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Latest Webscripts.

Browserify 6.1.0
A fully-featured JavaScript library for client-side on-demand script loading, designed and built after Node.js' require() function

Clearance 1.5.0
A Ruby on Rails user authentication module, a tool to allow users access to various facets and sections of your app only after they have signed in

Neat 1.7.0
A CSS framework built on top of Bourbon for creating fluid grid layouts, helping developers create all-around "responsive" web pages

WP Symposium 14.10
A plugin to transform a WordPress blog into a fully-fledged community site

JSCover 1.0.15
A powerful code coverage tool written in Java for analyzing and reporting on the quality and efficiency of JavaScript source code

Finagle 6.22.0
A protocol-agnostic RPC system for Java, Scala, or any JVM language, allowing developers to build complex, robust clients & servers

Video.js 4.9.1
An open source, fully-customizable HTML 5 video player, one of the best solutions to play video files via the native HTML 5 video utility

UpdraftPlus 1.9.30
A WordPress plugin for managing site backups

Geocomplete 1.6.4
A powerful auto-complete system for real-world addresses, powered by the jQuery framework and Google's Geocoding and Places APIs

Apache Cassandra 2.1.1 / 1.2.19
A highly scalable, consistent, fault-tolerant, distributed, structured key-value store NoSQL database system, developed by Facebook and maintained by the Apache Foundation

Yahoo! User Interface Library 3.18.1 / 2.9.0
A top of the line CSS and JavaScript framework developed and used by the Yahoo team for their Web-based services and user interfaces

Fluidbox 1.4.0
A jQuery plugin modeled to look like Medium’s beautiful lightbox module, but with a few improvements to make it work on mobile devices

WP Translate 4.6
A Google Translate toolbar for WordPress sites

JoomlaLMS 1.3.3
A commercial LMS component for the Joomla CMS, a powerful solution to host online courses or online e-schools on your very own site

CWIS 3.1.1
A portal to organize and share scientific resources

isInViewport.js 2.2.0
A lightweight jQuery plugin that can detect if a page element is inside the viewport or not, with support for logging to the console

JSDOM 1.0.3
A basic JavaScript server-side implementation of the W3C DOM, an ideal tool for simulating and working with HTML code inside Node.js

WP Performance Pack 1.9.1
A WordPress plugin created with the sole purpose of helping websites load faster and yield a better performance in live production environments

jsTree 3.0.8
A jQuery plugin for displaying and animating tree structures, perfect for rendering large amounts of structured and well-organized information

Express 4.10.0
A high performance, high class Web development framework for Node.js, the server-side JavaScript platform that has been taking the Web development world by storm

Latest News.

3 Reasons Why a Sony 12-Inch Xperia Tablet Might Be Successful
People love big screened tablets. Or that’s what device makers want to believe. Microsoft has the Surface Pro 3 and Samsung has the Galaxy NotePRO and TabPRO bunch, while Apple is said to be prepping the iPad Pro. All these tablets have a few things in common; they have large 12-inch screens. and are targeted at the professional crowd. But is there room for more big-screen slates on the market? Sony seems to believe this is the case, as sources inside the Taiwanese supply chain claim the Pla...

Google Exec Alan Eustace Jumps from Stratosphere, Breaks World Record
Felix Baumgartner no longer holds the world record of the highest jump, after Alan Eustace, a senior vice president at Google, managed to take the top spot. Eustace, a 57-year-old computer scientist, climbed to the top of the stratosphere with the help of a balloon, much like Baumgartner did several years ago. From there, he jumped towards the earth, falling faster than the speed of sound and breaking the world altitude record set two years ago, the New York Times reports. A historic jump T...

Apple Keyboards Are Single-Use Devices That Cost $50 / €50 Apiece
Apple used to sell the most awesome keyboards, but starting with the first aluminum Macs, the company began bundling some thinner, classier models that look and work infinitely better. The only problem is that they don't work for a very long time. The ultra-slim keyboards sold by Apple today are the same models introduced some 7 years ago with the first aluminum iMacs. By all accounts, these peripherals are vastly superior to the bulkier plastic-built units that shipped with the white, also ...

Larry Page Promotes Sundar Pichai to Chief of Core Google Products
Sundar Pichai already had a pretty important role at Google, where he is a Senior Vice President overseeing Android, Chrome, and Google Apps, as well as a whole bunch of other products. Now, thanks to the latest restructuring, the businessman is getting even more power inside the world’s biggest Internet company. According to Re/code, in a significant reorganization of Google Management, CEO Larry Page has decided to transfer leadership of core Google products to Pichai. A memo has already be...

AMD Confirms A-Series APU Price Cuts
You might have seen the report about Advanced Micro Devices having reportedly cut the prices of its A-Series Accelerated Processing Units, or APUs for short. The news came out just a few days ago, and has since caused many a hopeful thought to bloom in the hearts of man. Dramatics aside, I've since received confirmation from a company rep that the price cuts are really happening, and that the previous-generation A-Series chips are getting tweaked as well. This way, people looking to build a...

TV Prices to Rise by the End of the Month
While PC shipments are dropping and slowly dragging monitor sales down with them, television sets don't really have this problem, especially with Ultra High Definition technology still getting settled. As if to corroborate this assumption, reports have arisen that speculate on how many UHD TVs will sell this year, and what issues there could be with that forecast. According to Digitimes, TV vendors hope to finish the year 2015 with around 34 million UHD TV shipments, especially with sizes of...

Sony A7000 with 4K Tipped for CES 2015, to Sell for Cheaper than Expected
Rumors about the mythological Sony NEX-7 successor have been heating up quite a lot lately. And we told you a few days ago that the upcoming A7000 might be launched by the PlayStation maker as soon as CES 2015 or the CP+ Camera & Photo Imaging Show. Even if the camera has been said to arrive since forever, we still don’t know a whole lot about its specifications. According to sources familiar with the matter, the A7000 is said to have a rangefinder-like design and weather sealed properties. ...

Here's How to Make Your Own Urban Garden, No Dirt Required – Gallery
It's one thing to create a facsimile of a plant that's actually quite dead, and another to raise one from seed form all the way to adulthood. The real thing not only looks and feels better but it can help in other ways too. That was part of the drive behind Yuichiro Takeuchi's latest project. Do you remember that vertical garden that looks like a calorifier? Well, you might want to check out the new idea shared by Japanese computer scientist Yuichiro Takeuchi. It was developed in collaborati...

You Don’t Need OS X 10.10 to Enable “Continuity” on Your Mac
Despite supporting Bluetooth 4.0, some old Macs that aren’t eligible to run Yosemite can still use Continuity features without requiring OS X 10.10. A dedicated tool has been made available to enable things like Handoff, Instant Hotspot, and SMS forwarding on Macs that weren’t originally intended to use these features. Some users are obviously not happy with Apple’s decision to keep some Macs out of the loop, but it should be noted that the reasons could be both political and technical. The ...

Deadmau5 Posts Bitter Rant on Social Media Against Paris Hilton
Paris Hilton has been bragging for some time now that she's “killing it” as a DJ, playing for mad sums of money, sometimes as much as several million dollars for a couple of days, and it's finally come to the attention of the people in the industry. Several other DJs have expressed their disbelief at Paris' skills behind the DJ booth, but none has gone ahead and written such a vitriolic account of her entrance in the industry as Deadmau5. On his Tumblr page, the producer vented what seemed to...