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Tiki Wiki CMS Groupware 14.0
An open source PHP portal that can be used as a CMS, a wiki, a help-desk, a CRM, a blog, an e-learning platform, a forum, and many other more

SIDU 5.3
A Web-based GUI for managing various database databases, letting users easily interact with the table's data and structure using a simple visual interface

Event Organiser 2.13.2
A WordPress plugin for managing events and venues

PSX Framework 1.0.2
An open source, object-oriented framework for developing dynamic websites in PHP, separating the application's code from its design

jQuery ScrollTabs 1.0.1
A jQuery plugin that allows tab panels to be scrolled sideways when there isn't enough available space on the screen to show them all

Django-Security 0.1.24b
A Django module containing lots of safety and prevention measures that can improve and raise the security level of any Django app

Babylon.js 2.0.0
Create powerful 3D games and Web animations with this JavaScript game engine coded to work best with HTML5 and WebGL environments

Enyo 2.5.2 / 2.6.0-pre.7
An open source object-oriented JavaScript framework

MongoDB Perl Driver 0.999.998.6
A Perl driver for the MongoDB database, a simple toolkit that allows developers to interconnect Perl apps with MongoDB databases

cformsII 14.9.6
This is a highly customizable, flexible and powerful form builder plugin for WordPress

Jackson 2.5.3 / 2.6.0-rc1
A Java JSON data processor

easybook 4.9.0
A PHP platform for publishing e-books

Clojure 1.6.0 / 1.7.0-RC1
A dynamic programming language that targets the Java Virtual Machine, made famous and heavily promoted by Google's own developers

A multi-functional Flash plugin that will allow developers to live broadcast video streams in the HLS (HTTP Live Streaming) format

Shepherd 1.0.1
A JavaScript library for creating Web-based presentations, intros, tour guides and step by step wizards, perfect for showcasing product and service features

store 2.3.0
A JavaScript library to take advantage of the new HTML 5 localStorage and sessionStorage APIs

InfluxDB 0.8.8 / 0.9.0-rc31
A database engine specifically created to handle time-series data, real-time analytics or large scale metrics information with ease

Passport 0.2.2
An unobtrusive authentication system for Node.js

jQueryUI Limitslider 1.1.3
A jQuery UI extension that adds support for limit dragging for jQuery UI's slider widget, forcing users to stick to desired selection ranges

jquery.mb.bgndGallery 1.9.1
A jQuery plugin to show an image slideshow on the page's background, perfect for stand-alone image galleries or for silent slideshows on normal pages

Latest News.

SystemRescueCd 4.5.3 Is Powered by Linux Kernel 3.14.43 LTS, Includes TestDisk 7.0
On May 25, François Dupoux had the pleasure of informing us about the immediate availability for download of a new maintenance release of his SystemRescueCd 4.5 distro. SystemRescueCd is a Live CD that contains all sorts of utilities, which help advanced users and experienced system administrators with all sorts of system rescue and recovery operations. Accordin...

Microsoft to Launch “Office Now” Personal Assistant on Windows Phone, Android & iOS
There's a plethora of new applications that Microsoft plans to launch on all major platforms, including Android, iOS and Windows Phone. We're already reported on some of them that leaked before Microsoft could unveil them officially, such as Flow, Dialer for Lync Meetings, and InstaNote. It looks like these won't be the only ones that might be officially introduced this year, as

Sunset Review (PC)
Sunset is a video game created by Tale of Tales that tries to do something new with the idea of narrative in the video game space, using just one character that gamers control and actually interact with while also making an apartment a sort of medium that allows others to express themselves. The game can be mysterious and opaque but also direct and shocking, and this mix seems designed to keep the player interested as time goes by, even if the main mechanics do not evolve i...

Lara Croft: Relic Runner Out Now on Windows Phone
Square Enix announced less than two weeks ago it will bring another endless runner in the Lara Croft franchise on Android, iOS and Windows Phone. Dubbed Lara Croft: Relic Runner, the game was launched in mid-May, but it was only available in the Netherlands for quite a long time. The Android and iOS versions of the game were then gradually rolled out globally, but the Windows Phone platform has been skipped form the initial launch of Lara Croft: Relic Runner. The good...

Mesa 10.5.6 Open Source 3D Graphics Library Arrives with Multiple Fixes
Emil Velikov announced the immediate availability for download of a new maintenance release of the Mesa 3D graphics library used in numerous distributions of GNU/Linux. According to the change, which you can find below, Mesa 10.5.6 is a bugfix release that addresses numerous issues in various areas of the project, including core Mesa, patches for drivers, Clover improvements, fixes for the EGL and GLX loaders, as well as Darwin build improvements. Mesa 10.5.6 introduces...

Google Launching Two Nexus Phones in 2015: LG Angler and Huawei Bullhead
With less than a week until Google I/O kicks off, more details on what the search giant might announced at the conference have just popped up online. We have already learned about the many new features and improvements that Google plans to include in Android M, the next version of its mobile operating syst...

Star Wars Battlefront Images Shows Two Star Destroyers over Sullust
Star Wars Battlefront might be a long way from its launch date but the development team at DICE continues to deliver new teasers for fans in order to show off some of the impressive sights that the title will deliver and to suggest potential gameplay elements. The official Twitter account for the French public relations department of the series is offering fans a look at the already revealed Sullust, but with two powerful Star Destroyers in the skies above the lava planet. ...

LG G4c Now Up for Pre-Order, Ships on June 8
LG introduced the G4c mid-range smartphone about a week ago and we thought that it will take at least one month until the company will make it available on the market. Surprisingly, the LG G4c has just went on pre-order in the UK at major retailer

Monster GO! Launched on Windows Phone with Xbox Live Support
Game Troopers and ThinkBox Studios have just release their game Monster GO! on Windows Phone platform. Developers announced a few days ago the game will be available on all three major mobile platforms beginning this week, but it looks like only the Windows Phone version went live. The game fully supports Xbox Live on Windows Phone, so expect plenty achievements to be available and other goodies. Monster GO! is a side-scrolling platformer that allows players to choose...

2K Teases Project that Features Gene Therapy and Future Cities Might Be New BioShock
Video game publisher 2K Games is at the moment teasing a new project that does not have an official name but might be a new experience linked to the BioShock franchise because it features some of its core elements. At the moment, the company is offering some Twitter based images linked to the new game and an official teaser project but no information about the genre, the name or the co...