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Latest Webscripts.

CubeCart Pro 5.2.13
An e-commerce platform written with PHP & MySQL

CubeCart Lite 5.2.13
The free version of the CubeCart e-commerce platform

WP to Twitter 2.9.0
A WordPress plugin for automatically posting new blog content as a Twitter status update, complete with short URLs and tweet templates

Spring Security 3.2.5 / 4.0.0.M2
A Java framework for providing powerful and flexible security solutions in enterprise applications

Jitbit Help-Desk 8.7.5
A web based help desk software designed to deliver outstanding customer service to clients

pyrax 1.9.2
A tiny Python library for the Rackspace API, a simple tool for interacting with a wide variety of Rackspace services and features

Advanced Sidebar Menu 5.0.0
Show a hierarchy aware menu in the WordPress sidebar

A powerful news aggregation system, letting users share links with their friends, and browse community-voted stories and articles

Apostrophe (Node.js) 0.5.159
A content management system designed for and around Node.js

Fork CMS 3.8.0
An open-source PHP and MySQL content management system

Local Business SEO 0.5.1
A WordPress plugin for allowing webmasters to manage their SEO microdata to improve a website's visibility on various search engines

Hamlet 0.6.0-pre.1
A CoffeeScript template system for your Web pages, working with both client-side (browsers) and server-side (Node.js) environments

puid 0.5.5
A Node.js library for generating time-based IDs

Intense Images
A JavaScript lightbox library for viewing images on the entire area of a page, instead of cramming them inside a small popup window

cqlengine 0.18.1
A lightweight Python ORM for Apache's Cassandra database system, modeled around CQL, its custom query language

Imsanity 2.2.8
A WordPress plugin for resizing huge image uploads

Simple Map 1.9.0
A WordPress plugin for embedding Google Maps in posts and pages

ImgBrowz0r 0.3.7
This PHP class can be used to create and display image galleries

AutoCompleteJS 0.3.0
An open source jQuery plugin for adding auto-complete suggestion lists to a text input field, perfect for powering tag input widgets

dicttoxml 1.5.6
A module for converting Python "dict" data to XML, allowing developers a broader transfer and processing spectrum for their operations

Latest News.

HP: Windows XP’s Death Helped Our Business Grow
HP is one of the companies that still don’t find Windows 8 appealing enough to install it on new devices, and financial results for the third fiscal quarter of 2014 show that old Windows versions indeed help increase its sales. HP has revealed that its revenue increased to $27.58 billion from $27.23 billion in Q3 2013, but its profits however dropped to $985 million. The PC business however posted a growth of 12 percent year-on-year, partially thanks to the Windows XP end of support whi...

GNOME 3.14 Beta 1 Officially Released
Frederic Petersfrom the GNOME development team has announced that GNOME 3.13.90 has been released, pushing a number of important changes and improvements.The development cycle for the next iteration of GNOME is moving according to schedule and no major delays have affected the project. This branch of GNOME will eventually mature into 3.14, which is the next stable release. In fact this 3.13.90 release is also called Beta 1, which means that it’s just a little bit closer to the final vers...

Malicious Browser Extensions Identified in Google Chrome Web Store
Extensions with suspicious activity as well as downright malicious ones have been discovered in Google Chrome’s Web Store, posing risks such as code injection in web pages, browsing monitoring or information stealing. Studying a number of 48,332 Chrome extensions using a specially designed tool called Hulk, security researchers discovered 130 of them to sport malicious activity and 4,172 behaving suspiciously; most of them were spotted in Chrome Web Store. The authors of the paper pres...

Apple Helps You Find Your Car in a Parking Lot without Phone Reception
The US Patent and Trademark Office has a published a new filing by Apple. The invention details ways an iDevice user can track his car in a big parking lot even if the vehicle has been moved, or if the phone doesn't get good cell reception.Apple has been toying with this idea for more than a year now. PatentlyApple reveals that there were a number of filings related to the matter. A new one, published by the US Patent and Trademark Office seems to be linking to the previous ones and shed...

Oxide Exploits Closed in Ubuntu 14.04 LTS
Canonical closed a few Oxide vulnerabilities that have been found in Ubuntu 14.04 LTS (Trusty Tahr) operating system. A new set of fixes for Oxide have been implemented in Ubuntu 14.04 LTS, less than a month since the previous update. “A use-after-free was discovered in the websockets implementation in Blink. If a user were tricked in to opening a specially crafted website, an attacker could potentially exploit this to cause a denial of service via renderer crash.” Also, “...

Jeremy Clarkson “Not Bigger than BBC,” Says Network Boss, Could Be Fired
The racial scandals in which Jeremy Clarkson has been involved in recently are still echoing on the halls of the BBC headquarters, and although the TV presenter has managed to keep his nose clean so far, his career at the BBC is still uncertain, depending heavily on his ability to keep away controversy. Danny Cohen, the boss of BBC TV has made it very clear during a press conference in Edinburgh quoted by Radio Times, that Clarkson is not “untouchable” and that he isn't bigger tha...

Thousands Affected by "Backoff" PoS Malware in Mizado Cocina Payment System
The Mizado Cocina restaurant in New Orleans discovered that their payment systems leaked credit and debit card information to an unknown intruder using the Backoff point-of-sale (PoS) malware. The incident became known to the restaurant after a third-party forensic investigation company informed them on July 31 that an attacker installed malicious software on their systems, with the intent to steal credit card information from their customers. Earlier signs of the intrusion were also recorde...

Breaking: Justin Bieber Shaves Mustache, the World Is at Peace Again – Video
For most boys, the transition to manhood is painful and embarrassing. When you're in the spotlight, that pain and shame is amplified tenfold so you've got to give it to Justin Bieber for sticking out for as long as he did and held on to his mustache, or the patch of fuzzy hair that sprouted on his face around Christmas. To mark this momentous occasion, Bieber posted a video on Instagram in which he showcases the process of removing his facial tuft. As expected, the process is quick and clumsy...

Script of the Day: Rome
The Rome JavaScript library is a versatile and fully-customizable date and time picker. This tool lets developers build their very own type of date and time pickers that fit their projects and adjacent requirements. Created with the purpose of combining date and time picker widgets together, the Rome library has managed to achieve this goal in a friendly and easy to customize way. Developers have full control over the date and time formats used with the widgets, but they can also easily over...

Chris Brown Reconciled with Karrueche Tran Because She's Pregnant, Report Claims
Chris Brown is changing his life in a big way ever since he's been out of prison. It seems that a few months in jail have really put some things into perspective for the singer who used to love punching people and getting mad for no apparent reason. Today, he's talking about being a father. Just recently, Brown and his longtime girlfriend, model Karrueche Tran, who actually stood by him during his incarceration and waited for him to come back home, split up. It's still not clear who dumped wh...