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Latest Webscripts.

i18next 1.10.1
A JavaScript library for performing client-side translations

Simple Ads Manager
An advanced WordPress plugin for handling site-wide ads, helping webmasters monetize their blog without leaving the ads at the mercy of random algorithms

parse5 1.5.0
A JavaScript library for parsing HTML code, supporting the recently released HTML5 specification, while also working fast enough to be used in production environments

ImageProcessor 2.2.6 / 4.3.4
An open source C# library for image processing operations, working with both desktop (application) and Web (server-side) environments

MEAN 0.5.24
MEAN (MongoDB, Express, AngularJS, Node.js) is a fullstack JavaScript framework for developing modern, complex, and powerful Web applications

Clean Up Optimizer 2.0.42
A WordPress plugin to clean and remove old, orphaned, unused and obsolete data from your WordPress database, cron jobs, and login logs

Joomla 3.4.3 / 2.5.28
An award-winning content management system (CMS), one of the three most known CMSs on the Internet and a platform everyone's used to

Outline 1.1.0
A minimal frontend UI framework, coded in SCSS (CSS version available as well) and supporting both desktop and mobile environments

RS Head Cleaner 1.3.8
A plugin that will clean a series of well-known issues regarding WordPress loading patterns, helping improve your site's overall performance and speed

dat 6.9.7 / 7.0.0-pre-4
An open source, JavaScript, general purpose toolkit for building data streams between various databases and an application's backend

Neo4j.rb 5.0.1
A Ruby library that provides an abstraction layer for interfacing with Neo4j databases from your Ruby and/or Ruby on Rails applications

jQuery ReStable 0.1.2
A lightweight jQuery plugin for adding support for responsive layouts to HTML tables, converting tables to lists on mobile devices

Simditor 2.1.14
An open source WYSIWYG text editor for the jQuery JavaScript framework, a tool to help editors in styling their text on the Web

WordPress 4.2.2 / 4.3 Beta 1
A state-of-the-art blogging platform, which also doubles as a CMS when needed, currently the World's most used technology for building websites

ScrapeBreaker 1.3.5
Protect your WordPress site from being loaded in remote URLs via frames, or protect its content from being scraped by other applications

Unified mouse and mobile touch input events 0.5.0
A jQuery plugin that supports a common container for handling mouse and touch gestures using the same codebase and the same principles

gridstack.js 0.2.3
Reshuffle grid elements by dragging them around in a new position, or be grabbing one of their corners and resizing them to a new dimension

Vorlon.JS 0.0.15
Test and troubleshoot JavaScript code with this powerful tool developed by Microsoft, logging debug messages from multiple devices at once

uriAnchor 1.3.1
A jQuery plugin for easier manipulation of hashtags inside a Web app, for better control where the user goes and what he sees in one-page wesbites

WP User Frontend 2.3.3
A WordPress plugin for adding an user dashboard in the frontend

Latest News.

Nintendo NX Launches in July 2016, Pilot Manufacturing Starts in October of This Year - Report
Video game hardware maker and video game publisher Nintendo might be unwilling to talk about the new NX hardware platform until the early months of next year but a leak from the companies that will manufacture the device says that a launch date has already been decided. Digitimes is quoting sources familiar with the industrial facilities where the devices will be created as sayin...

Destiny PlayStation 4 and PS3 Gamers Affected by Connection Trouble, Bungie Is Working on It
The team at Bungie in charge of the smooth running of Destiny is announcing that gamers on both the PlayStation 4 and the PlayStation 3 are being affected by connection related issues and that they are moving as fast as possible to make sure that they are dealt with quickly. The information comes from the official support account associated with the game, but it seems that the company does not know at the moment what's causing the trouble. It's also unclear why gamers on...

Microsoft Reveals Who Gets Windows 10 on July 29 and Who Doesn't
Microsoft today published a blog post to detail the Windows 10 rollout, explaining that on July 29, the free upgrade to the new operating system will begin in waves. This means that although Windows 10 will become available on July 29, not everyone will get it the same day and Microsoft says that Windows 7 and 8.1 computers with reserved upg...

Download Windows 10 Build 10162 Unofficial ISOs
Microsoft rolled out Windows 10 build 10162 only a few minutes ago, but since this new version is only available for users enrolled in the fast track of the Windows Insider program, there's still no new ISO that would allow you to perform a clean install. Microsoft has already confirmed that at some point in the future, this build could...

Windows 10 Build 10162 Now Available for Download
Microsoft has just released Windows 10 build 10162 to users enrolled in the fast ring of the Windows Insider program, thus providing them with the third build in only a few days, which is actually faster than any time before. In case you're wondering why Microsoft is rolling out new builds so fast, it's because the development process of Windows 10 has reached that stage when the company is focused more on fixing bugs and improving performance of the operating system, and l...

Infinifactory Sandbox Puzzle Arrives on Steam for Linux
Infinifactory, a sandbox puzzle game developed and published on Steam by Zachtronics, has been released on the Linux platform as well, and it's 10% off until July 7. Infinifactory is developed by the same guys who also made the incredibly successful SpaceChem and Infiniminer. The game is described as a puzzle sandbox, but it's more than just that. It's also a very difficult game that won't hold your hand. "After three epic updates and countless bug fixes and usability im...

Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 Zombies Mode Will Be Showcased at Comic-Con on July 9
Activision and Treyarch confirm that they're going to finally reveal the cooperative Zombies mode for Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 next week, on July 9, as part of a special San Diego Comic-Con 2015 panel. Special activities for fans will also be organized, including a multiplayer test area in partnership with PlayStation. The San Diego Comic-Con kicks off next week and, while its name makes clear the focus on comics, video games will be present in a large number at the huge e...

Linux Kernel Gets a Patch for Dell Airplane Mode Switch
A patch has been submitted to the Linux kernel to fix a problem that was really bothering the users of Dell laptops, and that's the ability to use the airplane mode switch. This might not seem like a big thing, but the truth is that a lot Dell users will be glad that the feature has been finally implemented. Imagine having to use you new Dell laptop in an airplane and not being able to do so because you're running Linux. Now a patch has been submitted, and it should become ...

Devouring Stars Review (PC)
Most people tend to think of large, iconic franchises like StarCraft or Command & Conquer when it comes to the real-time strategy genre but some of those emblematic mechanics, such as accumulating power and using it to destroy your opponent, can easily be applied to independent titles. Devouring Stars, coming from indie studio Nerial, is such an experience. While you have to build up power, which is here represented by stars, in order to defeat your foes, the title takes a ...

Download Now Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare Supremacy DLC on PC, PS4, PS3
The latest downloadable expansion for Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare is now available on the PC, PS4, and PS3 platforms around the world. Fans of the game can enjoy four new competitive maps and one new cooperative Exo Zombies episode. Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare launched last November and, since then, developer Sledgehammer Games has released a wide array of updates and patches, not to mention fresh map packs like Havoc or Ascendance. The latest add-on, called Suprem...