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Latest Webscripts.

Symfony 3.1.0 / 2.8.6
An open-source PHP framework for developing Web-based applications, one of the best, most renowned, and most used PHP tools around

UpUp 0.3.0
A JavaScript library that allows developers to serve content to users while offline, using the new ServiceWorkers feature added to modern browsers

LoopBack 2.28.0 / 3.0.0-alpha.1
A modular and extensible Node.js framework that can be used to put together complex mobile and Web-based applications that run mainly on JavaScript

cssnext 2.5.2
A JavaScript library for using experimental CSS features right now, without having to way for the official release of CSS4 (or CSS5)

PHP 7.0.7 / 5.6.22 / 5.5.36
A world famous, general-purpose scripting language that is especially suited for the creation and development of dynamic Web applications

IP2Location PHP Module 7.2.4
A PHP class for the IP2Location database, a powerful tool for detecting a user's geographical location based on his public IP address

Symfony CMF 1.3.0
A package for the Symfony 2.x PHP framework that can be used to add content editing and management features to any PHP application

Ramjet 0.5.0
Use CSS3 and JavaScript to make DOM elements morph into one another, transforming their size and colors to mutate seamlessly from one state to the next

Jetpack by 4.0.3
A powerful plugin to enhance a self-hosted WordPress site with powerful features previously only available to users

phpMyAdmin 4.6.2
The most used and the most powerful Web interface for managing MySQL databases, a must-have tool for every developer and Web hosting company

Gigya - Social Infrastructure 7.x-4.9 / 6.x-3.2
This Drupal module provides a single API that aggregates authentication and social APIs from social networks

Sixpack 2.2.0
An A/B testing framework developed by the SeatGeek team on top of a Python and Redis backend, complete with a Web-based dashboard

Apache Ant 1.9.7
A state of the art Java-based build tool, modeled after the similar "make", "gnumake", "nmake" and "jam" projects, helping developers assemble and automate projects

pyFaceGraph 0.0.16
This is a Python client library for Facebook's Graph API

CopyFeed 4.7.9
This WordPress plugin allows you to extend the RSS feed with new types of content.

Magento Community Edition 2.0.7
The World's most used and most professional open-source e-commerce platform, the go-to tool when needing an a custom online store

Node.js 6.2.0 / 4.4.5
A platform for running a server-side JavaScript runtime and easily building fast, scalable Web applications. One of the world's most used technologies.

BuddyPress 2.5.3
A plugin that can help webmasters transform their regular WordPress installation into a fully-blown online community and social networking

Clojure 1.8.0
A dynamic programming language that targets the Java Virtual Machine, made famous and heavily promoted by Google's own developers

Vibrant.js 1.0.0
A JavaScript library that will extract the predominant colors from an image, and make them available programmatically for other applications

Latest News.

Wine Staging Now Lets Linux Users Play DOOM 2016 on Their Computers
The team behind Wine Staging, a special version of the Wine (Wine is Not an Emulator) software that lets Linux users play Windows games and use Windows apps on their PCs, released Wine Staging 1.9.11. Coming hot on the heels of Wine 1.9.11, which introduced more Direct3D 11 improvements, down-mixing support in DirectSound, a few enhancements to the desktop mode, and updated the WinInet component to support long URLs, Wine Staging 1.9.11 appears to be a small update that fixes issues with various apps. According to the release notes, the most important change implemented in Wine Staging 1.9.11 is a fix for the recently launched DOOM 2016 game, which is only available for the Microsoft Windows platform. The fix m...

GNOME Calendar App Getting Major Year and Month View Improvements for GNOME 3.22
The GNOME Calendar app is getting a lot of attention lately, especially now that it has been integrated by default into the Ubuntu Linux operating system, but also because the development cycle of the GNOME 3.22 desktop environment is ongoing. We reported a few days ago that the second snapshot, version 3.21.2, of the GNOME 3.22 desktop environment, due for release later this year, on September 21, 2016, was released to public beta testers and early adopters, bringing various improvements to its core applications and components. But it looks like the development team behind the GNOME Calendar app didn't participate right away in the GNOME 3.21.2 milestone, so they've announced the availability of GNOME Calendar 3.21.2 three days later, on May 31, 2016, a release that introduces numerous im...

Samsung KNOX BYOD Tools Plagued by Three Security Bugs
Uri Kanonov and Avishai Wool, two researchers from Tel Aviv University, have discovered three vulnerabilities in Samsung's KNOX platform, a collection of tools meant to separate working spaces on Samsung devices running on the Android operating system. Mainly used in BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) corporate environments, Samsung KNOX works by adding a toggle on the user's screens that allows them to switch between a work screen and a personal screen. Samsung claims that KNOX's work environment comes with a collection of tools that work on top of Android's already existing security measures, to fill the gap and provide a much more hardened workspace for its corporate users. According to Samsung's KNOX brochure, the platform's key features include Secure Boot, Trusted Boot, ARM TrustZone-based Integri...

