS comes bundled with all the add-on content that was ever released for the racing game, intuitive tilt and touch controls, some of the world’s most exciting cars, as well as motorsport’s most challenging circuits. iPhone and IPad users will get the complete on November 27, 2017, and can start their high-speed career as a pro-racer. "On November 27th, the world’s most exciting racing cars hit iPad and iPhone with GRID Autosport," said Feral I...

iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus Users Now Report Poor/Sensitive Mic Volume During Calls
The iOS 11 bugs never stop showing, and now iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus users are reporting poor/sensitive mic volume during calls with Apple's latest iPhone/iPad operating system. First there were the GPS problems, which also affected iPhone X users, and then there was that bug making the iPhone 8 Plus screen unresponsive, and now several iPhone 8/iPhone 8 Plus users complain about poor quality and sensitive mic volume during phone calls. The reports come from Apple's community forums, and the thread was started by a user who got an iPhone 8 back in October 2017, running the iOS 11.0.2 software as he upgraded from his older iPhone 6. And the issu...

Apple's Main Supplier in Asia Stops Illegal Overtime Work at iPhone X Factory
Following complaints from high school students, Foxconn, Apple's main supplier in Asia, has put a stop to the illegal overtime work at its iPhone X factory in China. Earlier this week, a Finacial Times report cited accounts of six high school students from Zhengzhou Urban Rail Transit School who claimed they were forced to work overtime at Foxconn's iPhone X plant in China, assembling over 1,200 iPhone X camera every single day. In its defense, Foxconn immediately replied that the students were paid for their overtime work at the iPhone X plant, but it's still illegal to use high school students over the 40 hours they were supposed to do the factory as a "legal" requirement if they wanted to be hired there after graduation. Apple confirmed that students worked illegal overtime at Foxconn and issued a statement ...

iPhone X Ready to Invade the Market as Apple Addresses Production Issues
Apple appears to have finally addressed iPhone X production issues, as shipping times have been decreased substantially and the device now ships in 1-2 weeks. Back on November 3 when Apple started shipping the iPhone X, customers who didn’t pre-order the device early were provided with waiting of up to 6 weeks following what were believed to be production challenges that the company experienced due to the complex nature of some parts. Analysts estimated that the iPhone X production would reach the desired pace by the end of the year, but it now looks like the company has managed to do this earlier and now the anniversary iPhone is ready to invade the market. Several users have confirmed that their shipping times were reduced significantly and some of those who were projected to get the iPhone X in early December have already received it, which is another confirmation that Apple has indeed resolved production problems. Complex Face ID modules One...

Ouch: iPhone X Loses Speed Test Against Affordable Android - Video
As we told you only a few hours ago, the OnePlus 5T is a surprising Android device, which despite costing half as much as the iPhone X, it can actually outpace the Apple model in real-time tests. And now a new comparison video putting the two smartphones to test shows that the OnePlus 5T is by no means a model that you should ignore when planning to buy a new high-end device, as it managed to beat the iPhone X in a way that’s not at all good news for Apple. GeekBench tests have demonstrated that the iPhone X is a hardware monster, and this is certainly true given the power that Apple has bundled into its device. But high scores in benchmarks don’t necessarily mean the best performance in real-life, and this video posted by SuperSaf TV shows that this is 100 percent true. OnePlus 5T starting at $499 OnePlus 5T, which launc...

Samsung Galaxy S9 to Be Unveiled in January with Only Subtle Upgrades
Samsung appears to be in a rush to take the wraps off its new flagship smartphone, and the Galaxy S9 is very likely to see daylight in early January at the CES 2018 show in Las Vegas between January 9-12. If this is the case, then Samsung is also likely to hold another press event for the Galaxy S9 in March, VentureBeat writes, which could be a sign that the company will keep many details secret at the original unveiling in January. But as it turns out, there might not be so much to hide as far as the Galaxy S9 goes because the upgrades the company plans of the device might be only subtle. Codenamed Star 1 and Star 2, the Samsung Galaxy S9 (model number SM-G960) and Galaxy S9+ (model number SM-G965) will feature a design that’s similar to the existing models, with bigger changes prepared on the back. Bigger hardware upgrades on the S9+

Microsoft Releases Windows 10 Cumulative Update KB4055254
Microsoft has just released a new cumulative update for systems running the Windows 10 Creators Update, and even though it doesn’t land on Patch Tuesday, it’s a pretty important one. Windows 10 cumulative update KB4055254 comes to address an issue introduced by its predecessor and breaking down Epson Dot Matrix printers. Microsoft explains in the official release notes that this update “addresses issue that affected some Epson SIDM (Dot Matrix) and TM (POS) printers, which were failing to print on x86-based and x64-based systems. This issue affects KB4048954.” The new update is not available for any other Windows 10 version and Microsoft hasn’t included any other fixes, so it’s pretty clear that the company didn’t want to waste any time and bring this fix out as soon as possible. In the past, the software giant used to wait until the ne...