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PrestaShop / / Alpha4
A professional-grade e-commerce shopping cart software available for free, a well known, well established, and very stable platform to run your online stores on

Ghost 0.7.9
An open-source blogging platform developed on top of technologies like Node.js, Markdown, MySQL, SQLite, Express and Underscore.js

Team Password Manager 6.68.138
A Web-based application written in PHP that uses a MySQL database to store sensitive data about user accounts, passwords and password policies

Teapot 1.2.2
A complex, multi-platform build tool, a Ruby library for assembling boilerplate Web projects with preset file & folder structures

Swipebox 1.4.4
A lightbox plugin for the jQuery JavaScript framework, showing images and videos inside a modal window covering your entire screen

JsViews 0.9.75
A powerful MVVM and MVP JavaScript framework

numbers_and_words 0.10.5
A lightweight Ruby library for translating numbers to words, a powerful tool for converting numbers to their spoken, literal form

Yellow Lab Tools 1.10.0
A Node.js Web-based utility designed to test a website's frontend performance and help developers improve it by fixing detected problems

Drawer 3.2.0
A lightweight jQuery plugin for showing a hidden menu from the side of the page, ideal for usage on mobile or responsive websites

Sismo 1.0.3
A powerful continuous testing server written in PHP, automatically running your desired tests and sending diagnostics & results via email

jQuery.Preload 1.0.9
A jQuery plugin for fetching and loading content in the page's background, without the user ever noticing or seeing any visual proof of its existence

CForm 1.9.5
A PHP class for easily assembling, validating and then processing Web forms, with support for a wide variety of validation rules

iisnode 0.2.21
A package to run Node.js on IIS, supporting all of the runtime's features natively

Hashie 3.4.4
A Ruby library for manipulating a page's URL via hashtags (also callend hashes), allowing an in-depth control of what gets displayed and what gets loaded on the page

Alerta 4.7.13
A complex server monitoring tool coded in Python and MongoDB, allowing developers to aggregate alerts, notifications, and warnings from different servers and systems in real-time

Taiga 2.1.0
An open source project management application that can be used to help a team of people organize a set of activities and follow up on their development

NodeAdmin 0.1.1
An admin panel for Node.js, MySQL, and Express applications, ideal for adding KISS management interfaces for your complicated apps

Three.js r76
A state of the art 3D engine written and working in JavaScript, using HTML 5 canvas, SVG, CSS 3 3D, and WebGL rendering methods

Ionic 1.3.0
A framework for mobile development, a cross between HTML 5 and native programming methods for building fast, hybrid applications

AngularJS 1.5.5 / 2.0.0-beta.9
A powerful JavaScript MVC framework developed by Google for building modern Web applications, for both desktop and mobile environments

Latest News.

NVIDIA 365.10 GeForce Graphics Driver Is Available for Download
NVIDIA has rolled out a new Game Ready driver that brings optimal gaming experience for Battleborn, Forza Motorsport 6: APEX Beta, Overwatch Beta, and Paragon Beta titles, namely version 365.10 for both desktop and notebooks. In addition to that, the present release also fixes Dark Souls 3 poor performance when rendering on GeForce GTX 400 or 500 GPU series, as well as NV_DX_interop performance problems. However, these issues were encountered only on Windows Vista to 8.1 platforms. As for Windows 10, users using this operating system will receive workarounds for system crashes when going into S3 (or resuming from S3/S4), severe FPS drops in various games, as well as NVIDIA Control Panel hang events when enabling SLI. Regarding compatibility, NVIDIA’s new version is suitable for both desktop and notebooks configurations running Windows 7, 8, 8.1, and 10 OSes. Additionally, desktops also support Microsoft’s Windows XP and Vista platforms. Therefore, if you intend t...

Microsoft Wants the Surface Phone to Be the Most Secure Smartphone in the World
Despite criticism, Microsoft has no plans to give up on its mobile business, so the company will continue to invest in Windows 10 Mobile development and features that would bring smartphones and PCs in sync. But what’s more important is that Microsoft is aiming for a different strategy that’s going to overhaul its mobile efforts and change the way Windows Phone and Windows 10 Mobile are currently regarded. We already know that 2016 is not going to be the year of mobile, with Microsoft focusing on some different projects in the next few months, promising more “cool things” for Windows 10 Mobile next year. One of these cool things appears to be the Surface Phone, a completely new device that will be developed by the same team that built the Surface tablet and headed by Panos Panay. Little is known about the device until now and all we got are rumors, with a new report by

End of an Era: Google Chrome Overtakes IE as World’s Number 1 Browser
Microsoft itself kind of abandoned Internet Explorer with the release of Windows 10, so it was only a matter of time until the browser lost the first place in market share rankings across the world. Now new figures provided by Net Applications for the month of April 2016 show that Internet Explorer’s market share keeps going down, while Google Chrome grows at a rather fast pace. So in April, Google Chrome finally managed to overtake Internet Explorer after so many years as a runner-up, with the next few months expected to increase the gap between the two browsers. Google Chrome vs. Internet Explorer Last month, Google Chrome managed to take over the leading spot by reaching 41.72 percent, while Internet Explorer dropped to 40.67 percent. This switch of places is not at all surprising given the fact that Internet Explorer is no longer the default Windows browser and more people are moving to Windows 10, so Microsoft kind of expected this to happen...

