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9 ԸըѺѴ ˭ԧ¤ѡзйͧ Ҩºء ҡ͹! Ѻҡ繵 ʹҧҡеҵ֧㨢ͧ˹س»ͧش ׹ǹҹҤ˹  

觡ѡʹ鹡 Ե١ѡɳйͧ 㹷ѹͧǡѹ

1. ˹˹͹

Ѻ ʹ ҡ͹繡Դеҧ¿ҧ 繡ѹ ͧѺ駹 ͨش鹢ͧѹ ҡաҹ͡Ṻ仡͹ ѺسԴ ꧔ ç㨔 ԧ ԡ駷ͧͧسз˹ѧѧ Դ оԹҤس

2. ¡ͧʹ

µ˹ҵҧͧ ѧ ҧҵͧµ繻ª ͺͧ·ͺͧ ֧Ѻͧ͹С׹Թ ͧѺźµҷӷ¼˭ԧͧըԵ ѡ§ҧ ֧ͧѺµǹ͹ʹ ѹԹԡѴʹ ҡ͡ٴ´ سԧ Թ ͧǺͧͧ͡·㹤ʹ㨢ͧ ѹسͧ繤ҧѧࡵҪͺͺ ѡѧࡵº (ҨѺҤسѧ´ǡѺ) ǡѺáԹ 觵 觷ҡٴ ʺ Фآͧç˹蹨лԺѵ١ͧ

3. ӵ֡Ѻ㹺ҧͧ

سԧѡ˹ 㹺ҧ駡պؤԡºҧ ӵͧ֡ѺҤ˹ Ҩҡ令Ҥس ҡ ǤسͺԴ੾Ҥ ҧռ¡ͺҷ͹ѹ ҡͺѺͧس§ ˭ԧҧѡդ㨼Դ ҤèԴµǵѹѡ ҡس㹵֡ҹҤС ·˹Ҩʹ ҧ ҡеըҡ 蹡ѹ

4. Ѵ繼ѧмͺ¹

ͤѹԹҶ֧˹Ƕ֧ҷسͧʴԧ͡繴¡ѺѧͧǢͧ ֡Ҥس͹շشͧҤ˹ ѡѡ͹˧ »ͺ¹ ԸաҪҷºŴ ǹҡѡͧΌẺ͹ ҡΌӵ͹ Щйҷҷء ջѭ سͧѭ ͵ͧ´ҡ͡ Թ仹 §ҧ ·᷺ºس

5. ഷá

ҧзѺͧӤѭ س˭ԧ¤÷ӵɡҷءѹ Ҩ¡ѹ ֧ٴµ ҡѡ ʴҡ§Էءѹ ͡ഷ¹ҡ ҧ ʴ͡ҢҢͧ ѹԹഷá ʧǹҷѡԴ Ҥഷ駵

6. ´

ͧ硹 ʹͧ˭ԧ öͧǴ ͧ ҧѹԴѹӤѭͧ ӤѭѺѹ˹繢ͧسͧ ͡ҡسдŵͧ سͧ͹سŵͧ

7. ѡšǹǢͧس

ҤسѺѹҹ س蹡ѺҡԹ Եسҧ ҧ ʧǹ鹷ͧسء Ҩ֡Ҥس繼˭ԧҤзҷ¡ѺҡԹ ͹͡þԡҡسͺҡ͹ 繽µسҧ

8. ˹ѡ֧س㹵ͧ

͹Ӥѭҡԧ ˹֡աѺ˭ԧǷѡдŵͧҧ Фسöѡ Ҥسѡͧ¡͹

9. ˹ҧ硫

˭ԧ˹ԴжµѴ㨪С˭ԧǤ鹤ԴԴ ! 硫óẺͧԴҡ ѡͧͧ 硫Ҫѭҵҳ¹ ҧ 鹨س ʹͧ˭ԧç硫Դس ÷Ŵسѹŧҧժ鹴

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