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Latest Webscripts.

Symfony 3.1.5 / 2.8.12
An open-source PHP framework for developing Web-based applications, one of the best, most renowned, and most used PHP tools around

Piwik 2.16.5 / 3.0.0 Beta 1
An open source, real-time Web traffic analysis program, the World's most used analytics system outside Google's Analytics service

Drupal 8.2.1 / 7.50 / 6.38 / 9.x-dev
An open source CMS (content management system) for easily building, publishing, managing and organizing a wide variety of website types

PHP 7.0.12 / 5.6.27 / 5.5.38
A world famous, general-purpose scripting language that is especially suited for the creation and development of dynamic Web applications

AngularJS 2.1.0 / 1.5.8
A powerful JavaScript MVC framework developed by Google for building modern Web applications, for both desktop and mobile environments

phpBB 3.1.10 /3.2.0-RC1
A high powered, fully scalable, and highly customizable open source bulletin board package, a script to get your forum off the ground in no time

Bootstrap 3.3.7 / 2.3.2 / 4.0.0 Alpha 5
The World's most used frontend UI framework, a powerful toolkit for prototyping Web pages, created and catered by true professionals

BuddyPress 2.7.0
A plugin that can help webmasters transform their regular WordPress installation into a fully-blown online community and social networking

Node.js 7.0.0 / 6.9.1
A platform for running a server-side JavaScript runtime and easily building fast, scalable Web applications. One of the world's most used technologies.

Joomla 3.6.4 / 2.5.28
An award-winning content management system (CMS), one of the three most known CMSs on the Internet and a platform everyone's used to

WordPress Download Manager 2.9.1
A WordPress plugin to run a professional file downloads center on your site, with support for paid downloads and password-protected files

Sitefinity CMS 9.2
A very powerful ASP.NET content management system (CMS)

Django 1.10.1
The world's most used Python framework, a powerful toolkit for building clean, powerful and versatile MVC-based Web applications

Polr 2.0.0
A PHP application that allows users to host and manage their own URL link shortening application, coming packed with its own Safari extension

Apostrophe (Node.js) 2.1.3
A content management system designed for and around Node.js, ported from a similarly-named Symfony PHP version

Gridism 0.2.2
A responsive grid system developed by one of GitHub's UI designers, a powerful tool to make sure your sites render properly on mobile and desktop devices

Monaco Editor 0.6.1
The source code editor that powers Microsoft's VS Code service, the Web-based version of the company's famous Visual Studio IDE

Jelix 1.6.10
A PHP 5 framework for developing any kind of web applications

TypeScript 2.0.3
An advanced programming language developed by Microsoft, specifically for usage in developing large scale JavaScript-based applications

jQuery UI 1.12.1
A set of themable widgets and UI components for using with the jQuery JavaScript library, a World-renowned frontend UI framework

Latest News.

Singapore Telco Blames Recent DDoS Attacks on Compromised IoT Devices
StarHub, Singapore's biggest telecommunications provider, said today that two recent DDoS attacks that have targeted its DNS infrastructure had been carried out using botnets of compromised  broadband routers and webcams. The telco's explanation is reminiscent of the recent DDoS attacks that targeted the infrastructure of Dyn, a provider of global managed DNS services. These attacks had prevented a large number of users from Europe and the US to access popular sites such as Twitter, Reddit, Imgur, Soundcloud, Spotify, Etsy, GitHub, and more. The attacks that targeted StarHub had taken place on late night Saturday, October 22, and then late evening, on Monday October 24. Both attacks, as StarHub explained, targeted the company's DNS infrastructure, which downed Internet connectivity for all its clients. Around 5 mi...

Adobe Patches Flash Zero-Day, Discovered by Google, Used in Live Attacks
Adobe released today Flash Player version that fixes a critical security flaw discovered by two Google engineers, which they say was used in attacks against Windows users in the wild. The technical description of this security flaw is "a use-after-free vulnerability that could lead to code execution," which Adobe tracks under the identifier of CVE-2016-7855. Adobe said an attacker had deployed this vulnerability as part of targeted attacks against users running Windows versions 7, 8.1 and 10. Neel Mehta and Billy Leonard from Google's Threat Analysis Group discovered CVE-2016-7855, which appears to be used in limited, targeted attack, specific to cyber-espionage (APT) groups. Adobe releases emergency out-of-band Flash patch Adobe Flash is embedded in Edge and recent IE versions, so the next Windows security update will fix Flash automatically. Chrome also embeds Flash, and updating Chrome to the latest version should fix the issue. U...

Microsoft Announces Its First All-in-One PC Called Surface Studio
Microsoft has just launched its Surface All-in-One PC as the Surface Studio, a name that we’ve heard about before and which the company has embraced to emphasize the capabilities of the device. The Surface Studio comes with a PixelSense display and features state-of-the-art hardware, such as 28-inch screen size, 3:2 aspect ratio, 32 GB RAM, and 2 TB hybrid drive. In terms of graphics, the Surface Studio features the GeForce 980M. The Surface Studio looks a lot like the Apple iMac and Panos Panas himself has said that “it looks familiar, but feels entirely the same.” It has a touchscreen, a feature that iMacs are missing right now, and is also thinner. “I love this product,” Panos Panay said. “It’s built to pull you in. We wanted to transform the way you create and think about creating,” he added. It looks like it’s built to be the flagship of Windows 10 Creators Update coming in spring 2017. "Designed in a way to bring the hinge to life" The new...

