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Latest Webscripts.

Puppet 3.7.0
This is a next-generation server automation framework, comprising a library that functions as an operating system abstraction layer

jQuery.minical 0.9
A jQuery plugin for creating date pickers

Featured Comments 1.2.4
Mark comments on a WordPress site as "featured" or "buried"

Data Generator Script 3.1.4
A free, open source script written in JavaScript, PHP and MySQL that lets developers quickly generate large volumes of custom data

ApiGen 2.8.3
A PHP documentation generator

Magnolia 5.3.3
This is a leading open-source Java content management system

Feng Office / 2.7.1 Beta
A Web-based project management toolkit

Tribulant Slideshow Gallery
A WordPress and JavaScript powered slideshow gallery

OS.js 2.0 Alpha 20
A JavaScript-powered, browser-contained operating system

SignalR 2.1.2
An ASP.NET library for creating real-time Web tools

Nodemailer 1.3.0
A module for the Node.js platform, perfect for sending out emails, with support included for Unicode, HTML, SMTP, XOAUTH, SSL and TLS

Simplified Social Sharing 2.5
A simple, easy to use WordPress plugin for helping webmasters implement a top of the line social sharing toolbar on their websites

TiddlyWiki 5.0.17-beta
A JavaScript-based Web wiki system

jQuery Bootgrid 1.1.0
A jQuery plugin for creating Bootstrap-friendly datagrids, basic HTML tables enhanced with extra controls that make it easier to view its data

remoteStorage.js 0.10.2
A JavaScript library for supporting remoteStorage interaction

Sucuri Security - SiteCheck Malware Scanner 1.7.0
A powerful WordPress security plugin, capable of scanning a WordPress installation for various, well-known security vulnerabilities

Metalsmith 0.11.0
A static site generator for the Node.js platform, working on top of a series of plugins that put together a site's basic structure

Kue 0.8.8
A priority job queue manager for Node.js, a Web-based utility for monitoring Node processes, operations, and their status via the browser

KeystoneJS 0.2.28
A Node.js CMS built to work on top of Express and MongoDB environments, helping webmasters easily create websites with the help of a visual interface

IgnitionDeck 1.0.9
A WordPress plugin for running a crowdfunding service on your site, helping business owners raise money for their future products or services

Latest News.

Apple Posts Official Page on How to Move from Android to iPhone
In the day of the iOS 8 launch and just 48 hours before the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus big launch, Apple is helping all of you move away from Android phones. This easy to follow guide has simple information and pictures so even an Android user can do it. Moving your content to a new iPhone 6 or Phone 6 Plus will be the last thing you do on an Android phone before you will embrace a more elegant experience. Apple sold millions of iPhone 6 models in the first few days so more and more And...

Dragon Age: Inquisition Players Can Explore Skyhold's Many Areas
Even more details about the Skyhold castle home base in Dragon Age: Inquisition have been shared by BioWare, as the studio has revealed the many zones included in the large environment and what players can do in each of them. Dragon Age: Inquisition is set to debut in November and developer BioWare has confirmed on multiple occasions that players are going to engage in a sprawling quest to save the virtual world of Thedas from an ancient evil by forming an Inquisition and traveling throughout...

iCloud now has Two-Step Verification
Apple's first big step to fix the iCloud security problem was taken today. is now protected by a two-step verification system. That means your access to apps is more secure, but it may prove cumbersome for some users. Did you enable two-step verification? It's not difficult and you can make sure no one will access your iCloud files from now on, but you. Once you have that activated you will be able to see it on Therefore, when you login there yo...

5,000-Year-Old Stone Monument Discovered in Present-Day Israel
Not too long ago, the remains of an ancient stone monument were identified in present-day Israel, not far from the Sea of Galilee. Thus, the monument sits at a distance of just 8 miles (13 kilometers) northwest of this freshwater lake. Interestingly enough, the structure was first believed to have been part of a wall. Having analyzed bits and pieces of pottery recovered at the site of this monument, archaeologists concluded that the stone structure was built sometime between 3050 BC and 265...

Apple Supply Chain Employee, Arrested for Leaking iPhone 6 Parts [WSJ]
We have known how the iPhone 6 looks like for at least a month in advance. First there were some parts like the buttons, camera and other small leaks. Then we have seen the back panel and shortly after that there was a screen. Everyone thought it is a sapphire display, but Apple proved not to have the new screen made out of sapphire. The leaks Two weeks before the big announcement we have seen some fully assembled phones, complete with screens, the Apple logo, logic board and other p...

Assassin's Creed Unity Video Shows Cooperative Gameplay for the First Time
The development team at Ubisoft might be getting ready to launch Assassin's Creed Unity in about two months but the company still has plenty of more details about the title to share with gamers and a new video is set to show cooperative exploration and combat for the first time. The studio states, "Assassins fight side by side against terror and chaos. Even when the enemies are strong and you feel outnumbered, your brothers will always have your back." The footage shows four ch...

Researchers Use Brain Stimulation to Get Women to Crave Junk Food
A recent paper details how, using magnetic stimulation of the brain, a team of scientists turned hypnotists managed to get women to crave foods packing plenty of calories. As detailed in the study, available in the September issue of Psychosomatic Medicine: Journal of Behavioral Medicine, the part of the brain that was stimulated is dubbed the dorsolateral prefrontal cortex (DLPFC, for short). The specialists behind this research project experimented on a total of 21 healthy women, who all s...

Here's How Apple Employees Prepare for the Launch of iPhone 6 – Gallery
The iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus are ready to come out in the stores around the world on Friday morning. Thousands of customers will flood the gates and will want to buy the latest and greatest phone. As usual, Apple employees have a special guide on how to deal with potential issues and take care of the customers that will want the new device. Especially since we know for sure that people will line-up in front of the stores a few days (or even weeks in advance). Managing the lines Acco...

FIFA 15 Video Teaches Gamers Everything New about Ultimate Team Mode
Video game developer EA Sports has already offered a lot of details about the new FIFA 15 experience and the company is delivering a new video which is set to tell fans everything they need to know about the new features that are part of the Ultimate Team mode. The footage explains the way gamers will be able to use Concept Squads in order plan the evolution of their teams and see how the superstars that they plan to acquire will slot into the players that are already included. At the same t...

Forza Horizon 2 Will get Eight Free DLC Cars at Launch, Also Has VIP Membership
Video game developer Playground Games and publisher Microsoft announce that the new Forza Horizon 2 will get access to no less than eight new free cars on launch date, giving gamers even more options when it comes to the vehicles that they can use in the upcoming races. The total number of cars that are included in the title is over 200 and the two companies are promising that they will deliver even more updates after launch in order to make sure that the best vehicles in the world are offere...