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Latest Webscripts.

WildFly 10.0.0.Final
An open source Java application server developed to provide a flexible runtime for your Java enterprise and business applications

FilmRoll 0.1.17
Create image carousels with this open source jQuery plugin, rotating a collection of pictures using a simple side-stepping animation

HHVM 3.12.0
A virtual machine for improving the way PHP code is compiled and executed on the server, implementing Just-in-Time (JIT) compilation

CakePHP 3.2.2 / 2.8.0
A rapid development framework for PHP that provides an extensible architecture for developing, maintaining, and deploying applications

ProcessWire 2.7.2 / 2.7.3-dev / 3.0.8-dev
One of the Web's most versatile and customizable Content Management Systems, open sourced and free to use with any of your projects

Apache Cassandra 3.3.0 / 2.2.5
A highly scalable, consistent, fault-tolerant, distributed, structured key-value store NoSQL database system, developed by Facebook and maintained by the Apache Foundation

Craft 2.5.2762 / 3.0.2687 Developer Preview
A very versatile content management system designed to run on PHP and MySQL setups, ideal for creating custom structured websites

Phabricator 2016 Week 6 (Early February)
A PHP project manager developed to help teams work on complex software, serving as a conferencing tool, a bug tracker, and a code review system

jScrollPane 2.0.23
A jQuery plugin that allows a developer to replace the default browser scrollbar, superimposing their own graphic package on top

Bolt 2.2.17
A state of the art PHP CMS, a modern Web application for building custom-structured websites with the aid of a visual interface

Butterfly 2.0.1
A server terminal which you can access through your browser, ideal for webmasters that are always on the go, or as a way to demo products

NoFlo 0.5.22
A JavaScript framework implementing Flow-Based Programming (FBP) principles developed by IBM in the late 70s on top of the Node.js stack

Numbertor 1.1
A jQuery plugin that acts as an input mask for form fields, filtering out everything that's not a number and formatting to specific guidelines

JustGage 1.2.2
This is a JavaScript tool for rendering gauge indicators

Bootstrap Confirmation 2.2.0
A small Bootstrap component for showing small confirmation messages whenever the user tries to take a specific action on the page

Balloon 0.11.3
A Node.js static site generator built specifically for deploying on Amazon S3 infrastructures, with a blogging module also included

color 0.11.1
A JavaScript library to handle color conversion operations, taking a color expressed in one color space and converting it to another

flowchart.js 1.6.1
Draw flow charts and diagrams in your browser using SVG, a simple text syntax, Raphael.js, and a lightweight JavaScript library

Sinatra 1.4.7
A lightweight, yet very powerful Ruby framework, mainly suitable for Web development and targeting small to medium projects only

fullPage.js 2.7.7
A jQuery plugin that can be used in creating fully-featured one-page websites, complete with support for horizontal and vertical scrolling

Latest News.

Anonymous Members Goes on a Rampage, Defaces 2,532 South African Websites
Tobitow, a member of Team Hack Argentino and Anonymous Argentina, has exploited a vulnerability in the Web hosting service of Webafrica and defaced 2,532 South African websites. This mass defacement is part of #OpAfrica, an Anonymous social campaign that aims to bring attention to the situation of child labor and government corruption in African countries. The campaign started through hacks against the

Researchers Say They've Created Hack-Proof RFID Chip
A team of researchers from MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) and TI (Texas Instruments) have created a new RFID (Radio-Frequency IDentification) chip which they claim cannot be hacked. The two teams said they took special care to protect against two types of attacks that are plaguing modern-day RFID chips deployed with chip-n-PIN credit cards. These attacks are known under the names of side-channel attacks and power glitch attacks. Protection against...

Crook Fesses Up to International Telephone Hacking Scheme
Muhammad Sohail Qasmani, 47, from Pakistan, pleaded guilty to charges of conspiracy to commit wire fraud, as part of an international crime gang that hacked telephone servers and defrauded companies of well over $19.6 million / €17.4 million. PBX (Private Branch Exchange) systems are private telephone networks used within a company, that connect to external telephony providers....

Bitcoin Revolution Gets on Its Way But Many People Reject the New Version
Bitcoin has split, again. The story is the same as in previous years, with a small part of developers, miners, users, and wallet companies choosing to hard-fork the project and run an alternative version of the original crypto-currency, hoping to convince others to join. There are currently four different versions of the Bitcoin virtual currency running online. There is Bitcoin Core (the official branch, which most people use), Bitcoin Classic (the most recently launched ve...

Microsoft Careers Website Was Leaking Data via a Misconfigured MongoDB Database
Microsoft has patched a leaky database that was exposing information for users that registered on the mobile version of their Careers website. Security researcher Chris Vickery discovered the issue, which is similar to his previous discoveries. Mr. Vickery has made a name for himself by hunting down companies that were deploying misconfigured MongoDB databases online. One of the companies he exposed was MacKeeper, who was leaking details of over

Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 Specs Leak Ahead of MWC 2016: Snapdragon 652 CPU, 3GB RAM
Samsung popular Galaxy Tab family is about to get bigger in the not so distant future. After launching the Galaxy Tab S2 to some success, Samsung is not readying its predecessor, which is likely to be unveiled later this month at MWC 2016. The Galaxy Tab S3 recently appeared at GFXBench with model number SM-T819. The previous tabl...

Lava X11 Announced with 5-Inch HD Display, 2GB RAM, Android 5.1.1 Lollipop
Lava Mobile is extremely active in India, as the company already launched at least a dozen Android smartphones in the last few weeks. One of the many devices that have flooded the Indian market recently is Lava X11. This is a mid-range smartphone that doesn't impress through specs, so it's probably design that will attract more customers. According to a

Kung Fu-Inspired Mobile Game Fire Fu Coming to iOS in February
All 4 Games published announced the upcoming launch of a new mobile game for iOS devices, Fire Fu. The game is developed by UK-studio RetroFist, which is a relatively new game studio formed in 2015 by Rich Cross and John Kearney. As the name might suggest, Fire Fu is a game inspired by kung fu in which players must “set alight hordes of devilish critters with fierce and fiery martial arts, while carefully avoiding obstacles like bombs, across various detailed hand-painted e...

Another Xiaomi Mi5 Camera Sample Shows Up Online Ahead of MWC 2016
It looks like Xiaomi wants to make sure that there's enough hype around its upcoming Mi5 flagship smartphone, so in the last couple of days, it teased some interesting facts about the device. In case you don't remember, Xiaomi's president Lin Bin posted a few camera samples on Weibo earlier this week, w...

Windows 10 Mobile Users Start Seeing Old-School WAP Version of Google News Page
It’s not a secret that Google isn’t quite the biggest supporter of Microsoft’s mobile efforts, but in addition to not offering any of its apps on Windows Phone (except for the search app which is kind of useless), it turns out that the company has also made another unexpected change. It’s not yet clear if this is a recent thing or not, but Windows 10 Mobile users browsing Google News with Edge browser are being served with what seems to be the WAP version of the service ins...