Ubuntu Touch OTA-11 Launches Today for All Ubuntu Phones, and the Ubuntu Tablet
Just a few moments ago, Canonical's Łukasz Zemczak sent a quick email to the Ubuntu Phone mailing list to inform the community that the OTA-11 update for Ubuntu-powered devices has been approved for landing. Ubuntu Touch OTA-11 has been in development for the past two months, and it includes some exciting new features and improvements, such as the long anticipated Wireless display technology, which Canonical calls Aethercast or Display Cast, but also known popularly as Miracast. We reported on the new features the other day, so please check that story to see what's new. Unfortunately, the Wireless display implementation currently works with the Meizu PRO 5 Ubuntu Edition smartphone, and, according to Michael Hall from Canonical, with whom we had a quick chat earlier, for it to work...

Windows Zero-Day Affecting All OS Versions on Sale for $90,000
A hacker going by the handle BuggiCorp is selling a zero-day vulnerability affecting all Windows OS versions that can allow an attacker to elevate privileges for software processes to the highest level available in Windows, known as SYSTEM. Security firm Trustawave discovered the bug this past May, advertised on a Russian underground hacking forum for $90,000. The forum post's latest update was on May 23, and the initial price was of $95,000. Zero-day affects all OS versions, over 1.5 billion users BuggiCorp also posted two YouTube videos of the zero-day in action, one escalating the privileges of an application in Window 10 with the latest May 2016 security patch installed, and another video showing his exploit bypass all security features included in Microsoft's latest version of the EMET toolkit. The crook wants payment in Bitcoin, and is willing to provide escrow via the forum's administrator if needed. BuggiCorp says he'll sell the exploit ...

Two-Year-Old Drupalgeddon Bug Still Popular Even Today
Nineteen months after being discovered and patched, CVE-2014-3704, a critical Drupal security vulnerability is still popular and used on a daily basis to compromise Drupal sites. CVE-2014-3704 affects all Drupal 7.x installations prior to version 7.32 and is an SQL injection in the MySQL database that escalates the attacker's privileges so he can execute code on the server. Sucuri, a company that provides Web-based security products, says it still detects this vulnerability in the compromised sites they cleans every day. In spite of the fact that the Drupal project reached version 8 this winter, most webmasters have failed to update and are vulnerable to this bug, which security researchers have nicknamed Drupalgeddon due to its severity. When the Drupal core team announced it, they

Hacker Defaces Météo France Website With Anti-War Message
Last Monday, May 23, a hacker that goes by the nickname Amar^SHG (formerly Kuroi'SH), defaced France's most visited weather portal, Météo France. The defacement message was something you see rarer and rarer these days among hackers, a message of peace and love. With most hackers being content to slapping their name across a site's homepage, their logo, or some sort of xenophobe hate message, there's still hope for some positive hacktivism left in the world. Hacker used SQLi flaw to get access to the domain registrar Softpedia spoke with Amar^SHG, who says he used an SQL injection on the extranet of Météo France's registrar, a company called OXYD to show his defacement message. "It has been easy for me," Amar^SHG told Softpedia, "I had access to everything." He didn't steal any other data from OXYD, but he says the company moved quickly to resolve the issue, and everythin...

DDoS Attacks via TFTP Protocol Become a Reality After Research Goes Public
Almost three months after researchers from the Edinburgh Napier University published a study on how to carry out reflection DDoS attacks by abusing TFTP servers, Akamai is now warning of real-life attacks. Akamai SIRT, the company's security team, says its engineers detected at least ten DDoS attacks since April 20, 2016, during which crooks abused Internet-exposed TFTP servers to reflect traffic and send it tenfolds towards their targets, in a tactic that's called a "reflection" (or "amplification") DDoS attack. The crooks sent a small number of packets to TFTP servers, which contained various flaws in the protocol implementation, and then sent it back multiplied to their targets. The multiplication factor for TFTP DDoS attacks is 60, well above the regular average for reflection DDoS attacks, which is between 2 a...

Siri vs. Google Assistant - the Virtual Assistants Battle is all about Privacy
Everybody admits. The next battle will be all about virtual assistants and virtual reality. The second one is pretty simple: good graphics, lighter headsets and better integration with the mobile ecosystem. The first one is the one that is giving headaches to the user and even more problems to the developers.  The way virtual assistants work Every virtual assistant on the market (and I am talking about Siri, Google Assistant, Amazon Echo and other small ones) have a server side in order to process the information they give to the user, a voice recognition side and an interface to present the information (voice or screen).  The way they use that info and decode it is what makes it different.  Google, for example, knows more about you if you give it access to your email account, calendar appointments, contacts and other apps. Their virtual assistant crawls all that information and knows when you are going in vacation, the flight number and all the ...

Utah Apartment Complex Tries to Force Tenants to Give It a Facebook "Like"
City Park Apartments, an apartment complex from Salt Lake City, Utah, is forcing its tenants to give it a "Like" on Facebook within five days, threatening to otherwise break their lease and make them move out, Utah-based TV station KSL reports. This outrageous demand was taped to the doors of all tenant doors on Thursday night, May 26, and informed all residents they would have to "like" the complex's Facebook page within five days. The problem here is that this notice wasn't a simple piece of paper, but a contract addendum, which if left unsigned, would allow the apartment complex to force users to move out. Complex also wanted to ban negative reviews The excessive and bizarre request didn't stop here, thoug...