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Latest Webscripts.

Bootstrap-growl 1.1.0
A jQuery plugin for showing various types of notification messages inside a self-disappearing popup, crafted to work with Bootstrap-powered sites

SetSeed 8.2014.8.20
A fully functional PHP & MySQL content management system (CMS)

lighterbox 0.0.2
A free jQuery plugin for showing images inside a floating modal window, implementing the classic lightbox image viewing technique

Pagekit 0.8.6
A top of the line Content Management System (CMS) developed by YOOtheme, a famous theme maker for the WordPress and Joomla platforms

JS Bin 3.18.34
The source code of the website, a platform to run your own coding playgrounds, share and collaborate on Web-based projects

Usernoise modal feedback / contact form 3.7.17
A WordPress plugin for creating modal contact forms with a flexible and smooth interface

Drush 7.0.0-alpha4 / 6.4.0 / 5.11.0 / 8.x-6.0-rc4
A command line shell and Unix scripting interface for the Drupal CMS

Kanso 0.3.4
This is a JavaScript framework for writing CouchApps

Custom sidebars
A WordPress plugin for creating and managing custom sidebars

Impulse 0.0.4
A JavaScript animation engine with a focus on building physics-based interactions and effects, with advanced support for mobile devices

JSCover 1.0.14
A powerful code coverage tool written in Java for analyzing and reporting on the quality and efficiency of JavaScript source code

Active Merchant 1.44.1
A complex Ruby library and Ruby on Rails plugin that can handle financial transactions via various direct and offsite payment gateways

regex 2014.08.28
A complex Python module created as an alternative to Python's built-in "re", a function for regular expression matching and manipulation

jQuery FocusPoint 1.0.0
A very clever jQuery plugin for controlling how an image will get cropped if it ever needs to be displayed inside smaller containers

Redux Framework
A modern theme options for WordPress, ideal for adding a powerful and customizable options panel for your WP themes and plugins

Widget Shortcode 0.2.3
A WordPress plugin that can output the content of any active sidebar widget inside a page's body using a simple, automatically generated shortcode

SASS / SCSS 3.4.2
A famous markup language and specialized compiler for enhancing CSS syntax, a tool that makes writing dynamic CSS a lot more easier

AssetViz 0.3.0
A JavaScript library for graphically representing a project's structure, showing how files are loaded with the help of an interactive graph

App Store Assistant 6.8.0
A WordPress plugin for fetching and embedding Mac App Store product details

stpl 0.1.1
A template engine for JavaScript developers

Latest News.

Yakuza Zero TGS 2014 Video Shows Impressive Graphics, Tokyo by Night
The development team at SEGA has officially announced that it will deliver a new Yakuza title, called Zero, on the Japanese market and on the PlayStation 4 at some point in 2015, and the first trailer for the experience suggests that it will be a dark and realistic affair.The footage released during the 2014 Tokyo Game Show focuses on the main character, Kazuma Kiryu, who is younger than players have ever seen him, and on his ruthless nature as he works as bill collector.The development team h...

Missed the Live iTunes Festival Performances? Here's How to Watch Them
The London iTunes Festival opened Monday night at the Roundhouse and the world tuned in to watch the live show. The performances can be watched live via Apple TV, iPad and iPhone in Full HD streaming and the quality is amazing. What do you do if the times are not good for you, cause it's not like you can DVR them? Well, Apple has found a way to offer everything for free, via iTunes. On the first night of the show, the stage belonged to deadmau5. But before the famous Canadian DJ and pro...

Card PIN Codes Revealed by Finger Heat Signature
A smartphone equipped with an infrared camera may become the pickpockets’ favorite tool, as the kit can be used to detect the PIN code entered on PoS systems keyboards after the victim completes the transaction in a store.Objects emit light based on the temperature they produce, and this can be caught by infrared cameras. Since during the interaction between two objects heat is exchanged, the PIN key presses can be revealed by the heat signature left behind by the finger.Amazing as this ...

Amnesty International Slams Turkey over Prosecution of Twitter Critics As Internet Governance Forum Kicks Off
Amnesty International is condemning the stance the Turkish government has taken in regards to the critics that posted messages on Twitter. The human rights organization feels like the Turkish government’s prosecution of its online critics is a “deeply hypocritical” stance, especially since the country is the host for the Internet Governance Forum, which takes place between September 2 and 5. Amnesty International called on future hosts of the event to set a better example...

BlackBerry Passport Shown in Video Alongside Z10 and Z30 Smartphones
Passport is the next BlackBerry smartphone to be revealed by the Canadian company this month. Although we have no clue yet when exactly the handset will be available for purchase, it’s pretty clear that this is the last major BlackBerry launch for this year. The excitement built around BlackBerry Passport is about to get even higher with the latest video released by N4BB, which shows the upcoming smartphone in action, alongside two other BlackBerry handsets, the Z10 and Z30. Both all-t...

Tony Stewart Botches First Race After Kevin Ward Jr.'s Death
Although he was cheered on by thousands of fans from the stands on his return race in the Oral-B USA 500 in Atlanta, Georgia, Tony Stewart failed to cross the finish line and thus proved that he didn't fully recover from the shock of running over fellow driver Kevin Ward Jr. and subsequently killing him. Last week, Stewart made the announcement that he was returning to racing after a 3-week absence during which he took the time to grieve. Yesterday, fans were looking forward to seeing him rac...

Ricky Gervais Criticized for Mocking Celebrities Targeted in Leak of Private Photos
British comedian Ricky Gervais landed himself in very hot waters the other day when, in the aftermath of the biggest celebrity photo leak of our times, he took to Twitter to say that the female celebrities targeted in it carried a share of the blame. Over the weekend, a hacker broke into the iCloud accounts of several high-profile names, including Jennifer Lawrence, Kirsten Dunst, Kate Upton and Mary Elizabeth Winstead, and stole private, very revealing photos they had there for backup. He t...

Watch: This Is What Happens to Your Brain When You Get Drunk
It's (too) often said that drinking a wee too much kills brain cells. As it turns out, this is not true. Simply put, liquor is not one to make mincemeat of whatever neurons it chances to cross paths with. The video below made it online just a few days ago. It explains what happens to the human brain when one gulps down one too many sips of alcoholic beverages, and I for one have to admit that I found it quite entertaining. As explained in the video, alcohol does not kill brain cells. It do...

Download Now PS4 Firmware Update 1.76 for More Stability Fixes
Sony has rolled out yet another system software update for the PS4 console, this time taking its firmware to version 1.76, bringing forth a suite of other stability fixes that are confirmed yet lack any sort of details. The PS4 console has been around for quite a while now and Sony has rolled out plenty of different software updates designed to add more features to the console and to prevent any errors, issues, or problems from affecting owners of the home console. However, many of the firmw...

Pear OS 8 Still Gets Thousands of Downloads Despite Being Officially Dead – Gallery
Pear OS 8, a Linux distribution based on Ubuntu 13.10 that imitated the look and feel of Mac OS X to the letter, has been dead for more than six months, but it's still being downloaded and installed more than much newer systems that are still alive. The curios case of Pear OS 8 is a very interesting one. This operating system had numerous problems during its existence, which spanned a few years. The devs had to change the name two or three times, they had to change the logo as well, and they ...