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Latest Webscripts.

Oro Platform 1.8.0
A fully-featured PHP development platform (framework) for creating customizable Web-based applications in PHP 5.x and Symfony 2.x

Imagecow 1.4.1
A PHP library for manipulating, resizing and cropping responsive images, complete with support for the GD2 and Imagick libraries

OTRS ITSM 4.0.11
An OTRS extension that transforms the Perl-based help desk toolkit into a fully-customizable IT computer service management solution

OTRS 4.0.11 / 5.0.0 Beta3
An open source ticketing and help desk system written in Perl

Windows Azure SDK for .NET 2015-08-28T17-35
A SDK for developing .NET-based apps and websites that run on Windows Azure, a cloud computing platform and infrastructure created by Microsoft

Django Suit 0.2.134 / 0.3a1
A modern interface to replace Django's default admin skin, helping developers create beautiful backends for their Django applications

TypeWatch 2.2.2
This is a jQuery plugin which detects changes to a form text field

Deployd 0.8.5
A platform for building application backends and real-time APIs, enabling a simple way to create and manage data streams and data types

jQuery Disabler 1.1.1
Make elements on a page read-only, or disable them completely

Unicorn 4.9.0
A HTTP Web server for Ruby Rack applications

Ionic 1.1.0
A framework for mobile development, a cross between HTML 5 and native programming methods for building fast, hybrid applications

Fork CMS 3.9.5
An open-source PHP and MySQL content management system

PhoneGap 5.2.2+cordova.5.2.0
An open source HTML5 framework for developing mobile applications for a large number of platforms

Polymer 1.1.2
A JavaScript library developed by Google, closely following W3C's Web Components specification for building cross-platform Web apps

bs_grid 0.9.2
A Bootstrap datagrid component that uses AJAX to transform classic HTML tables into fully-interactive, user-friendly data display dashboards

Closure Compiler 20150729
The best JavaScript compiler around, a tool to optimize JavaScript code, created and used by Google and many others around the Web

Grav 0.9.39
A PHP CMS, or more accurately a static site generator, that can turn a structure of Markdown files into a fully-working static HTML website

SabreDAV 3.0.3
A PHP framework for building WebDAV, CalDAV and CardDAV servers, allowing developers to process and work with these file management protocols

Invoice Ninja 2.3.4
A beautiful, fully-featured invoicing application, working on top of PHP and with support for both desktop and mobile environments

Bootstrap Listr 2.2.3 / 1.2.8
A PHP script for skinning the server file index, using Bootstrap styles and Font Awesome icons to beautify the default directory listing

Latest News.

GTA V Online Delivers Sales and Rewards to Celebrate Labor Day Weekend
The development team at Rockstar has long shown that it has an uncanny ability to understand the psyche of a United States gamer and the company is now delivering a new set of sales for the Online component of Grand Theft Auto V that are calibrated to celebrate the Labor Day weekend and the end of the summer season. On the off...

FIFA 16's Top Rated Player Is Lionel Messi, Rated at 94, Ronalso Is Second
The development team at EA Sports is finishing up its player ratings reveal and the best footballer included in the simulation is Lionel Messi, the biggest star of Barcelona, who has managed to get an improvement of 1 to his abilities since last year. This creates a nice synergy for the company, who has recruited the footballer to appear on the official cover and to promote the simulation. According to the

Kickstarter Campaign Aims for $20K (€18K), Lands $9M (€8M) Instead
Earlier this year, on July 7, 29-year-old entrepreneur Hiral Sanghavi launched a Kickstarter campaign looking to raise $20,000 (about €18,000) to produce a jacket especially designed for people who travel a lot. Little did he know how successful his endeavor would turn out.  The campaign met its goal in just 5 hours. Then, for the next 57 days, people kept giving Hiral Sanghavi money, and quite a lot of it. When the fundraising ended this Thursday, September 3, the entrepre...

FarmVille 2: Country Escape for Windows Phone Updated with Treasure Hunt, New Character
Zynga's FarmVille 2: Country Escape has just received a new update on Windows Phone platform. A similar update has been delivered to Android and iOS more than a week ago, but that was to be expected. The latest update brings some new content such a new character and a new lighthouse building. Players will now be able to discover a new character and a way to buy early access to higher levels by taking on a treasure hunt. According to Zynga, “the Ancient Mariner is new in ...

Total War: Warhammer Trailer Shows Dwarves in Action, Underground Battles
The development team at The Creative Assembly and publisher SEGA are ready to offer another trailer for the coming Total War: Warhammer, which is probably designed as the culmination of all the information that has been offered so far on the Dwarf faction. The footage, which is taken from an alpha version of the game, shows the World’s Edge Mountains, the capital of Karaz-A-Karak and its throne room and then focuses on  High King Thorgrim Grudgebearer and his plans for reve...

Microsoft's Nick Parker Gives a Sneak Preview of Dell's Latest Latitude 11 5000 2-in-1
During Microsoft's IFA 2015 keynote, Microsoft's Corporate Vice President of the OEM division, Nick Parker, has sneaked a few details about Dell's new Latitude 11 Windows 10 Laptop. Among laptops and PCs that many were presented a day before, the new Dell Latitude model came out as the only device uniquely shown during Microsoft's keynot...

Use Mouse Gestures for Every Windows Activity
With every Windows iteration, Microsoft has introduced new ways to make work with PC more efficient and comfortable. Not all of them are refined, but developers quickly have put their knowledge and skill to the test to create better alternatives. For instance, Windows 7 introduced three actions you can perform with the mouse, only involving movement. Some of you might have discovered them by mistake, or even looked for ways to turn them off. Microsoft calls them Aero Gestur...

iOS Smash Hit Alto's Adventure Coming Soon to Android
One of the best iOS games of 2015, Alto's Adventure, will be making its debut on Android very soon. Developer Noodlecake Studios has recently confirmed the information but has not offered an exact release date for the game. We also don't know whether or not Alto's Adventure will be available for free on Android, since the iOS version of the game costs $1.99. ...

Check This Pipo X9 Windows/Android Mini PC with an 8.9-Inch Touchscreen
The Chinese at Pipo have recently launched a funny-looking device. Looking like a small writing desk with an antenna, the Pipo X9 is basically a mashup between a mini-desktop computer and a tablet. Having pretty much the sort of hardware you'd expect from a cheap tablet, this wedge-shaped device includes an 8.9-inch touchscreen and a thicker case and more ports than a tablet, which is fine, if not quite impressive. Unfortunately, it lacks a battery and it gets its juice via...

O&O ShutUp10 Review - Windows 10 Privacy & Security Settings for the Fainthearted
Microsoft's approach toward Windows 10 and privacy continues to be a controversial topic.  On the one hand, the software maker says that it does not collect personal information without the user's consent. On the other hand, data collection tools and services are turned on by default after setting up Win...