Microsoft Launches the Surface Book i7
Microsoft has just announced an upgraded version of the Surface Book that comes with more powerful hardware and better battery life. The so-called Surface Book i7 comes with 16-hour battery life, with Panos Panay explaining that “we pumped up the performance” because gamers asked for it. “We put more batteries in the product,” he said. “There’s no other product that has the battery life, the same performance, the same display. It’s really the ultimate laptop,” Panos Panay explained. "We redesigned the entire thermal system from the inside,” Panay explained, adding that this new laptop is 3 times more powerful than the MacBook. Apple is also unveiling new laptops tomorrow, so that could change depending on what Cupertino plans to unveil. Next generation probably coming in 2017 What's very important to note is that this isn't the Surface Book 2, but an upgraded version of the first generation. It only comes with new hardware, but visually, it rema...

LinkedIn May Become the First Major Social Network Blocked in Russia
An anonymous source inside Russian communications regulator Roskomnadzor told local newspaper Kommersant that the agency has started legal procedures to block LinkedIn in Russia. The source claims that Roskomnadzor is enacting a law passed in September 2015, which was never enforced until now. The law says that all foreign companies that handle data of Russian citizens must store the information on servers located in Russia. The law was put together following Edward Snowden's revelations about the NSA's massive spying operations, which had its tentacles deep in the data centers of several Silicon Valley companies. LinkedIn is the first target of Russia's new user privacy law LinkedIn's situation is a little bit ironic. LinkedIn is among the few social media sites currently not banned in China, mainly because it agreed to cooperate with authorities and remove controversial content. Facebook, Goog...

Microsoft’s Windows 10 Paint App to Launch as Paint 3D [Update: It's Official]
Microsoft is working on a modern version of Paint and recent leaks have shown that the application is ready to make its debut, with sources close to the matter suggesting that it might go live as soon as today. As we’ve told you already, Microsoft will be holding a new Windows 10 event in just a few hours, and it’s likely that this new Paint application will be one of the unveilings that Microsoft makes during the keynote. As far as the app itself is concerned, a new report coming from seems to suggest that Microsoft is planning on calling it Paint 3D Studio or simply Paint 3D in order to maintain the original identity of the app, but at the same time to give it a more modern touch. Not working on mobile just yet Paint will arrive on Windows 10 with features that make it a more advanced solution, off...

Sony to Issue Fix for Accelerometer Issue on Xperia X Performance
Sony unveiled the Xperia X Performance back in February this year, together with two other smartphones in the series, Xperia X and Xperia XA. Xperia X Performance was the most powerful smartphone among the three devices that were announced during the Mobile World Congress 2016. Xperia X Performance comes with a very powerful Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 processor, coupled with 3GB of RAM and 32GB of internal storage, which can be expanded to up to 128GB using a microSD card. The smartphone comes with impressive rear camera specs, 23MP with 4k video recording and predictive hybrid autofocus. Front camera capacity is 13MP and the phone has a 2,700mAh battery and 5-inch display with full HD resolution. The phone currently sells for about $599.99 at BestBuy. Despite its impressive specs, it seems that the Xperia X Performance has some issues wit...

Moonlight APT Uses H-Worm Backdoor to Spy on Middle Eastern Targets
An APT group operating out of the Middle East, and most likely out of Palestine, has been engaged in a cyber-espionage campaign that has taken aim at various Middle Eastern and African countries in the Mediterranean Basin. Several cyber-security firms have tracked the group over the years. Vectra Networks calls it Moonlight, but other names include Gaza Hacker Team, Gaza Cybergang, DownExecute, XtremeRAT,

Download Firmware 2.00 for Pioneer’s DJM-TOUR1 Digital Mixer
Pioneer has rolled out a new firmware package developed for its DJM-TOUR1 digital mixer, namely version 2.00, which manages to enhance the internal digital signal dithering process (DSP), thus providing a better sound quality. In addition to that, the producer visually improves the AUTO, TAP and BEAT functions found on the main display, and fixes the channel level indicator that was lit when launching. Last but not least, if applied, the present firmware will also resolve the audio output problem spotted when changing Beat FX or FX channels, as well as remove the bug that caused a switching noise to be heard upon changing the USB Output Level. When it comes to installation, first save and unzip the downloadable archive, transfer the .upd file onto an empty USB drive, and make sure your touring setup is powered off and no devices or cables are connected to it. Afterward, turn on the mixer while pressing both On/Off (BEAT FX) and MID (FX FREQUENCY) buttons to enter...

Samsung Pay to Support Online Payments and In-App Payments in Early 2017
Samsung has announced that it made some significant changes to its mobile payment system, Samsung Pay. The South Korean company stated that Samsung Pay is adding three more countries, Malaysia, Russia and Thailand. In total, Samsung Pay will be working in 10 countries by the end of the year. Aside from announcing that the service is expanding, Samsung Electronics also stated that a global partnership with Mastercard will provide an even more simplified online payment and express checkout service for users. In early next year, Samsung Pay users will be able to access Mastercard’s digital payment service, Masterpass in order to conduct online payments faster. It seems that merchants in up to...