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Latest Webscripts.

Apache Sqoop 1.4.5 / 1.99.4
A Java library for transferring data between Apache Hadoop and classic relational databases, automatically converting data between the two different data storage mediums

GoJS 1.4.14
A powerful commercial-grade JavaScript library for supporting interactive charts, graphs and diagrams in HTML5-based Web applications

Global Flash Gallery 0.14.6
A WordPress plugin for creating fast and unique galleries of great albums, photos, cards and other images

Ajax AutoComplete for jQuery 1.2.15
A jQuery plugin to create autocomplete/autosuggest boxes

Formoid 2.9.0
A fully-featured jQuery plugin for putting Web forms together, a powerful tool for advanced form prototyping and customizations

Squel.js 3.10.0
An SQL query builder writen in JavaScript, utilizing JS syntax to write the query, which the library will convert to raw SQL code

getSize 1.2.2
A JavaScript library to get the dimensions of an element, allowing developers a way to tell how big a page element is via their code

scrollReveal.js 2.1.0
An open source, lightweight JavaScript library for slowly fading in new content on a website as the user scrolls up or down the page

SASS / SCSS 3.4.9
A famous markup language and specialized compiler for enhancing CSS syntax, a tool that makes writing dynamic CSS a lot more easier

Ultimate TinyMCE 5.4
A plugin for adding extra buttons and features to the default WordPress TinyMCE WYSIWYG editor, customizing the content of its editing toolbars.

Karma 0.12.28
A complex JavaScript source code testing framework

Glide.js 1.0.6
A jQuery plugin to create responsive and touch-friendly image slideshows, with support for CSS 3 effects for slider transitions

skelJS 2.0.1
An advanced JavaScript framework for creating responsive frontend layouts, complete with an unique set of reusable UI components

Ground 0.6.9
An MVC framework for developing HTML 5 and JavaScript apps

Telescope 0.9.10
A powerful news aggregation system, letting users share links with their friends, and browse community-voted stories and articles

WP Meetup 2.2.10
A WordPress plugin for retrieving event details hosted on

Midnight.js 1.0.4
A free jQuery plugin for supporting fixed page elements that change their style and looks as the user scrolls up or down the page

Zebra_Database 2.8.6
One of the top PHP class that deals with MySQL database operations, packaged together with a top-notch debugger for solving various problems

Highland 2.1.0
A JavaScript framework for easily managing and executing code in an asynchronous or synchronous manner, with support for client-side (browsers) and server-side (Node.js) environments

Angular Material Design 0.5.1 / 0.6.0-rc3
A frontend UI framework for the AngularJS JavaScript framework, created on top of Google's Material Design style guide recommandations

Latest News.

Civilization: Beyond Earth First Patch Notes Revealed, Launch Coming Soon
Video game developer Firaxis and publisher 2K Games are announcing that they have all but finished development for the first full patch for their recently launched Civilization: Beyond Earth and that they are preparing to launch it via Steam as soon as possible. In the meantime gamers can take a look at the official change list and talk about the way the game is tweaked. The official announcement states, "We’d like to thank all our fans for the feedback and reports they have been posting and...

Telltale's Game of Thrones First Episode Launches Starting on December 2
Video game developer Telltale Games announces that it is planning to launch the first episode of its new Game of Thrones series, called Iron from Ice, starting on December 2, when gamers will be able to get it on the PC and Mac as well as on the PlayStation 4 home console from Sony, but only in North America. On December 3 the Xbox One and the Xbox 360 will get the title all over the world and it will also arrive on the PlayStation Network for Sony devices in Europe. A mobile version will al...

Saints Row: Gat Out of Hell Delivers Concept Images for Satan, Dracula, Shakespeare
The development team at Volition has not yet offered to many information on the upcoming Saints Row: Gat Out of Hell title but the team is ready to show gamers some concept art which is being used as the basis for the creation of new characters that are unique to the experience which is supposed to be offered early next year. Satan will be the main antagonist that players will have to battle and his look is a rather classical one, although it's unclear how much biological detail will be prese...

VX Search Review – Meticulous File Finder Lives Up to Expectations
Sadly, highly customizable options for delivering refined file search results are not amongst Windows' strongest features. These configurable settings tremendously aid users to rapidly locate files that meet a particular set of rules, in order to identify and remove duplicates or large files to make room for important data, for instance. In these cases, users may shift their attention to products specially developed for this meticulous task. During our software expeditions we came across VX S...

Lava Lake Springs into Being atop Volcano in Africa
A paper published earlier this month in the journal Geophysical Research Letters tells the tale of how, not long ago, a lava lake sprung into being atop an active volcano in Africa. The lava lake, a photo of which is included in the gallery below, formed atop the Nyamuragira volcano in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. It is fueled by lava fountains and the air around it is saturated with toxic compounds. A fairly rare sight As detailed by Live Science, the Nyamuragira volcano in the De...

DNA Embarks on Daring Adventure to Space and Back, Survives the Experience
Those of you who gave it your best shot to pay attention to what your teacher was talking about in class when you were studying biology probably know that DNA is basically a molecule encoding the genetic instructions organisms need to develop and function. What's interesting about DNA, whose official name is deoxyribonucleic acid, is that, by the looks of it, it's far more resilient than most people think it to be. In a nutshell, it's tough enough to survive a trip to space and back again. D...

“Star Wars: The Force Awakens” First Trailer Premieres on iTunes
This weekend will bring an amazing new development for fans of the “Star Wars” franchise, especially if they’ve been on the edge of their seat with anticipation for Disney’s reboot, the seventh film, officially called “Star Wars: The Force Awakens.” The first teaser trailer for the film, which wrapped production in London a few weeks back and is directed by the super-secretive J.J. Abrams, who also put his magic touch on the final draft of the script, will premiere with “The Hobbit: The Batt...

Lenovo Breaks Yoga 3 Laptops in Half, Accuses Shoppers of Doing It – Video
Some may say that Lenovo doesn't need to go out of its way to advertise its products, at least not more out of its way than it already is. It is one of the top two makers of PCs in the world, the biggest according to some analysts. Apparently, the company both agrees and disagrees with this notion, at least as far as the Yoga 3 Laptop is concerned. Instead of paying to have conventional ads aired about it (though I'm sure some of them exist anyway), Lenovo has hired the Upright Citizens Brig...

Actress Veena Malik Receives 26-Year Prison Sentence for Playing “Blasphemous” Role
A disturbing development in the case of the Bollywood actress Veena Malik, as it's been announced that she has been sentenced to no fewer than 26 years in jail in her native Pakistan for having played a part in a show that depicted a wedding scene loosely based on the marriage of the prophet Muhammad's daughter. A local court has issued to verdict and has ordered Malik and her husband, who is also accused in the case, to turn in their passports and also pay 3 million rupees (€10,000). The 26-...

Polar Bears in the Canadian Arctic Archipelago Risk Starving to Death
A paper published in yesterday's issue of the scientific journal PLOS ONE warns that, as climate change and global warming continue to progress, polar bears populating the Canadian Arctic archipelago will soon have serious trouble finding food. The report explains that, first off, this means that many of them will run the risk of starving to death. Besides, this predicted food shortage has high chances to bring down reproductive rates. Simply put, female polar bears in the area will deliver f...