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Latest Webscripts.

GitBook 1.1.1
A Node.js command line application for generating books in various formats from Markdown files, all hosted in a Git or GitHub repository

Modalplate 1.4.2
An open source jQuery plugin for showing simple modal windows, small popups that appear and stick to the top of the current page

CSS & JavaScript Toolbox 8.0.1
A powerful WordPress plugin to create custom CSS, JavaScript, HTML and PHP code blocks and executing them wherever needed on the site

Remodal 0.2.1
A lightweight jQuery plugin for displaying modal popup windows, with support for responsive layouts and deep-linking via URL hashes

Thorax 2.3.5 / 3.0.0-beta.5
A JavaScript framework based on Backbone and Handlebars

Papa Parse 3.1.3
A jQuery plugin for parsing CSV files and converting them to JSON format for easier manipulation, an ideal form for passing the data on to other software for further processing

Share Buttons by AddToAny 1.4
This WordPress plugin helps users share posts on various social networks

CRUD Admin Generator
A PHP application that can generate a user-friendly dashboard for adding, reading, editing, and deleting data from a MySQL database

Mura CMS 6.1.6077
A ColdFusion open source content management system that allows developers to publish and control web content quickly and simply

Bootstrap Star Rating 3.0.0
A basic star rating system for Bootstrap, a quick and easy way to let your users vote and give you feedback for various actions and events

Vide 0.1.4
A jQuery plugin for showing video backgrounds that stretch and cover the entire area of the page or just inside a selected container

Validator 1.4
A client-side data validation and form processing system created for usage on sites coded on top of the jQuery JavaScript framework

Pygments 1.6 / 2.0rc1
A fast syntax highlighter written in Python with a special focus on details

OrillaCart 1.2.9
An e-commerce plugin for the WordPress platform, allowing webmasters to run a fully-working online store from their WordPress installation

PHPUnit 4.3.4
A framework for writing and running PHP unit tests

SWI-Prolog 6.6.6 / 7.1.25
A portable, open source Prolog implementation

OTRS 3.3.9 / 2.4.15 / 4.0.0 beta4
An open source ticketing and help desk system written in Perl

Tagator 1.0
A jQuery plugin for adding specialized tag input fields to your forms, very useful when needing a keyword input mechanism for your project

Statamic 1.9
A no-nonsense static blogging platform, created to work with content stored inside local files, without the aid of a complex database

Scrollator 1.1
An easy to use jQuery plugin for replacing the default scrollbar UI, allowing developers to use (their very own) custom graphics

Latest News.

Quicksilver Will Have His Own Spinoff, Studio Insider Claims
We can all agree that the Quicksilver character was one of the funniest in the movie “X-Men: Day of Future Past.” The prison scene is probably one of the funniest and most entertaining in the movie so there's really not a big surprise that some people with the studio think he will get his own movie. Second unit director for “X-Men: Days of Future Past,” Brian Smrz, has discussed in a recent interview with Newsarama the possibility of a spinoff starring just Quicksilver. “We talked about Quick...

Kendra Wilkinson Explodes on Hank Baskett, Kicks Him Out of the House in New Teaser – Video
Hell hath no fury like a woman Kendra scorned. WE tv has released 2 new teasers for the third season of Kendra on Top, with Kendra Wilkinson and Hank Baskett, and they show the former Playboy Bunny in a rage like never before. Hint: what caused said rage was the discovery that her husband of 5 years may have cheated on her with transgender model Ava London, who went to the tabs with her salacious story. The play-by-play fight between them should be shown in the premiere episode of the serie...

Xubuntu 14.10 (Utopic Unicorn) Features a Pink Desktop – Gallery
Xubuntu 14.10 (Utopic Unicorn) is now available for download, along with its Ubuntu GNOME, Kubuntu, Xubuntu, and other flavors. The developers have made a few important changes that will definitely set this release apart. Xubuntu 14.10 is a Linux distribution based on Ubuntu 14.10 that uses the Xfce desktop environment. It's one of the lightest flavors of Ubuntu and it all has to do with the fact that the DE is really fast and responsive. The Xubuntu devs have made sure that this is the case ...

Kim Kardashian Warns Daughter North Will Have to “Work for What She Wants”
Kim Kardashian might be financially well off, but that doesn't mean that daughter North is going to be a spoiled child, at least, according to her. The reality star has promised in a recent interview that she isn't going to indulge her daughter with everything she wants and that she is going to make her work. Talking to the London Evening Standard, Kim recalls how she was raised in the same spirit, having to work when she was younger if she ever wanted to buy something for herself. Kim herse...

Mark Wahlberg Starved Himself for “The Gambler” and It Was Horrible
One of the movies for which Mark Wahlberg has been getting a lot of media attention is next year’s “The Gambler,” in which he plays a literature teacher with an uncontrollable addiction to gambling and a clear desire to self-destruct. The first trailer for it was released yesterday, so the timing is perfect to talk about Mark’s shocking transformation. If you remember, there was a lot of buzz around his drastic weight loss at the beginning of the year, with Mark himself telling the media tha...

TLC Manager Pebbles Sues for $40 Million (€31.6 Million) over VH1 Biopic
In October 2013, VH1 aired what would turn out to be a very controversial made-for-TV biopic, on one of the greatest and most successful girl bands of all times, TLC, called “CrazySexyCool: The TLC Story.” The movie wasn’t what you’d expect from a biopic and it really didn’t play out like a film in the most basic sense of the word, but it pleased fans to no end because they perceived it as a tribute: a tribute to TLC and a tribute to the music and the fashion of the time. The one person who ...

EVAK System Keeps Food Fresh by Sucking Out Air – Video
There are many ways to store food and take it with you to a picnic. And let's not even give lunch boxes a second glance, since those are older than feudalism. However, sometimes a certain type of food needs special handling, so there are special food storage systems you can buy. Ed Kilduff of Pollen Design has just introduced one such system, called EVAK and equipped with the very interesting ability to suck out air. Basically, if you store food inside and push the cap down until it can't g...

Ubuntu GNOME 14.10 Released and Based on GNOME 3.12 – Screenshot Tour
Ubuntu GNOME 14.10 has been released by the team building it. It's based on Ubuntu 14.10 (Utopic Unicorn) and uses GNOME 3.12 as the desktop environment. The GNOME flavor of Ubuntu is a newer one, although the devs have already made a few releases. It uses the stock GNOME stack and it’s had great success until now, despite the fact that it doesn't pack the latest version of the desktop environment. The developer has explained more than once why that is happening, but the good news is that peo...

Google Gives People a Glimpse into Bhutan via Street View
Google has unveiled a new location on its ever-growing Street View map – Bhutan, the remote Himalayan kingdom. As you can expect, there are plenty of extraordinary images, including monasteries, mountains and a lot of greenery. Bhutan is known as one of the most isolated countries on Earth, but the authorities don’t necessarily want to change this. While foreign tourists must continue to pay big money for spending a day in the country, the ultimate goal behind allowing Google to drive through...

Archos Launching 64-Bit Android Smartphone for Less than €200 ($250) Soon
Not many have heard about French-based company Archos, maker of smartphones and tablets, which focuses on the low- and mid-range tiers. Although its products are mostly available in Europe, it’s worth mentioning that some Archos products can be shipped internationally. As mentioned earlier, Archos is mostly known for the affordability of its products, not necessarily of the highest quality. All in all, it’s good that there are more budget-friendly smartphones on the market, so it’s up to the ...