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Latest Webscripts.

Vorlon.JS 0.1.0
Test and troubleshoot JavaScript code with this powerful tool developed by Microsoft, logging debug messages from multiple devices at once

Global custom events 1.1.2
A developer-only jQuery plugin that adds back features and functions removed from the jQuery core with versions 1.9.x and higher

PivotTable.js 2.0.0
A pivot table implemented in JavaScript

NativeScript 1.5.0
A JavaScript framework for building mobile applications that work just like native apps, supporting the Android and iOS platforms

Quark 2.1.2
A lightweight JavaScript library providing all the bare-bone tools suitable for building your own customized JavaScript framework

Primer 2.5.0
The frontend CSS framework used for building GitHub's interface, now available for everyone to download, edit, and branch off into new projects

Apostrophe (Node.js) 0.5.345
A content management system designed for and around Node.js, ported from a similarly-named Symfony PHP version

screenfull.js 3.0.0
Properly support fullscreen content thanks to this cross-browser wrapper for the official HTML 5 Fullscreen API, coded entirely in JavaScript

Harp 0.20.1
A Web server for the Node.js server-side JavaScript platform, specifically created for automatically pre-processing and pre-packaging static assets

jsonQ 1.0.4
A pretty complete JavaScript library for dealing with JSON strings, ideal for reading and manipulating JSON data without writing complex syntax

Play Framework 2.4.4
A framework for building Web applications in Java and Scala, created with a focus on speed, low overhead, and REST architectures

WordPress 4.3.1 / 4.4 RC1
A state-of-the-art blogging platform, which also doubles as a CMS when needed, currently the World's most used technology for building websites

PHP Pro Bid 7.6
Put products online for sale, either in a classic store format, or opening up an auction and letting users make their best bids for a specific product

Bootstrap 3.3.6 / 2.3.2 / 4.0.0 Alpha
The World's most used frontend UI framework, a powerful toolkit for prototyping Web pages, created and catered by true professionals

Framework7 1.3.5
A framework for building HTML 5 apps for iOS7 devices packed with lots of great features, controls, and ready-made UI components

Active Merchant 1.55.0
A complex Ruby library and Ruby on Rails plugin that can handle financial transactions via various direct and offsite payment gateways

Dragdealer JS 0.9.9
A jQuery plugin to handle drag events

Hexo 3.1.1 / 3.2.0-beta.1
A powerful blogging engine for Node.js, working just like any other static site compiler, taking content from Markdown files and compiling them into blog posts and pages

svg.js 2.2.1
A fully-featured JavaScript library for manipulating SVG files (Scalable Vector Graphics), complete with support for animations as well

Redaxscript 2.6.0
A free, PHP and MySQL driven content management system for small business and private websites, complete with support for mobile devices

Latest News.

This Facebook Game Is Hoarding Personal Data on Millions of Users
The Most Used Words quiz game on Facebook and its creator, a company called Vonvon, are being accused of collecting personal user details, which they plan to sell to online advertisers. The accusation was made by Comparitech, a technology review website, which, unlike any of us, took the time to read the app's Privacy Policy and discovered ma...

Intel Rolls Out BIOS 0028 for Its NUC6i3SY and NUC6i5SY NUC Kits
Intel has announced the availability of a new BIOS package developed for its NUC6i3SYK, NUC6i5SYK, NUC6i3SYH, and NUC6i5SYH NUC Kits, namely version 0028, which improves processor support and Express BIOS Update reliability. In addition to that, the new build fixes “No Memory Error” beep code and startup sound issues, updates ME firmware to, and removes the PEG-DMI ratio information item. Also, it removes the bug that prevented users from selecting the Balanced ...

Microsoft Kicks Off Black Friday 2015 Sales
There’s no better time than Black Friday to purchase a Surface, and fortunately, Microsoft has just started its Black Friday sales with some very special prices for its devices. While Microsoft stores also offer a wide array of other PCs, tablets, laptops, and accessories that are manufactured by its partners, there’s no doubt that the most interesting devices are those that actually belong to the Redmond-based tech giant itself. So Surface tablets, Bands, and Lumia phon...

Anonymous Trolls ISIS with Prozac and Viagra Ad
The Anonymous-ISIS war seems to be a one-sided affair, with Anonymous doing all the damage while ISIS is running scared and hiding in the Internet's darkest corners just so it can escape the onslaught of attacks it's been under in the past ten days. While Anonymous made it a mission to hunt and take down ISIS social media accounts...

Envato Announces Site Builder, Hassle-Free Alternative to ThemeForest
Envato, the operator of several successful marketplaces such as ThemeForest, CodeCanyon, and AudioJungle, has announced a new project named Envato Sites, a classic site builder, in the same category of services provided by Wix or Squarespace. The company announced it on November 15, but now, more details have emerged about the project, and as expected, the company's community wi...

Windows 10 Users Upset About Microsoft Resetting Default Apps Over and Over Again
Some of the Windows 10 Threshold 2 users who installed the latest cumulative update claimed it reset their default apps, configuring apps such as Edge and Groove as the one choice for browsing the web and listening to music. This isn’t the first time this is happening, and Threshold 2 itself did the same thing, while other early Windows 10 adopters claimed similar changes had been made by other cumulative updates too. But enough is enough, more and more users say, and co...

Raspberry Pi Zero Costs Just $5, Outperforms First Raspberry Pi
The Raspberry Pi family has just received a new member called Raspberry Pi Zero and it costs only $5 (€ 4.5). Despite the fact that the regular Raspberry Pi 2 costs only $35 (€33), the people who build these amazing mini PCs figured out a way of making them smaller and cheaper. The number and types of mini PCs have increased tremendously in the past couple of years, and they are becoming more and more powerful. Raspberry Pi Zero is more powerful than the first generation...

Nikon D4S and D750 Cameras Receive Firmware 1.30 and 1.10 - Download Now
Nikon has rolled out two new firmware packages targeted at D4S and D750 digital cameras, namely version 1.30 and 1.10, respectively, which add a new external recording control option to the HDMI item. With this new addition, the models mentioned above will support the AtomOS Open Protocol for the Atomos SHOGUN, NINJA2, and NINJA BLADE recorders, which allows camera controls to be used to start and stop recording. When it comes to fixes, both updates remove the bug that d...

Windows 10 Update KB3120677 Allegedly Resetting Default Apps, Privacy Config
Microsoft rolled out Windows 10 cumulative update KB3120677 yesterday in order to address some issues found in Threshold 2, but as we’ve already told you, some are experiencing issues when trying to install it and cannot complete the process. But even if you do manage to install this update, you might notice some unexpected changes, as we’re re...

Microsoft to Retire All but One Internet Explorer Version in January
Windows 10 comes with Microsoft Edge, a completely new browser that’s supposed to replace Internet Explorer and give the Redmond-based tech giant a new chance in the fight against rivals such as Google and Mozilla, which are already dominating this side of the market. And since Edge has been quite well received, Microsoft can now go further with its plan to get rid of Internet Explorer. As a result, the company has recently