Windows 7 Experiences Biggest Decline in Months As More Users Move to Windows 10
Windows 10 continues to be available free of charge as an upgrade for Windows 7 and 8.1 users and the number of users who decide to take advantage of the offer grows as we get closer to the final days of this promo. Statistics provided by third-party market research firm Net Applications reveal that Windows 10 remained the second most-used desktop operating system in April, reaching a 15.12 percent market share. Windows 7 keeps leading the market with 47.29 percent, while Windows XP sticks with the third place with 10.45 percent. Individually, April 2016 has been Windows 7’s worst month this year so far since it experienced a significant decline as more users move to Windows 10. Windows 7 dropped from 51.89 percent to 47.29 percent in April and this is the first time the operating system launched in 2009 drops below the 50 percent threshold. Windows 7 dropped gradually since the debut of Windows 10 and back in July 2015 when Microsoft launched the latest version o...

VLC Media Player 2.2.3 Improves MKV Tags Support, Fixes WMV Regression
VideoLAN released a new maintenance build for the stable 2.2 series of their popular, cross-platform, and open-source VLC Media Player software, version 2.2.3, for all supported platforms. VLC Media Player 2.2.3 is now available for download and we've managed to get our hands on the internal changelog (attached at the end of the article for reference) so we can share with you what's new in this point release, what has been changed since VLC Media Player 2.2.2, which was announced in January 2016. There are fifteen bug fixes in VLC 2.2.3, covering various areas of the software, including demuxing, decoding, video output, skins, Qt port, as well as Mac OS X and Windows fixes. Taking a closer look, we can notice that VLC Media Player 2.2.3 addresses a regression with the Windows Media Video (WMV) format. The MKV tags support has been improved, a potential MKV (Matroska) infinite loop was fixed, al...

Microsoft Moves to Deprecate SHA-1 Certificates in Edge and Internet Explorer
Microsoft clarified its plan for SHA-1 deprecation in Windows products last week, and the company says that the first major changes will come with the official release of the company's Windows 10 Anniversary Update this summer. The company's security team says that starting with the Windows 10 Anniversary Update, both Microsoft Edge and Internet Explorer browsers will consider all digital certificates signed with an SHA-1 certificate as insecure. The result of this change is that the lock icon seen on HTTPS connections will be removed if SHA-1 is used on the site. Users will be allowed to access the site, but they won't see it as a secure connection anymore. Microsoft to completely block SHA-1 certificates with February 2017 Starting with February 2017, the change will become permanent, and all TLS certificates signed with an SHA-1 algorithm will be blocked by default in all the company's browsers. After this stage, users won't be allowed to acce...

Iranian Hacker Arrested for Stealing American Airlines Air Miles Worth $260,000
Miami police revealed details about a criminal case from 2015 during which officers arrested an Iranian national studying in the US for stealing reward air miles from American Airlines customers worth $260,000. The suspect's name is Milad Avadzavani, a former Florida International University student, who was arrested last year and is preparing to face trial this summer. According to Miami police, Avadzavani stole air miles rewards from at least six American Airlines customers and used the benefits to buy airplane tickets, rent hotel rooms, and rent cars in various cities such as Miami, Denver, Tampa, and Dubai. Police traced the hacking back to his IP address Police say that Avadzavani hacked into the accounts of American Airlines clients, changed their passwords, and booked flights, hotel rooms, and rented cars in the name Milad Avaz. Investigators say this happened numerous times, and all attacks led back to the same IP address. American Airli...

US Law Change Allows Police to Search PCs of VPN, Tor & Malware-Infected Users
The US Supreme Court has given the thumbs up to an amendment from the advisory committee on criminal rules for the Judicial Conference of the United States, which contains updates to criminal procedures that allow law enforcement to go after Tor and VPN users. The amendment is nothing more than an update to Rule 41 of the Federal Rules of Criminal Procedure, but with a broader scope that allows law enforcement agencies to engage in surveillance and even the hacking of US citizens and the citizens of other countries. New Rule 41 can allow law enforcement to go after Tor, VPN users According to privacy advocates at the EFF, US judges across the country could use the new Rule 41 to issue warrants that grant police the right to hack, search, or seize their computers if law enforcement suspects they may be engaged in "concealed" traffic. The am...

Man Claims He's Bitcoin's Creator, Is Immediately Contested
In interviews with three media outlets today, Australian businessman Craig Wright claimed to be and attempted to prove he was "Satoshi Nakamoto," the moniker used by Bitcoin's inventor in the cryptocurrency's early life. In front of reporters from the BBC, The Economist and GQ, Mr. Wright executed a Bitcoin transaction and signed the operation using the same public key used to sign the first ever Bitcoin transaction back in 2009. Influential people in the Bitcoin world believe Wright's claims Mr. Wright also posted a technical write-up on his blog, providing the evidence to support his claims. Jon Matonis, founding director of the Bitcoin Foundation, gave Wright's demonstration legitimacy and

Installing Ubuntu 16.04 LTS
In the good tradition of our Ubuntu installation tutorials, as well as at the request of several of our readers, we've decided to publish a new guide that will teach you how to boot and install the Ubuntu 16.04 LTS operating system. Officially launched on April 21, 2016, Ubuntu 16.04 is a long-term supported (LTS) version of the popular GNU/Linux operating system from Canonical, which means that it will be supported with critical security patches and software updates for five years, until 2021. Ubuntu 16.04 LTS is the 24th release of Ubuntu, dubbed Xenial Xerus. By following the instructions provided in the next sections, anyone will be able to install Ubuntu 16.04 LTS (Xenial Xerus) on their desktop or laptop computers, even newcomers who have never installed an Ubuntu OS before. However, if you're already using