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Latest Webscripts.

WP Auto Affiliate Links
A WordPress plugin for implementing a basic affiliate links program for your site, helping webmasters monetize their blogs and earn money via their visitors

Justified Gallery 3.1.0
A simple jQuery plugin that takes a collection of photos and displays them closely to each other in a tightly knit grid-like photo wall

Welcart e-Commerce 1.3.15
An e-commerce plugin for the WordPress platform

ZeroClipboard 1.3.5 / 2.0.0-beta.4
A JavaScript library for copying text to the clipboard with the aid of a small, hidden, Flash SWF file, perfect for creating those famous "Copy to Clipboard" buttons

pygal 1.4.6
A Python library for drawing SVG graphs

RSS Atom Avatar 1.2.1
This WordPress plugin allows adding an image (avatar) to feeds.

WOW Slider 5.3.2
A desktop app (Windows/Mac) to render the necessary code for a web image slideshow

Print Friendly and PDF Button 3.3.8
A WordPress plugin that allows the admin to quickly configure and embed a PDF print button, complete with a powerful print preparation display

postit 0.3.0
A beautifully designed blogging engine, with a minimal interface and simple features, running on top Node.js, MongoDB, Socket.IO, and Express

A lightweight CSS framework that can be used as the base stylesheet for any type of Web-based project, helping developers easily get projects off the ground

nanobar.js 0.2.0
A very lightweight JavaScript library developed to allow developers to add a loading progress bar (line) at the top of their websites

Log Viewer 14.04.22
A plugin for opening and viewing WordPress log files

Pylint 1.2.0
A Python tool that checks if a module satisfies a coding standard

WP-Optimize 1.7.3
This WordPress plugin is a database cleanup and optimization tool

jQuery input placeholder text
A jQuery plugin for showing inline form labels, a good fallback mechanism for older browsers that don't support the native HTML 5 placeholder attribute

Falcon.js 0.10.2
A simple and well-organized MVVM framework, coded to work on top of Knockout.js, a JavaScript library for creating rich, desktop-like user interfaces with JavaScript and HTML

howler.js 1.1.20
A JavaScript library for working with audio on the Web

xili-language 2.11.3
A WordPress plugin that provides an automatic selection of language in themes according to the language of one's post

pymemcache 1.2.3
A Python client for the Memcached open source caching system

Responsive Navigation
A free, easy to implement jQuery plugin that can transform horizontal navbars into mobile-friendly, responsive navigational menus

Latest News.

Michigan Woman Has Worked at the Same KFC Location for 52 Years
Most people don't like their jobs – it's a proven fact of life. They wake up in the morning wishing they didn't have to go to work, but for different reasons, they have no other choice. However, there are people who love their professions and try to make the most of every workday. They smile, they are courteous, and even get a lot of tasks done during work hours. People who fall into the second category are called dedicated employees. Marylou Ausborne, who served up 52 years at KFC, is defin...

Woman Claims to Be Agoraphobic to Receive Benefits, Travels the World at Taxpayers' Expense
A globe-trotting benefits cheat who claimed to be agoraphobic has been sentenced to one year in jail after traveling the world at the taxpayers' expense. Tracy Johnson, Frome, Somerset, falsely claimed 50,000 ($84,000/€60,700) of disability payments and was convicted of 13 charges of fraud, dishonestly making a false representation and failing to notify a change in circumstances between January 2008 and July 2012. The 52-year-old woman even said she was housebound as a result of...

Download OnyX 2.8.5 for Mac OS X
Titanium Software is out with a new and improved version of its system maintenance utility for Mac OS X, OnyX 2.8.5, which iterates on features like deleting the Internet Cache and includes new options and bug fixes. A new version of sqlite3 is also included. A general-purpose maintenance and customization tool, OnyX has helped Mac users tweak their system for over a decade, providing tools to make adjustments where the standard OS X preferences won’t let them inside. For example, you ...

“Human Barbie” Valeria Lukyanova Makes Video at the Beach, Posts It Online
Before you go off in the comments section about how skinny the Human Barbie is, please remember that this woman claims to be living on a diet of air and light, in case you didn't know, saying that she feeds from energy particles floating around the cosmos. On her YouTube channel, Valeria Lukyanova has just posted a video compilation of herself at the beach. While she's presumably on vacation in some exotic location, our dear “Human Barbie” decided it was the perfect time to show o...

Virtual Reality Gaming Is a Fad, Michael Pachter Believes
Games industry analyst Michael Pachter has shared his thoughts about virtual reality gaming and how it's going to be a fad, similar to the Kinect, as there won't be enough games to justify buying an Oculus Rift or a Project Morpheus headset. Virtual reality has swept the games industry in recent years after the big success of the Oculus Rift virtual reality headset, and this trend has been validated by the acquisition of Oculus by Facebook and by Sony's prototype Project Morpheus headset. Ev...

Skeletal Remains of Student Who Was Reported Missing Three Years Ago Continue to Be Found
Residents in Franklin County, Indiana, have found a new series of skeletal remains and police believe they belong to Katelyn Markham, an art student who vanished from her Ohio residence in August 2011 and whose remains were discovered in the same spot last year. Markham, from the northern Cincinnati suburb of Fairfield, Ohio, had been missing for 20 months before some of her remains were found in the same area, an unofficial dump site, last April. Her death was classified as a homicide, but ...

DownTube for Windows 8.1 Update with Better MP3 Download
DownTube is one of the Metro apps that can help you not only watch your favorite YouTube videos in the Modern UI of Windows 8, but also download them to your computer with just a few taps. The app today received a new update that makes everything run a bit smoother, while also addressing a few bugs which have been discovered in the previous builds. According to the official change log that was published in the Windows Store earlier today, the new DownTube for Windows 8.1 fixes the MP3 downlo...

Tori Spelling’s Drug Nightmare: She’s Popping Pain Pills with Alcohol in a Bid to Stay Thin
Unless she courted this type of media attention, which some believe she did, Tori Spelling is forced to deal with more negativity than before the premiere of her Lifetime docuseries True Tori. Two different reports claim she’s addicted to pain medication, which she’s now taking in a bid to stay thin. The former “Beverly Hills 90210” star has always found a way to turn her life into a “product” she could package and resell to the public in a variety of ways,...

Avril Lavigne's “Hello Kitty” Video Pulled Off YouTube Due to Controversy
Avril Lavigne did not think things all the way through when she decided to film her video for the song “Hello Kitty” and give it a Japanese theme. Shortly after the video came online on YouTube yesterday, it was pulled off the site because several fans complained about the message it was sending. In the video, Avril sang about a happy kitty, about girlie stuff, parties, cupcakes and sleepovers, but the video sent a more disturbing message. As she was clad in colorful and eye-catch...

Download Lync 2013 5.4.1087.0 for Windows Phone 8/8.1
Owners of Windows Phone 8 and Windows Phone 8.1 devices out there can now download and install a new version of the Lync 2013 application, namely version 5.4.1087.0. The new mobile application iteration arrives on handsets with a series of bug fixes packed inside, as well as with some user experience improvements, though no specific details on them have been provided as of now. The Lync 2013 for Windows Phone mobile client was designed to provide users with access to the Lync service while o...