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Latest Webscripts.

Wordpress Flash Uploader 3.1.3
A Flash uploader that replaces the built-in WordPress file uploader, complete with support for syncing files with the Media Library

Socializer! 9.0
A WordPress plugin for adding social sharing buttons on posts and pages

XlsxWriter 0.5.6
Python module for generating Excel XLSX documents

Selectivizr for WordPress 2.0.3
This plugin adds the Selectivizr JavaScript library to a live WordPress site

EPF 0.3.5
A JavaScript framework that keeps the frontends and backends of Web apps and websites designed with Ember in perfect syncronization

Google Analytics Dashboard for WP 4.3.1
A WordPress plugin for tracking website statistics via Google Analytics and presenting the data in both the site's frontend and backend

Hostel 0.8
A simple WordPress plugin that can be used to manage room availability for a hotel, hostel, motel, or other Airbnb-like service

hr.js 1.0.3
A JavaScript MVC framework for developing rich, modular and well-structured client-side Web applications, inspired by Backbone.js

two.js 0.4.0
A JavaScript library for rendering 2D graphics

pdoc 0.2.4
A small library for auto-generating API documentation for Python code, by extracting usage instructions from source code comments

Less.js for WordPress 1.4.3
This plugin adds the Less.js JavaScript library to a live WordPress site 1.20.0
A powerful and complicated Java framework created at LinkedIn to help developers build application structures based on JSON and REST APIs

iCalendar 3.8.2
A complicated Python module for parsing or generating iCalendar (.ics) files, working with both major Python branches, 2.x and 3.x

Mojolicious 5.16
A top of the line framework for the Perl programming language, allowing easy prototyping and development of dynamic, complex Web applications

WP SlimStat 3.6.7
A Web and traffic analytics plugin for WordPress

Review Board 2.0.4
A powerful Web-based code review tool that offers developers an easy way to handle code changes, contributions and other similar actions updates

This is a jQuery plugin for creating step input form fields

Garden Gnome Package (Joomla) 1.2.0
A small Joomla extension that allows administrators to easily import Pano2VR and Object2VR content into a Joomla-powered website

Share Buttons by E-MAILiT
A WordPress plugin for adding an advanced social sharing toolkit to your site, complete with support for numerous social networks

FV Wordpress Flowplayer 2.2.19
A free, easy-to-use, and complete solution for embedding FLV, H.264, and MP4 videos into WP blog posts or pages

Latest News.

Tails Zero-Day Flaw Demoed in Short Video
Exodus Intelligence made a video showing how the identity of a user of privacy-focused Tails (The Amnesic Incognito Live System) can be de-anonymized due to a vulnerability in a component used by the operating system. Tails is a Debian Linux-based operating system which integrates tools that run the connection through the TOR network in order to keep the identity of the user secret. Recently, Exodus, a vulnerability broker that sells the security flaws it finds, tweeted that the current vers...

Comic-Con 2014: Marvel Reveals New Concept Art for “Avengers: Age of Ultron” – Photos
Marvel is yet to reveal the full synopsis for its second “Avengers” installment, “Age of Ultron,” scheduled for theatrical release in May 2015, but we know enough on the topic from the latest EW issue: Tony Stark will introduce the sentient robot Ultron to the world and it will wreak havoc by creating an army. It’s up to the Avengers to stop Ultron and the many robots created in its semblance. On the first day of Comic-Con 2014 in San Diego, Marvel released tw...

Allwinner’s 64-bit Chip Will Bring Budget Android Tablets with 4K Video Capabilities Soon
Low-cost tablets will be getting better and better judging by the announcement budget chip manufacturer Allwinner made this week. As Liliputing notes, the company said it is planning to make its 64-bit ARM processors a reality by the end of the year. That means low-cost Android tablets taking advantage of this architecture will be equipped with 4K video decoding capabilities. These new processors will take advantage of the ability to decode H.265 video, which is a 4K standard. What this mea... Offers Its First 50 Linux Games
The digital platform now offers a number of Linux games and this event marks the entry of this new distribution service into the Linux market. representatives said a few months ago that they also planned to provide Linux versions of their games, but the promise was made with a launch date set for the fall of 2014. It looks like they managed to get things done a little faster than anticipated and a number of 50 games now also have a Linux counterpart. “We've put much tim...

Comic-Con 2014: Marvel Releases Gorgeous Concept Art for “Ant-Man” Movie – Photo
With Comic-Con debuting today, there's bound to be a plethora of quality material for geeks and comic fans, but also something for the film aficionados, since comic book characters have made a very successful transition to the big screen in the last years. During the Preview Night, Marvel has released for your viewing pleasure a concept art poster for its upcoming film “Ant-Man” starring Paul Rudd and Michael Douglas. The image comes via Entertainment Weekly and is created by Andy...

Two External Optical Disk Drives for Ultrabooks Released by Samsung
Optical disk drives, like more or less every other piece of hardware on the PC market bar motherboards and CPUs, come in internal and external form factors. Samsung has just released a pair of DVD drives that qualify as the latter.Saying that ODDs can be internal or external is a gross oversimplification actually. In both cases, the devices can have more than one form factor.Internal ODDs can be standard, 5.25-inch contraptions, or much thinner slot-loading disk units that, nonetheless, perfor...

Grand Theft Auto 5 Coming to PC, PS4, Xbox One on November 7, Retailer Says
A brand new retailer has offered a fresh release date for Grand Theft Auto 5 on the PC, PS4, and Xbox One platforms, stating that it's going to debut on November 7. Grand Theft Auto 5 delighted tens of millions of PS3 and Xbox 360 owners worldwide when it appeared on the two consoles last September. Since then, Rockstar has not only supported the game on the two devices, but it's also been working hard on bringing Grand Theft Auto 5 onto the PC, PS4, and Xbox One platforms. The major announ...

Comic-Con 2014: “Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 1” Gets Guerrilla-Style Poster
On the first day of San Diego Comic-Con 2014, ahead of the release of the first official trailer for “The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 1,” Lionsgate has introduced a brand new poster for the film. This time, it has nothing to do with the characters that we’ve come to know and love, and more with what’s in store for us with the next installment. To a newbie to the franchise, the new art (click on the image above to see it in full) might not mean anything, other than t...

Scientists Succeed Most Precise Measurement of Alien Planet
Unless you're in the habit of not paying very close attention to the things you read, you might have noticed that, whenever astronomers announce the discovery of some new celestial body, they say that it's “approximately” this big. This is because, when it comes to objects floating about in space, pinning down their precise size and shape is a complicated thing to do. Luckily, it looks like these minor setbacks in space exploration will soon become a thing of the past. Thus, as...

Dropbox 2.11.2 Brings a Better Linux Interface and Fixes
Dropbox 2.11.2, the experimental build of a client for an online service that lets you bring all your photos, docs, and videos anywhere, has been released for Linux, Windows, and Mac OS X. The Dropbox client has received quite a lot of attention lately and its developers have finally managed to take a closer look at the Linux version of the client. It's been a long time since the UI has been improved on the open source platform, but the latest changes are more than surprising. The interface ...