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Latest Webscripts.

Jamroom 5.2.15
An open source professional and expandable platform for building online communities and even a fully-featured social networking site

E-MAILiT Share 7.2
A WordPress plugin for adding an advanced social sharing toolkit to your site, complete with support for numerous social networks

JW Player 6.11
A Flash and HTML 5 video player for the web

Simple jQuery Slider 2.5.1
A lightweight full-page slider for the jQuery JavaScript framework, with support for HTML content, image slides, and touch gestures

npm 2.1.10
A package manager for the Node.js platform providing a quick and easy way of installing various modules, libraries and additional scripts

Lydia 0.3.95
A pretty basic PHP CMF (Content Management Framework), developed on top of an MVC compatible core and a ton of open source libraries

JW Player for Flash & HTML5 Video 2.1.8
A WordPress plugin integrating the JW Player 2.0.0
A powerful and complicated Java framework created at LinkedIn to help developers build application structures based on JSON and REST APIs

riak-js 1.0.1
A JavaScript library for working with the Riak database

docReady 1.0.4
A cross-browser JavaScript library for detecting page ready states, perfect for knowing when the page is ready for manipulation

NinjaFirewall 2.0 / 1.3.1-WP
A stand-alone PHP firewall script

Duet 1.3
A PHP & MySQL project management application, with support for invoice generation, payments processing, time tracking and much much more

All-in-One Event Calendar 2.1.8
An advanced fully-featured event calendar system for WordPress

A jQuery plugin for showing simple messages while loading a page, inspired by the game loading messages seen inside SimCity games

Transitive.js 0.6.2
A JavaScript library for creating and displaying transport transit maps on a Web page, with support for routes, stops and descriptions

RubyDNS 0.9.1
An open source DNS server written 100% in Ruby, easy to integrate with databases and servers, or used as a stand-alone Web service

Social Likes 3.0.9
A jQuery plugin for embedding social sharing buttons, allowing users to spread the word about your content and link back to your site

WP Photo Album Plus 5.4.20
A complete WordPress plugin to help users create and manage photo albums

A jQuery plugin that makes selecting and previewing Google Fonts for your Web projects a lot easier, with complete support for ALL the font families

Spam Blackhole 7.x-1.1 / 6.x-1.1 / 8.x-1.x-dev
A Drupal module that fools spam bots by sending form submissions to a non-existent link, but working fine with regular human users

Latest News.

Photo of the Day: E! Couldn’t Identify Jamie Foxx, Nicki Minaj at the AMAs 2014
Seeing how it was E! who basically “invented” the red carpet tradition, it’s very embarrassing for them not to be able to identify 2 of the biggest stars in showbiz right now, respectively Jamie Foxx and Nicki Minaj. Yet this is precisely what happened last night, at the American Music Awards 2014, held live at the Nokia Theater in Los Angeles, as the 2 screencaps in the gallery, courtesy of BuzzFeed, can confirm. When Ne-Yo arrived on the scene, E! identified him as Jamie Foxx, one of the ...

Who Will Be the First Hacker to Jailbreak the Apple Watch?
Apple is eyeing an early-2015 launch for its revolutionary smart-watch, while the company’s retail boss has been quoted giving an even more precise launch-frame: spring 2015. Which pretty much keeps the device off the market until March. There’s a 10 percent demand for the device among existing iPhone 5 owners, according to a recent study carried out by investment bank Morgan Stanley. But something tells us there will be many people people waiting in line to buy the thing. It’s a new Apple-s...

Wormhole in Interstellar Movie Designed with a Linux OS – Gallery
The Interstellar movie has been released not long ago and it was an instant success, despite some of the criticism that has been expressed by a number of physicists. To make thinks even more interesting, at least for Linux users, it looks like the production team used Linux to built the black hole in the movie. It's not really a secret that the scientific community is mostly using Linux for their work and the same applies for production studios that work on movies. Most of the time, they are...

“Jurassic World” Teaser Lands Online, Pays Tribute to Original Film
Many movie enthusiasts still remember the initial shock of seeing Steven Spielberg's “Jurassic Park” in cinemas for the first time. Those dinosaurs looked so real that they seemed to jump out of the screen and bite you if you were not careful. Now, fans are getting ready for the much-anticipated sequel, “Jurassic World,” which is just about ready to be released in cinemas across the world. Today, we got a first taste of the movie in a teaser that is precisely 15 seconds long and doesn't give ...

Latest Formula E Race in Malaysia Was Won by Britain's Sam Bird
If you've been keeping an eye on the news, you probably know that this year's September witnessed the debut of the first Formula-E championship ever. The competition is ongoing, but by the looks of it, two raving drivers are already well worthy of a handshake and a pat on the back. These two drivers are Brazil's Lucas di Grassi, who won the inaugural race held in Beijing, China, on September 13, and Britain's Sam Bird, who claimed victory in the second race that took place in Putraya, Malaysi...

AMAs 2014: We Need to Talk About Jennifer Lopez’s Ab-Baring Dress – Photos
There are few women who could wear a dress like the one Jennifer Lopez wore on the red carpet at last night’s American Music Awards 2014, and even fewer of her age – and not look cheap or trashy. This is a vivid reminder that Lopez, the famous Jenny from the Block, is perhaps the fiercest vampire in showbiz right now. She’s not extraordinarily elegant or stylish in a way that Cate Blanchett is, for example, but she has built this vampy image for herself and it suits her like a glove. This i...

New Batman: Arkham Knight Video Delivers 3 Minutes of Combat and Batmobile Action
The development team at Rocksteady and publisher Warner Bros. might have disappointed a lot of fans by announcing that they are delaying the title until the middle of next year, and the most recent gameplay-focused trailer is clearly designed to regain their trust and show off some of the new features that will be part of the experience. The footage is about 3 minutes long, but it is action-packaged, with plenty of details for the potential player base to explore for days. Batman is shown as...

Dragon Age, Far Cry, Assassin's Creed, and Open World Anxiety
In the last few weeks, the games industry has seen fit to launch all sorts of blockbuster games across many different platforms. Among them, quite a few offered huge open worlds that could be explored as fast or as slow as possible. From the Thedas of Dragon Age: Inquisition, to the Kyrat of Far Cry 4, the Paris of Assassin's Creed Unity, the North America of Assassin's Creed Rogue, or the Los Santos of Grand Theft Auto 5 on new consoles, players eager to explore virtual environments have a l...

Windows 8.1 Now the Second Most Used Operating System on the Desktop
It was only a matter until this happened, so it's better late than never: Windows 8.1 managed to overtake Windows XP in global market share, thus becoming the second most used operating system in the world. Statistics provided by market researcher StatCounter for the month of November (the first 21 days) show that Windows 8.1 is now powering 11.92 percent of the desktop computers across the world, while Windows XP is next with 11.79 percent. Windows 7 continues to be the leader on the deskto...

Bill Cosby “Fixer” Admits He Paid Women Off for Their Silence
Shocking new evidence is coming to light in the very muddled and very controversial case of Bill Cosby, one of the most beloved figures in American entertainment over the years, as he's now facing a slew of rape accusations. Now a man comes out of the shadows to shed some light into Cosby's alleged attempts at covering up his tracks. His name is Frank Scotti and he is a veteran NBC employee who claims that he helped Bill deliver payments of tens of thousands of dollars to women who needed to ...